Tower of Babeling: Hijacking the Meaning of Words

Tower of Babeling: Hijacking the Meaning of Words

Towers are built by men, but~

“Unless The LORD builds the house, its builders labor in vain.”

Psalms 127:1

For a family, a community, or a nation to be unified, they must have: a common language, a common currency, connected paths of transportation, and accurate transmission of ideas. In other words, there must exist a vehicle for truthful communication to occur.

The common theme of the enemy from the Garden is to duplicate a successful tool, a blessing, a proven method of God, or to alter the very Words of God.

The recorded history of the methods of the enemy begins in the book of the beginnings, Genesis.

The book of Genesis records the account of The Tower of Babel.

Possessing a common language, an attitude of humanism at the helm, the sky was the limit; it was obvious that the potential for evil was equally as expansive. In order to dampen man’s proclivity toward evil and rebellion, God confused the language and scattered mankind. As a result, the construction of the Tower of Babel, on the plains of Babylon was thwarted; only to be taken up again, and again, and yet, again.

The enemy’s efforts to destroy the nation of Israel began in the beginning and continue to this day.

Today, the liberal progressive regimes have confused the language in America by their intentional hijacking of the meaning of words. Meanings of words have been altered to divide our nation, as well as promote multiculturalism via the multiplying of languages pushed to replace the unifying language of communication in our nation: English.

This author is the daughter of an immigrant as well as the mother of an immigrant. This author grew up in a multi-lingual home and continues this practice at home. But, in public we speak English, because we are Americans.

Our goal is to communicate clearly with those in our community. Our goal is not to confuse, divide, and scatter or to isolate us from our fellow Americans. We choose to be Americans.

Proper labeling, the true and consistent meanings of words, must be present for clear, precise transmission of ideas, concepts and purposes to be successfully communicated from one individual, group or source to the intended recipient audiences. Clear, consistent, accurate language must be present for meaningful dialog among Americans, students, citizens, communities, leaders, legislators, and media in order for a nation to bring about a mutual goal: a healthy nation today and a prosperous hope for the future.

Etymology is the study of words, and parts of words, it is the branch of linguistics that deals with the origins and development of words and parts of words.

It is interesting to note that several signers of the Humanist Manifestos were etymologists, authors, scientists, and “educators.” Signers of the Humanist Manifestos such as: John Dewey, America’s Education Reformer; Theodore Brameld, Reconstructionist in Education; Julian Huxley, Kurt Vonnegut, Richard Dawkins, Eugenie Scott, James Watson, Francis Crick, Evolutionists; John Ciardi, Etymologist; Albert Ellis, BF Skinner –America’s Behavioral Manipulators, have used the redefining of meanings of words and societal norms, to confuse, manipulate, indoctrinate, shape, and disrupt communication in our nation, and around the globe.

The origins of much of this miscommunication are the ivory Towers of Babel, predominantly those of university campus Towers from across the nation.

Today it is evident that these signers of the Humanist Manifestos have largely succeeded in their proclaimed goals to divide man from God, and to divide man from man. The enemy is consistent in his proclaimed goals and actions to destroy relationships between God and man and relationships among men.

As a result of the current media distortions and redefining of the meaning of words there now exists a:  generational, societal, cultural, political, regional, denominational, commercial, ethnic, and national disconnect in meaningful transparent communication. 

America today, is a nation struggling in the vast darkness of the Blackout of truthful communication. The stimulus package has done nothing to repair, but only escalate, the demise of the roads of communication in America.

Consider the meanings of words such as:

Liberty    Equality    Freedom       Justice,

Tolerance      Diversity      Hate Speech       Freedom of Speech

Values     Relativism

Values clarification      No Child Left Behind          Workforce Development

Benchmarked     Rigorous     State led      College and Career Ready

Transparency    Accountability

Non Profit     For Profit     Tax Credit       Entitlement       Slavery

History      Social Studies      Civics      Globalism      Statist

Healthcare      Affordable       Rights      Privacy          Database

Federalism      Self Government      Personal Responsibility

Choice of reproduction      Choice of Education      Choice of Healthcare

Gender clarification      Sexual orientation         Family

Progressive Liberal       Conservative

National Socialism (Nazi)

Faith     Religion      Worship      Civilization

Family      Marriage

Politically correct      Activist      Radical     Advocate

Public Relations      Propaganda

Sanctity of Life      Abortion        Conscience

Constitution; States’ Sovereignty     Republic       Democracy    Tyranny




Compromise      Consensus     Majority      Mandate

Absolute Truth            Rule of Law


Control, Consent



Consider the intended, common sense, Webster’s dictionary meanings associated with these words twenty years ago, and how the current implied meanings of these words have been vastly altered in only one generation.

