Common Core Nationalized College/ Career Ready Talking Points

Talking Points

Nationalized Education Standards

Common Core (CCSS), Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS),

Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), 3C –College, Career, Civics

Race to the Top’s Controlling Education from the “Top”

Who is in Control of your child’s education?

1. Autonomy- usurps Authority from: 

a. Parents and students

b. Educators, local Administrators

c. Local School Districts

d. State of Indiana

Who Will have Access to your child’s and your family’s personal information?

2. Privacy: Student, Family, Educators, and Administrators

    a. Longitudinal Data Systems (SLDS)

b. Personal Identifiable Information

c. Biometrics: facial expression, posture analysis seat, pressure mouse, and wireless skin conduction sensor

d.  PARCC and SBAC Assessments of students and faculty; Tripod data analysis system

Who Gave Permission?

3.  Legality: Violates

a.  General Education Provision Act (GEPA)

b.  Elementary and Secondary Education Act  (ESEA) 1965

c.  Department of Education Act (DEOA) 1979

d. 1st Amendment, 4th Amendment and 10th Amendment

Whose Worldview and ideologies are being promoted?

4. Content and Quality

a.  Standardized Mediocrity, no empirical proof of success

b. ELA omits classics for “informational texts”

c. Math omits multitude of skills, sets further behind

d. Science standards replace Objective Scientific method with “Consensus Science”


Who’s paying for it?   Who initiated it, funds it, and stands to gain from it?

5.  Cost to taxpayers and citizenry

    a. “Human Capital”: the minds and Worldview of our children

b.  Technology

c.   Assessment Tests, PARCC, SBAC norm referenced, data analyzed and mined

d.   Teacher retraining (classics vs. “informational texts”;

Traditional Arithmetic and Logic Math vs. Affective Math)

e.  Texts/ curriculum/ Lesson maps/ Content resources

Who is going to provide oversight and accountability ? to private consortia that the Federal gov’t has aligned with to design and implement Nationalized education?

6.  Governance-Oversight- Liability for “outcomes”: NONE.

    a.    NGA Center, CCSSO, Achieve Inc, CCSSI all copyrighted and legal disclaimer of any adverse affects, from use of “CCSS, NGSS etc. curriculum and standards”

b.   Same architects also aligning all College Achievement tests to CCSS/ NGSS

c.  Since “standards” owned by non-governmental entities, yet funded by mandated by Federal government, NO accountability to parents, students and stat

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