Common Core Systems Map: The Board Game. Find Your Next Level in Life.

Common Core Systems Map: The Board Game. Find Your Next Level in Life.

Common Core Standards Systems Map, The Board Game Version, has been released “just in time” for your Holiday gatherings.

This latest version of Common Core Standards implementation models, (and there are many), has been released in the nick of time. It is sure to be the best holiday mixer game yet devised.

This common core game is appropriate for all ages, birth to death, all social standings, and of course, all levels of “education.” Oh yes, how clever, Common Core Systems game is about “education”, behavioral modification, peer networking, and evaluations based upon…. you guessed it! ~ Student Outcomes. (So perhaps in that aspect it is not quite so novel after all.)

Ingenuity is not the pattern of behavior for folks bred on social engineering. Socially engineered citizens are not so good at novelty. Socially engineered citizens are recognized for their iterative work of duplicating or replicating patterns that someone else has created.

Virtually everyone has a role to play in the Common Core Systems Game. That is one of your goals. Ie. To determine where you fit in.

Welcome to being a meeple.

You know. Those little pawns that look like widget people. Meeple for this game equates with to a: Modified People. No individuals here; all is collective representation. The Common Core Systems Game is brought to you by the “Academy for Systemic Change” ( in partnership with some folks at MIT.

Who else would you expect to produce the latest in social engineering? None other than the most liberal of engineering colleges coupled with states that have been the model frames of social behavioral modification in the US for decades.

Don’t let the MIT name fool you. This is not rocket science. This is creating systems to engineer human beings for systemic ongoing “change.” Progress with no endpoint in mind?

Recall progressives don’t study history to prevent repeating it; they study history with the goal of repeating it to bring about “change” as the end game.

Quoting from the Common Core Systems Map itself:

“Reinforcing feedback loops are key to scale up systemic change as various interventions catalyze circular self-reinforcing processes.

The goal is to invest high-leverage points to the extent where the system tips into

self-sustaining change processes.”

There you have it, the ultimate do-loop with you the meeple being reinforced, changed, catalyzed, swirled, processed, leveraged, systematized, and tipsy. Probably nauseated too. Just viewing the Academy for Systemic Change website can elicit a migraine, via the flicker frequency of the visuals.

So, in efforts to make the most of your Holiday gatherings, playing the Common Core Systems Map game, determining your changing roles, temporal peer relations, your shifting sand, and that of your fellow meeples, let us begin by introducing some Vocabulary words. Proper labeling is vital for clear communications.

To assist your game plan, print off the pdf entitled “Common Core State Standards Systems Map” from the Academy website at

Grab your “Brain Berets” (your thinking caps) and let’s get engineered or disengaged on the road to “Student Outcomes” and Effective Responsible Happy Citizenship in the 21st Common Core, Climate controlled Culture of Change.

The Mindsight crew will provide a bonus reinforcement for those Autonomous Thinkers that make it through the entire Vocabulary list of Players. Notice there are some key Players omitted from the Systems map. We’ll provide our answers in our blog next week, and provide a Brain Beret Bonus of 5 points to those who email in their answers.(Oh dear, more meaningless positive reinforcement.)

Your assignment is to familiarize yourself with and locate these terms on the Common Core Systems Maps:

(For ease of use, these are the italicized words or phrases presented in the order in which they are presented on the Map.)

Increasing the Stock of Effective Students

Effective 4-12 Students

Engaged Early Childhood Graduates

Early Childhood Kids

Entry Job Employees

Effective Responsible Happy Citizens (note this is: “the [stated] vision of the education effort.”)

Students Moving from Disengaged to Engaged and Effective

Disengaged & Dropout 4-12 Students…can be reengaged into Effectives.