Amidst this duplicity of meanings it is no wonder that the majority of Americans are confused, deceived, and galaxies apart in their understanding of communications, and their understanding of what it means to be an “American.”

This pluralism of miscommunication has been intentional.

The sheep have been easily led around via sound bites, text messages, social media, and digital technology. Many have been stroked into submission, assured that all is “okay” if media, speechwriters, Teleprompters, and leaders employ the “correct behavioral cues” and include high enough content of certain words.

As a result of fragmented communications of text messaging, tweets, sound bites and digital media, folks are left to “assume”, make assumptions regarding the intended meaning of the customary double speak.

Audiences nod in approval, check their hearing devices, scan the audience, continue multi-tasking, and largely just choose the meaning that best fits their own comfort zone.

After all, if the truth were truly communicated most individuals would be outraged at the moral, fiscal, educational, and political corruption that has progressively choked the nation.  It’s too outrageous to be true. Isn’t it?

Most of us would rather avoid the huge elephant in the room. The Elephant whose trunk is pointing right at us, as being responsible for consenting to permit the corruption to invade so deep, so high and in so many levels of the Tower.

Most of us would “assume” to interpret the communications in whatever way will require the least effort on our parts to continue the status quo, the fantasy theme country complete with football on demand and unlimited digital media. After all, the holidays are coming! There are programs to put on, cards to write, turkeys to carve, vacations to plan, decorating to do, and products to purchase. We must fulfill our assigned global role as the nation of consumers!

Amidst all the consuming…who has time to stop, think, and ask for clarification of meaning? We are too busy consuming to stop and think. Aren’t we?

But we must stop, think, and ask for clarification of intended meanings.

We must not assume to understand at face value the terms employed by the mainstream media, the bureaucrats, or others who blindly parrot whatever is trending on social media, mainstream media, or in government education.

We must engage in a dialog with our children, our families, our friends, and our elected officials to grasp the truth of intended communications; we must clarify and verify.

When dialoging with friends, restate in your own words what you think they have just said, or the media says, and challenge folks to clarify any opaque communications. We’ve got to work toward an attunement of accurate communication.

Especially challenge politicians to clarify exactly what they mean by their talking points. Help them keep their promises by communicating to them.

You will be astonished at how few folks can clearly articulate, the meanings of our list of words, or how their perceptions vary from today’s progressive redefinitions found in textbooks, the internet, newspapers, and other forms of media.

The post-flood men of Babel sought to build a city of man. Where man was god.

It is interesting that this is the very same goal mentioned by President Lyndon B. Johnson in his “Great Society” speech given at the University of Michigan May 22, 1964:

“The Great Society is a place where every child can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents. It is a place where leisure is a welcome chance to build and reflect, not a feared cause of boredom and restlessness. It is a place where the city of man serves not only the needs of the body and the demands of commerce but the desire for beauty and the hunger for community. It is a place where man can renew contact with nature…”

Johnson, following the path of other progressive humanists, like Dewey, Wilson and Roosevelt, sought to replace man’s relationship with and dependence on God. Man’s relationship with God was to be supplanted by a dependence on Government as god.

The new community that progressives sought to build was one in which man would define “knowledge”; man would be endlessly entertained; man would fulfill his need for relationship- with man alone. Welcome to the progressive’s “Great Society of man.” The Tower of Babel comes full circle once again.

Ironically this “Great Society” of Babel, the city of man has not fared so well for those in Michigan, nor others who have sought to break the most vital links of communication: Communication with God and truthful communication among men.

The end result of man playing god, has continued the slavery that began in the Garden, with the original Miscommunicator.

Time to return to the truthful communication, The Truthful Communicator, and The Truth that sets men free. No more Babeling from the Tower of man. Recognize that true community, comes from truth, internal and external.

United for Education: Defining Who’s Minding the Minds








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