Essay Time- Education’s: Getting to Know You….

Essay Time- Education’s: Getting to Know You….Essay Time: Children Probed, Exposed, Dissected, Analyzed and Reassembled.

“Getting to know you,

Getting to know all about you….

Getting to like you,

Getting to hope you like me…”

Well, have no worries, someone, some software, some neuroscientists, and many analysts etc. are getting to know all about you and your children. They are getting much more and shaping much more than you imagined for your public education dollars.

In addition to Group Time, Collaborative thinking time, group projects, group tests, and group field trips; students today are also assigned Essay Time.

Essay Time has become a pillar of public Educrat goals of Data collection for the simultaneous formation of values, dispositions and behaviors. Education today is clearly employing every psychological method envisioned under the guise of “learning.” These are all part of the transformational social emotional packaging for 21st Century Collage and Career Ready Competencies for Global Workforce ie. the requirements of the Conditional Waiver from No Child Left Behind.

This package has the same goals, new names, stealthier methods but the added feature of having removed the human teachers. Teachers that used to act as the human interface of integrity have now been replaced with technology and facilitators.

Essay Time is very clever, though. Students take out their Ipads (soon to be renamed “WEpads” as individuality is no longer globally acceptable) and journal to their heart’s content or frustration… usually both.

The concept of journaling is not new. Journaling has been around as long as folks could encode. Young ladies have had diaries for centuries. In their diaries gentleman and gentlewoman would record and confess, ruminate and reveal their deepest and most intimate thoughts to their “friend”—“Dear Diary.” “Dear Journal”. This journal was the friend who had no tongue to betray the contents and was often kept out of sight of inquiring minds or terabytes.

People have journaled their prayers, their loves, their wants, their needs; their observations, offenses, their confessions, their fears, and their recoveries.

The Founders researched, reflected, reasoned with their journals as they shaped the foundations of our nation as one of self-governance under God. Independence.

Innovators, scientists, philosophers, and inventors have long journeyed their observations and spontaneous thinking; holding these sparks of genius until the time for revelation would burst forth at their initiative. Ingenuity.

Mental health counselors employ the technique of Essays, diaries, and journaling to help their clients vent their concerns, attitudes, perceptions, behaviors, triggers, emotions, offenses, confessions, hurts, and autobiographies, ~ probing to uncover the mystery, the root of what ails the spirit, the psyche, and the soul of vulnerable individuals.

By the way, that includes all of us. We are all vulnerable individuals.

Essay Time, journaling, and diaries are the most effective means to gain access to the minds, wills, emotions, values, beliefs, aspirations, defeats, hopes, and established patterns of behaviors. It is one of the most effective means of “Getting to know someone”; engender trust, self-disclosure, cultivating a sense of opening ones mind to the safe haven of a silent “friend”, a mirror.

The Psalmist David, poured out his heart, soul and mind to The LORD as he revealed his innermost thoughts, motives, emotions placing himself under the Sovereignty of the One to Whom he wrote.

“Search me, O God, and know my heart:

Test me and know my anxious thoughts.

See if there is any offensive way in me,

And lead me the way everlasting.”

Psalm 139:23-24 

Today, children in government education are being required to expose their deepest thoughts via Essay Time, Journaling, and personal surveys. Children are also required to record their opinions and analyses of social, cultural, religious, emotional, behavioral, environmental, economic, and political issues.

While these may be appropriate topics for private personal and family ruminations, these are not private, since they are done on digital media and available to the ethernet world arsenal of data analysis for those of varying intent.

Dear Diary” has no lock and key, and her tongue is free to wag without restraint.

Examples of student Essay Time include:

1. 4th graders instructed to write a 4 page essay on “What Bugs Me”…. to their principal. Can you write 4 pages of things that bug you while being politically correct for the Internet audience?

2. 6th graders are to compose a 6-page essay time to the principal entitled “How students should be punished for disobeying in school.” Hmmm, 6 pages on crime and punishment?

3. 6th graders are also assigned to do some self-analysis and record in their journals if someone has offended them… “bugged them” and how to deal with these offenses and offenders.

