Prairie Dog Syndrome: Water’s Rising

Prairie Dog Syndrome: Water’s Rising

Prairie Dog Syndrome defined:

“Those individuals who choose to ignore reality, live underground, surfacing only to gather resources…”

Admittedly it’s a definition in progress; as we note ever-increasing individuals, who, in spite of evidence to the contrary, prefer to keep their voices silent, and their heads stuck in the sand.

Prairie dogs are amazingly creative in their abilities to create entire worlds underground. They are known for their ingenuity, specialization and individuation in their underground “homes”, such that no two are exactly alike.

Prairie dogs are also hallmarked as “fair game” for predators such as: ferrets, foxes, eagles, badgers, hawks and even owls.

Prairie dogs are known for keeping watch at the domed opening of their burrows, then scrambling back down into their hole for refuge….or other responsibilities.

The Mindsight crew notes many similarities to our prairie dog friends and our body of Christ. And some distinct differences. All animal comparisons aside, man was created in the image of God, with an eternal spirit and the abilities to reason, to think and to act.

The Mindsight crew has detected a human variant of: “prairie dog syndrome”. There is a mentality of standing at the edge of a collapsing culture; bewailing the ills, bags packed for a rapture, followed by quickly scrambling down into the burrow of perceived safety.

Many are heard to lament:

“Isn’t someone going to lead?”

“When is someone going to stop this insanity?”

“When are ‘they’ going to fix this?”

“It’s all those crooked politicians”

“It’s the fault of the liberal left.”

“Yup, tides coming in..I’m too old for this..”

“Let someone else finance it, I gave my tithe.”

“Let someone else teach, I’ve done my share…”

“Oh, it’s just the pattern of history…it will all work out.”

“Don’t tell me about it, I don’t want to know, God’s in charge.”

The crew agrees with the last phrase entirely. God’s in charge. But note the qualifiers: God did leave His Church with some charges as well:

“You are the Salt of the earth. But if the Salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again?

You are the Light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl (or in a burrow). …In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.” Matthew 5:13-14

Regarding those pronouns above, Yes, Someone is leading, Someone is doing it, They are “fixing” it…They are educating your heirs. Yes, there are many crooked politicians, you likely voted for a few yourself. Why didn’t you run for office? Did you even vote? How often do you contact your representatives?

The reality is: the pronouns are not of the worldview that coincides with those who have kept their heads buried. Christians must engage the culture or they will be a culture lacking a nation in which to burrow.

When the enemy saturates the ground, like a flood, the prairie dogs will need to surface. Prairie dogs actually have reserve flood rooms in their burrows, alternate paths for water to flow, high domes to ward off the floodwaters. Unfortunately, many, in the body of Christ have failed to fortify the minds of their heirs to withstand and defend against these torrential downpours. The family is drowning.

Thus, it is high tide and high time to engage the culture. Every aspect of the culture.

“You mean we can’t cower in fear at the top of the burrow…we actually have to get out of our comfort tunnel and do something?

Do something more than pray and ask God to take care of it?

Grunt. I’ve got to go down in the burrow and gnaw on this for a while.” 

Some of us are getting out of our burrows. It’s not enough to be out, but we must also be nipping at the heals of our fellow burrow mates to get them out into the fresh air of reality. Well, not so fresh, perhaps. You recognize that living underground can adversely affect the amount of oxygen to one’s brain, and living underground can make daylight, awfully bright. Reality can be extremely shocking and laborious if you’ve forgotten your primary assignment.

WE must be praying, laying a solid foundation educating our heirs and shaping politics to secure a future of Liberty Under God, for our heirs and the culture in which they will shine and salt.

It is not a multiple-choice assignment. It is all-inclusive.

Being citizens of an earthly government, as well as members of an eternal Kingdom, is a dual citizenry. We must do our duty for both.

The prairie dogs have allowed the predators to liberally usurp much of the legal, educational and media systems of our culture. We have consented to this demise out of shear disengagement in our assigned duties. With the excuse of “busy working for the Kingdom”, we’ve been busy burrowing, making an expanse of tunnels.

As Dr. Frank Turek, admonishes:

“The law is a great teacher. Whatever is legal, people think is moral, and whatever is illegal, people think is immoral”.

By our silence, our lack of engagement in the politics of our nation, we have allowed the law to define us.

This is happening in nearly every area of sacred ground as the silence of the church allows the liberal media and courts to redefine who we are.

It is time to get our heads out of the sand, do a reality check and act to defend our stance as God’s People in a nation founded on His principles.

Ministers of North Carolina lead in this political arena as the citizens of NC clarified the definition of marriage as one man and one woman in their state constitution.

Reverend Dr. Patrick Wooden, a visionary leader in this pro-marriage amendment states:

“We did not encroach on the politicians’ sacred ground. They encroached on ours. Marriage belonged to the church long before the government attached itself to it.” 

At a time when the liberal left is pushing the anti-thesis even further: advocating polygamy, redefining traditional marriage, placing women in combat, databases on children, adults, socialized healthcare, abortion and abortifacts available to all, and funded by taxpayers; common core ideology of government controlled education. Etc.

There is no excuse for the church of Christ to bury her head in the sand. “When the enemy comes in like a flood, The Spirit of The Lord will raise up a Standard”. Isaiah 59:19.

Church, you are that Standard. Stand. We either Stand in Faith or cower in fear. Those in the tunnels will be overwhelmed and their children with them.

Jesus clearly promised we would have tribulation. He did so, to prepare us and for us to prepare our heirs and all that will listen and act under His directives.

“…but the people who know their God, will display strength and take action….and lead many to righteousness.”  Daniel 11:32..12:3. 

It is high Time to Choose; to engage the culture, politics and all, of the world in which we live. All the while, lead by the King in Whom we abide forever.

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