Ways that Effective CCSS Implementation can increase Stock of Effective Students

Effective Parents

Early Childhood Development

Out-of-School Supports

Effective Common Core Implementation

Student Supports

Innovations in Pedagogy and Instructional Design

College and Career Readiness CCR Assessments

Common Core State Standards CCSS

Student Peer Network

R sign indicates a positive Reinforcing feedback loop

R1 Student Peer Network (PN) Loop


Growing Effective Teachers

R2 Teacher Peer Network Loop (Aha! Now we’re getting to the next layer of meeples to be positively reinforced via Peer Pressure and Evaluations based upon: Student Outcomes. This will be a recurring theme of the CCSS Systems Map Game.)


Effective Teachers

Teacher Peer Network

Teacher Capacity Building


Connecting Student Outcomes, Teacher Evaluation with Teacher Capacity Building

R3 Teacher Evaluation Loop


Innovations in Pedagogy and Instructional Design

Effective Common Core Implementation—Student Outcomes.


R4 Higher Ed Alignment Loop:

Higher Education Students (Post secondary Ed) ..generates

Higher Ed Revenues…”creates business case in addition to moral case for further K-12 and

Higher Ed Alignment with CCSS


Growing Effective Building Leaders to Shape Climate for more Effective Teachers & Improving Student Outcomes  

(“Climate” refers to the socio-behavioral attitudinal environment …not exactly Catastrophic Global Warming…but paradoxically just as globally devastating. Remember: progressives like to repeat the same patterns….verbiage is no exception.)


R5 Building Leader Peer Network Loop

Effective Building Leaders

Building Leader Capacity Building


(Are you getting “the Pattern yet?”..I.e. Peer Pressure and Evaluations based on Student Outcomes. Who’s next?….)

R6 Building Leader (BL) Evaluation Loop

Building Leader Evaluation & Feedback

Building Leader Development


Growing Effective District Leaders to Shape Climate for Growing Building Leaders & Effective Teachers


R7 District Leaders Peer Network Loop

R8 District Leader Evaluation Loop


(We’re nearly done networking and looping around the board…passing “go” will take us back into the loop, so just hold on to your Brain Berets, and we’ll get those Bonus points, or a chance at the community chest for a “Get out of the CCSS Jail Free Card!)


R9 State Leader Evaluation Loop (WHAT! No Peer Network for these Meeples? Good thing we have on our Brain Berets!)


State Leader Evaluation is based on: Student Outcomes and more

Effective State Policy & Funding aligned for Effective CCSS Implementation


(Surprise! Surprise!…Remember the challenge is to identify where you and your fellow Meeples fit in currently, your “reinforcement network/ loop” -who’s controlling you, and your aspirations on the Game Board.)

R10 Provider Learning Loop

Effective Education Resources/ Service Providers

Quality Instructional Materials that enhance Common Core Implementation

Provider Capacity Building

(Can we all say: Education is a $ 600 billion dollar a year Industry and Whoever controls the Education, controls the nation.)


R11 Communication Loop

Student Outcomes

Career Competiveness lead to higher

Public Perceived Benefits of CCSS (can we all say: Propaganda.)

Communication and Stakeholder Engagement for…Effective CC Implementation.


R 12 Business & Community Leader Advocacy Loop

“Effective Business and Community Leaders is critical for advocating CCSS with wider stakeholders.” (Hmmm who could that be?)


R 13 Foundation & NGO (Non Governmental Organization) Leaders Loop

“Effective Foundation & NGO Leaders is critical for coordinating high leverage investments.”

There you have it! Congratulations! You have successfully made it through the Common Core State Standards Systems Map.

Now here’s the clincher: This is not a game.

“Where the Spirit of The Lord is there is Liberty”

2 Corinthians 3:17

And where He is not; there is a Common Corps manipulated by Behavioral Reinforcement Loops. Time to Choose.

As you celebrate the Holidays, we challenge you to dialog regarding this Common Core Systems Map, and what the future will be for your children’s Holidays.
















Have you located your Meeple fit yet? And your next aspirations in the systems map?










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