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Private Schools and Common Core: The Basics

Private Schools and Common Core: The Basics  “Defining: Who’s in Control of Education” November 16, 2013   How Common Core/ Nationalized Education affects Private Religious schools and  Private Academies, both Voucher, and Non‐Voucher participating.    Voucher Participating Private Religious schools, Academies  And state Accredited private schools    1a. To participate in the Voucher program, private schools must meet specific guidelines such as state accreditation. Part of accreditation depends on maintaining a “pass” rate measuring student performance on the Indiana mandated standards assessment tests, administered via the consortia that the state chooses to administer the tests, and report them for accountability. b. In order to pass the CCSS aligned, state mandated tests, students and faculty are required to study the content, curriculums and ideologies of Common Core, NGSS, 3C etc. and demonstrate mastery of this standardized material.  There is NO “School Choice”, as long as the State mandates The Standards & aligned  Assessment tests to qualify for accreditation for Voucher participation.    c.  There is NO Choice when the Standards, Content and Assessment tests are all the same, and the data enters the Same Longitudinal Database System. (SLDS) d. Common Core’s Philosophical Dominance is in direct opposition to that of Judeo‐Christian worldview. All education is religious in that it teaches a worldview. e. Private religious schools and homeschools have far outranked public schools in equipping their students to be virtuous, civic minded, academically prepared citizens in our Republic. This is the result of the typically Classical Christian curriculums provided at these private schools. 2. Statewide Longitudinal Databases and National Database (SLDS) Collections    All in the Voucher participating schools will, via the Assessment testing, enter the Statewide/ National Database System. (SLDS)   The designers of the new data systems fully intend for homeschool and private schooled students to be part of the massive data collection program, P‐20. Prenatal to Career. The Department of Education has reshaped the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to permit any government or private entity to access … Continue reading

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Public Schools, Charter Schools & Common Core: The Basics

Public Schools, Charter Schools & Common Core: The Basics  “Defining: Who’s in Control of Education” November 16, 2013 How Common Core/ Nationalized Education affects all Public Government  funded Traditional and Charter schools    1. Autonomy.   Any school that receives federal funding is under the control of the federal government. Title funding, IDEA funding, and conditions associated with receipt of funds and waivers from previous Federal education mandates, dictate conditions of compliance to receive funding. Now, the federal government is dictating Standards to receive funding. Common Core further removes state, local school district, local educators, administrators and parents from the choice of content, curriculums, testing, data collection, and dictates teacher and school performance ratings. Public schools now have a ratio of 1 administrator per every 1 educator , to assure accountability and compliance to federal/state funding mandates. 1:1. 2. There is NO “Choice” in government funded public education as long as education standards are mandated from the federal government. 3.  Statewide Longitudinal Database Systems (SLDS) ‐ National Database  Collections    All public school students and families will, via the Assessment testing, and observations, enter the Statewide/ National Database System. (SLDS)   The designers of the new data systems fully intend for all students to be part of the massive data collection program, P‐20. Prenatal to Career. The Department of Education has reshaped the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to permit any government or private entity to access personally identifiable information, without parental or student notification.  Indiana has no privacy protection for students or their families. Data collection goes beyond academic grades, extracurricular activities, and career paths to include socioeconomic background, emotional state, personal goals, and political and religious affiliations of the family. Etc. Data accumulation also includes the use of biometrics to track physiologic responses of students. (See DOE report Grit, Tenacity, and Perseverance, February 2013 and the National Center for Education Statistics) Common Core is the “glue” that holds the Database collection together. It is almost … Continue reading

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Common Core Nationalized College/ Career Ready Talking Points

Talking Points Nationalized Education Standards Common Core (CCSS), Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS), Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), 3C –College, Career, Civics Race to the Top’s Controlling Education from the “Top” Who is in Control of your child’s education? 1. Autonomy- … Continue reading

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Assessments: The Mediation of a Nation

Assessments: The Mediation of a Nation Who says you can’t mass mediate?  Assessments. Evaluations. Surveys. Tests. Standards. Accountability. Reinforcement. Transparency. Leverage. Innovation? This list goes on and on; round and round on the “Education of the Nation” Merry-go-round. Humanists run … Continue reading

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Common Core Lab: Testing Achievement or Psych Assessments: What Do You Think?

Common Core Lab: Testing Achievement or Psych Assessments: What Do You Think? Common Core Research Lab Research assistants and lab rats only All others: Entry Denied Security monitors are active, trespassers will be removed. Welcome to the Common Core Research … Continue reading

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Common Core Systems Map: The Board Game. Find Your Next Level in Life.

Common Core Systems Map: The Board Game. Find Your Next Level in Life. Common Core Standards Systems Map, The Board Game Version, has been released “just in time” for your Holiday gatherings. This latest version of Common Core Standards implementation … Continue reading

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Bowing in Babylon, aka: Liar, Liar-Pants on Fire?

Bowing in Babylon, aka: Liar, Liar-Pants on Fire? Bowing. To Bow or not to bow? That is the question. Bowing. How far can one bend, and technically not be “bowing?” As Christians surface from their burrows to realize the landscape … Continue reading

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