Ark or a Titanic in the 21st Century “Days of Noah”?

Ark or a Titanic in the 21st Century “Days of Noah”?

“The prudent see danger and take refuge,

but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

Proverbs 27:12

Sitting on the deck of the Titanic, many Americans continue to bask in the virtual global warming playing digital media or just playing. Fully immersed in a virtual realm they appear completely oblivious to the realties of the tsunami rolling beneath the ship’s hull.

In the days of Noah, The LORD saw how corrupt, wicked and violent man had become. The Lord was grieved that He had made man and His heart was filled with pain.

As I type this, I cannot help but weep at the amount of pain His heart must feel today. Do you feel it too? Anyone?

As we relate and recognize the reality, the lost blessing, and the judgment due to our nation, we ask,

“How can I build an Ark to save my family, my children? My neighbors?”

We must save a Remnant.

Convicted by the undeniable evidence surrounding us, on every front, at nearly every level of the ship; we recognize that we likely, do not have 120 years to build this Ark.

If we are honest, just imagining the next twenty years is traumatic in itself.

So, while the ministry of Answers in Genesis builds a life size Ark to continue teaching the Absolute Truths of God’s irrefutable Word, we too must build an Ark.

God gave directions to Moses, to build the Ark of The Covenant of The LORD.

This Ark, a piece of furniture functioned primarily as a container, and was used to teach the Jewish people what would save them from the flood of evil in their midst. And in our midst as well.

The Ark represented God’s Attributes, God’s Character and Redemptive acts such as strength, holiness, peace, rest, justice, omnipotence, Truthfulness, Deliverance, power, provision, salvation etc.

The Ark contained God’s Word. The Stone tablets upon which were written The Ten Commandments. The Covenant that God made with the Israelites at Mount Horeb (Sinai), that He would be their God and they would be His covenant people. His Wife. In addition to the Ten Commandments, the Ark had, at an earlier time also contained, Aaron’s rod and a jar of manna. By Solomon’s day, only the Ten Commandments remained in the Ark.

And, what blows all technology away is that the Ark represented the actual Presence of God!

The God who revealed Himself to the Israelites via the smoke, lightning, earthquake, clouds, rumblings, auditory, visual, olfactory, kinesthetic displays, would get these folks accustomed to His tangible presence by providing this concrete object to get them to begin to grasp His abstract OmniPresence.

Which leads to the Ark representing the Atonement. The Atonement that would suffice until the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ, would provide beyond Atonement to Forgiveness and Reconciliation, once and for all. It is done.

Now, the Ark was a box, a container, and a teaching tool, to represent these most vital aspects of rescue and redemption to Judeo Christians throughout history and to us today.

The Ark ceased to have its sacramental function when the Israelites began to regard it as a magical box, a vending machine, with sacred power.

America, just like the passengers on the Titanic, believed in the “Experts” to save them. The Progressives and their man made “experts”, bureaucrats, educrats, and technocrats, have no power; magic or otherwise, but what people consent and God permits.

Progressive Experts have fully proven that lacking God’s Wisdom, and His Authority, they will never be able to represent or remove the Need for God.

We began this post, looking for an Ark like Noah; something to put our families in~

But we have found the ARK, which represents something to put in our families:

1. God’s Attributes

2. God’s Word, His Laws, His Mercy and Grace

3. God’s Salvation, forgiveness, redemption: Jesus Christ

4. God’s Presence, His Holy Spirit indwelling His people.

“The time is coming,” declares the LORD,
“when I will make a new covenant….

“I will put my law in their minds,

and I will write it on their hearts.

I will be their God and they will be my people.”

Jeremiah 31:31…

The indwelling Torah, the Teacher, Counselor, Mentor, The Truth of God within man; God’s Wisdom to discern the waters without and to calm the waters within…as we go out.

As we go out shaking salt and shining Truth, displaying strength and taking action; And leading amidst the storms, engaging the enemy in a Battle that has raged for 6,000 years: The Battle for the Minds, Senses and Souls of Men. Women, Children, Kings and Kingdoms, Governors and The Governed, Slaves, Dictators, Despots and the despondent.

So, having access to the mind of Christ, the mentoring Counsel of The Holy Spirit, the infinite strength and Armor of The Father; Let us equip ourselves and our children, our families, communities with the Ark that will weather the deluge, the storms and provide a Knowing of God, Absolute Truth, Foundational Knowledge that will be the safe haven. The Ark that will be the lifeboats for those tossing about on the deck of the Titanic’s doomed vessels of mutinous progressive godless schemes.

Let’s get off the deck chairs, off the media circus, gather our tools and get to building these Arks….we don’t have 120 years, but we can save a Remnant. So help us God.

As my Godly mentors model:

“Let no one say they perished, because WE had no vision.”

“My people perish for lack of vision.”

Proverbs 29:18


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