Education via Cybernation: Human Parents and Teachers~Outsourced.

Education via Cybernation: Human Parents and Teachers~Outsourced.

Education is defined as:

The development and training of one’s mind, character, skills etc. 

Cybernation is defined as:

Automation combined with computer control, requiring little or no human intervention. 

Under the guise of education reform, Common Core State Standards, aka College and Career Ready Citizenship for 21st Century Competencies of global workforce development, taxpayers and states have outsourced “education” to software, soft skills and digital media.

Education continues to be outsourced to those that direct the funding, public perceptions and who also reap financial and control benefits of a Globe at Risk. (No, not at risk from global climate change, but from changes brought about by those purporting such propaganda.)

Common Core standards and College and Career Ready 21st Century Competencies have nothing to do with “standards” or traditional knowledge based education. Other than that the standards will be equally low so that all will “equally” pass.

Under the continued Redistribution of Intellect, those of social justice can’t allot anyone to transmit, develop or have access to more intellect than anyone else.

“Why it simply wouldn’t be fair!”

“Rice for all! Or no rice at all.

Certainly, no smorgasbords. Why that would be inequitable and unsustainable.”

An inequality of intellect would not be Utopian, Progressive or Socialist. It would be free-market capitalism and Liberty under God…hmmm those very entities that Marx sought to destroy and dethrone. The ones that made America good, great, and blessed.

The common core, college and career ready standards are not about factual knowledge or knowledge based skills or developing minds of intellect capable of ingenuity.

National standards, College and Career ready 21st Century Competencies, are about educating ideologies of equality, tolerance, green earth sustainability, statist servitude, moral relativism, Change for the sake of Change, oppression, guilt, shame, into the minds, souls and behaviors of students in America.

These new education goals are embedded using social emotional learning via digital computer technology ie. Cybernation.

These ideologies are not new. The concept of using automation to implant them is not new. C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley, George Orwell, BF Skinner, Vladimir Turchenko, authors, philosophers, sociologists, psychologists and educators etc. have projected this possibility for years.

The mass distribution of digital media, Ipads, laptops, smart phones, computer labs, virtual classrooms etc. and federal mandates, have made this automation via cybernation a reality in education today.

In essence: human educators have been outsourced.

In the past, when those of socialistic intent have promoted ideologies of such destructive intentions to individual liberty and independence, faith and family, it was the human teacher, who thwarted those efforts, by refusing to implement them.

The implementation of “standards”: ideologies embedding beliefs, values, attitudes, dispositions, 21st century competencies, soft skills and behaviors etc. are now accomplished via automation and group time.

These ideologies and reflexive behaviors are shaped via emotional sensory input, and digital “learning”. The means to embed these ideologies consist of: group projects, group think, peer pressure, service projects and computer gaming, digital media, visual imagery, videos, on-line “learning”, computer adaptive formative assessments etc. The goals appear to be to eliminate any gaps, or individuality so as to accomplish socialization of the masses, as in: group, team, collective, workers for a planned labor force.

Marx’s physical remains may be decomposed, but his theories of socialism continue to rule from the grave via a host of followers.~ Some aware and many not aware of what they have been and are now implementing in the schools and homes across America.

Many are also unaware that they, as trusted educators, aides, and administrators, are being outsourced via Cybernation, digital media gaming, on-line “learning”, embedded computer adaptive assessments…. the automation of education.

Via an ongoing stream of data, ethernet, Internet, psychological assessments and analyses, “education” continues under the influence of transformational social reformers (socialists) progressing Marx’s Equality themes to global proportions.

The use of educational “standards” linked with ongoing assessments and teacher evaluations, is to replace educators with technology.

And to further remove parental and taxpayer access to the true content of “education.”

The use of standards, digital media, assessments etc. is not to impart Absolute knowledge, facts or cognitive skills.

The goals of federal education standards, technology implementation and assessments are not the same as the goals and responsibilities of parents and taxpayers.

The clear goals of nationalized standards, and statewide longitudinal database systems (SLDS) are to implement cybernation, automation of education, digital media; Teaching machines to infuse, embed, and hardwire, the minds, wills, and emotions and to condition and habituate reflexive responses, behaviors and dispositions in students to be subjugated and controlled. And to do so willing, of their “own volition. “The love of servitude that takes no coercion to effect.