4. 8th graders were assigned to Essay Time, writing on who they would vote for and why, given the choices of:  a) Chris Christie  b) Hilary Clinton or c) other…This was assigned twice, submitted to the state. Hmmm, where would an 8th grader form such opinions on these folks?

5. High School students get to do group Essay Time for marketing products that would target the buying patterns of High school students ie. What rewards, values, incentives motivate and appeal to the desires of students. They actually received cash awards for this one.

6. The SAT college entrance examination Essay Time question was to “Express how you feel about President Obama’s Hope and Change for the nation speech”…you can guess how well a conservative student scored on this one.

7. Elementary school students, via the Scholastic reader are “informed” on the plight of multicultural homeless individuals. Students are assigned to perform an Essay Time expounding on the plights of the multicultural homeless and develop programs advocating for remedying these situations…this one is addressed to the Mayor.

Note the technique of requiring a lengthy essay. Good grief! Four pages on what bugs me? What if I don’t have 4 pages of irritants? “Go deeper, think of something, anything, make something up…doesn’t your family bug you sometimes? Your neighbor, your teacher, the girl who got more stickers, or the boy who has a crush on you?…”

“Remember, your secret is safe with me….just get it out, vent, confession is good for the Ipad, WEpad, collective soul.”

Of course these directions include phrases such as: Explain why…How do you feel…what do you believe…How will we fix this problem with society…Why would you vote for…? …..What do your friends say…what do your parents think…Where did you hear that? Give examples of how you would advocate for equality in this situation.

6 pages designing school disciplinary policy? Asking a student how and why to punish students for disobeying school rules.  In this Skinnerian assignement, Students are to share what would be the ideal Operant Conditioning, Positive and Negative Behavioral Interventions, to control their own behavior.

Should be interesting when the students get together and form their own consensus…

“We as a collective agreed to rid ourselves of all authority, starting with you mr. principal!” Welcome to Animal Farm….or Lord of the Flies?

Who needs the regularly appearing PBIS, Positive Behavioral Intervention System Surveys, when we have Freud’s psychoanalysis methods on digital media via Teacher Susie’s “Essay Time”?

Now, we did not say this was original. The Nazi’s had children reporting on their parents, neighbors, “friends” via the goals of Goebbels, Himmler, Hitler and the techniques of  Woodrow Wilson and Bernays to shape the crowd mentality for ease of management.

And students have done Essay Time for centuries, but only for a limited audience, not the digital universe.

Needless to say, This is not right.

This is Left. Far Left.

Requiring children who have been taught to obey authority; to obey the teacher, principal, mayor, those in leadership over them, to reveal their personal thoughts, thinking processes, motives, emotions, values, hopes, insecurities, fears, whether they be accurately expressed or fantasy, under the coercion of Approbation, is manipulation.

This is kidnapping and mind rape of the most treacherous sort.

If a child, student or adult wishes to ruminate about these issues on paper, they should do so in the security of their own home. Personal information of this nature should only be divulged under the guidance of their own parents who are responsible of the emotional, physical, spiritual and cognitive development of their children and the privacy of their family.

If the teacher, principal, mayor or state wishes to know how you or your child feels about such issues they should do so over a cup of tea. And get to know you face to face, not via a digital interface under the guise of a public education Essay Time assignment.

Getting to Know You

From, The King and I by Rogers and Hammerstein II

 It’s a very ancient saying,

But a true and honest thought,

That if you become a teacher,

By your pupils you’ll be taught.

 As a teacher I’ve been learning —

You’ll forgive me if I boast —

And I’ve now become an expert,

On the subject I like most.

 Getting to know you.

 Getting to know you,

Getting to know all about you.

Getting to like you,

Getting to hope you like me.

Getting to know you,

Putting it my way,

But nicely,

You are precisely,

My cup of tea.

Getting to know you,

Getting to feel free and easy

When I am with you,

Getting to know what to say

Haven’t you noticed

Suddenly I’m bright and breezy?

Because of all the beautiful and new

Things I’m learning about you

Day .. by … day.

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