The greatest advocate for any ideology is one who thinks it is his or her own idea.

Group think, group consensus, positive emotional experiences, visual imagery, physical movement, peer pressure, approbation from role models and peers, are each powerful methods in the formation and searing of memories and reflexive behavior. (Procedural memory).

When provided in a cumulative fashion the results are mind-boggling; affecting nearly every area of the brain, midbrain and body. 

The more senses engaged, the more intense the emotions, the more repetitions, the more physical movement, the more “friends”, peers, classmates, etc. the more deeply and fully integrated this experience becomes and

The more likely this experience will become habit, natural, reflexive behavior.

The more likely this will become the mindset of the student, the group, the collective, the herd, the workforce, and the “citizens.”

 (Think the French Revolution, the mobs and the guillotines…and Napoleon) 

Parents, taxpayers, and lovers of American liberty are beginning to recognize that mandated education standards, assessments, digital learning, and social emotional learning are not about transmission of knowledge, facts, or the development of cognitive or practical skills for independent thinking or independence; but rather about a transfusion of ideologies in opposition to faith, family, freedom under God, via self-government.

As you continue to educate yourself, your family, your friends and elected representatives it would be helpful to recognize some enemies of American liberty. Some intentional and some unaware, perhaps:

The “Education Reformers of 21st century global workforce development.”

The Past and Present proponents of Automated and Social Emotional Learning in transformational education reform: 

John Dewey*, philosopher, psychologist, and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform, No absolutes, all is relativism.

BF Skinner*, psychologist, behaviorist, author, inventor, and social philosopher, operant conditioning for rewards, positive or negative reinforcement.

Lev Vygotsky, Marxist Soviet Belarusian psychologist, the founder of a theory of human cultural and biosocial development commonly referred to as cultural-historical psychology

Vladimir Turchenko Russian behavioral educational psychologist author of The Science and Technological Revolution and the Revolution in Education 1976 template for USA education today.

John Goodlad, UNESCO and NNER educational researcher and theorist who has published influential models for renewing schools and teacher education

Gates Foundation, NGA, CCSSO, NCTE, NCTM, PEA, UNESCO, International Baccalaureate, Academy for Systemic Change, Garrison Institute, Carnegie Foundation

Benjamin Bloom, Kahn Academy, or any such digital teaching machine and operant conditioning formats. Ie digital gaming etc.

Eugenie Scott* architect of Common Core Next Generation Science Standards; physical anthropologist who has been the executive director of the National Center for Science Education since 1987. She is a leading critic of young earth creationism and intelligent design.

Theodore Brameld*, leading philosopher and educator who supported the educational philosophy of social teacher education Reconstructionism. Brameld’s vision included the removal of free enterprise capitalism; “eventually no profit-making enterprises remain.” ***

Julian Huxley* UNESCO Darwinian evolutionary biologist, eugenicist, and internationalist. He was a proponent of natural selection, and a leading figure in the mid-twentieth century evolutionary synthesis.

Jeremy Kilpatrick, Ralph Tyler, Marc Tucker, Peter Smagorinsky, Louise Rosenblatt etc. 

If these folks were and are intent on bringing about public education reform, it would be most transparent if the public taxpayers were educated on their intentions, ideologies and the destination of these transformations on the minds, motives and behaviors of American children.

And on America.

If Americans cease to be good, America ceases to be great, and America will be gone.

Merely a geographic expression on a global workforce map

* designates signers of the Humanist Manifesto, I, II or III

 **As we see, some minds cannot handle them. Thus the increase in emotional disorder diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, SPD, ASD, ODD, LD, …etc. etc.

***Robin Eubanks, parent and Attorney, has authored an outstanding book, Credentialed to Destroy, How and Why Education Became a Weapon. In it she documents many of the players, owners, game plans and intentions of those who have orchestrated this transformation of education in America and around the globe.

Jeff Wick has also documented this transformation from the perspective of an educator and principal in his book: Public Education, The “Final Solution” in the Conquest of America’s Ideals

Dr. Terrence O. Moore, parent and Hillsdale College Professor, has revealed the truth of the Common Core Literacy Standards, the textbooks and what education should look like and why, in his must read book: The Story-Killers, A Common-Sense Case Against Common Core

Pioneer Institute

American Principles Project






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