Family in the Crosshairs: “Education” for Workforce or Self-Governance?

Family in the Crosshairs: “Education” for Workforce or Self-Governance?

Family is once again in the Crosshairs.

Those, whose aims are to repeat the history of fallen republics, know that to do so one must divide, deploy, and ultimately, destroy the Family. 

A nation of families divided, deployed and dependent is not a Republic of self-governing individuals. Once again we see that war and tyranny, plant their seeds and reap their crops via the destruction of the family.

The family is the sole foundation of a self-governing republic and all that accompanies its flourishing economy, individual liberties, and prospering culture.

We are reminded of President Lincoln’s passion to save the Union, as secession took the focus from slavery to disunion.

“We must settle this question now, whether in a free government the minority have the right to break up the government whenever they choose.

If we fail, it will go far to prove the incapability of the people to govern themselves.”

President Lincoln was keenly aware of the significance the union of the Republic of our United Sovereign States. President Lincoln was also aware of the gravity this union held for international people groups seeking to be free from the tyranny of monarchs, dynasties and despots.

The independent confederation of nation states had birthed a Republic called The United States of America. This Republic was and is the Test Case for judging whether or not average citizens can govern themselves.

At the time of Lincoln’s 1861 statement, the United States stood nearly alone as a democratic republic, in a sea of kings, queens, czars, dictators, dynasties, regents, oligarchies, budding nationalism, and socialistic theories.

Today, the United States still stands nearly alone; particularly in a sea of nations bent on the social engineering of managed economies.

21st Century Global workforce development is nothing more than a repeat of feudalism with a Marxist flavor. This global socialism is being implemented, catalyzed and expedited by technocrats and educrats aligned with the new governing elite.

 The nuclear family and her supporting framework, the extended family, continue to be under attack from progressives eager to systematically manage the globe.

As corporations continue to swallow up small businesses across the plains of these United States, the unions of marriages and families continue to collapse under the forced secession of labor’s demands.

Large Corporations appear intent on destroying the family as fathers and mothers are deployed across the nation, the oceans, and the globe to fulfill their workforce assignments.

This forced deployment of fathers, mothers and grandparents, wreaks havoc on family governance, involvement in church, civic, community, and local and state governance. It also removes the supporting framework required for intergenerational transmission of values, virtues and insights proven in the crucible of experience. These provide the very essence of self-governance of a democratic republic.

As Federal and State Education push Workforce development themes, they have entirely neglected the Purpose of Public or Private Education; Or at least the purpose of education for a citizenry of self-governing peoples. The Constitutional Republic.

We must recognize that public education does not instruct a Founders’ view on local, state or central government. Education today is focused on the Global government.  21st Century Education Competencies do not prepare for federalism, and self-governance. Nor is a truthful chronologic history of monarchs, despots, dynasties, or social Marxism presented from original writings, observers, participants, memoirs, treatises, historians, political theorists, founders etc. Nor is history presented in a fashion that extolls the virtues of Western Civilization.

What is presented has been processed into a new GMO, Government Modified Oligarchy revisionist version, called Social Studies highlighting Oppression themes via Civics, College, and Career Ready Citizenship standards for 21st Century Competencies.

Access to “Information” is provided on a “need to know” only basis. Recall that “Information” may be true or false. Information is just that, and nothing more. Information may be opinions, conjecture, deception, gossip, propaganda, and fantasy, falsehoods that do not represent absolute undeniable facts.

The amount and selection of “information” is closely titrated so as to prohibit the “Aha!” of spontaneous thinking that would connect the dots of truth and to the realities of the future if left unchecked.

Trust us to make you Competent to fulfill your Workforce role;

…let us give you the answers to the test, freedom from thought, your Workkeys and Digital Badge App securing your future global employment.….and hand us the keys to self-governance.”

After decades of distorting, denying and deleting foundational knowledge, we must now acknowledge the destruction we currently reap.

We must offer solutions to save the Republic and the family unions of The Republic; these unions that are the only salvation of our nation as a self-governing democratic republic.

Our governor recently highlighted two of these issues:

1. Marriages and Family

2. Workforce development via corporate tax benefits, Education standards and state preschool initiatives.

Admittedly, many who cherish marriage, family, the sovereignty of our state and our republic received the latter with raised brows.

If public education’s primary goal has been narrowed to that of producing students programmed for labor force of global corporate use, then We as a Sovereign State in the Republic have truly been betrayed.

But, if Education for workforce development is intent on equipping local students with the foundational knowledge, virtues and liberties of self-governance, while simultaneously promoting Choices of Local employment ~ THEN this could bring about a stability of the families, churches, communities and secure the sovereignty of our own state.

In a Republic, One cannot detach labor from marriage and family.

The family is the foundation and the necessity that creates an Economy. As Hillsdale Professor, Dr. Terrence O. Moore elaborates in his expose The Story-Killers, A Common –Sense Case Against Common Core, A man works to provide for his family. Our words economy and economic stem from the Greek word, oikonomos, which meanshousehold manager”.

The governance and responsibilities of the family assure the stability and the securing of Life, Liberty and Property along that pursuit of domestic and economic “happiness” in the Republic.

To prove our capabilities of self-governing, we must:

1. Teach the features and benefits of self-governance. We must teach what it is, why it is important, and how to maintain it. We must impart Virtue, Absolute Truth, and factual Knowledge; The Constancies that do not change, but Anchor us firmly amidst a sea of ideologies that have drowned larger vessels.

2. WE must keep Labor close to Home.

Meaning we must fertilize the State to facilitate Hoosiers creating their own businesses. NOT dependent on outside Global Corporations to provide our employment.

3. We must all keep on the edge of our seats, Vigilant to keep self-governing free from the tyrants at our shores, doors, schools, minds and media technologies.

The Constitution, created by We the States, created and assigned roles to the federal government: war, peace, negotiations and foreign trade. It now appears the subservient federal government has apparently considered “We the People” as “objects” to be traded, deployed, divided and ultimately destroyed under its role of “foreign trade.”

States today, need not secede, but can succeed by:

Standing for Families,


Locally owned and operated businesses, and

Education controlled by Parents, intentional on equipping their heirs as citizens to fulfill their duties in all levels of governance.

Yes! Governing in a citizen empowered Republic takes work.

So let’s get to it and make it work, by keeping families strong, parents in control of education and work close to home.

Our Sovereign States are comprised of the Family; the little platoons of conservative minds that anchor, nourish, and encourage the promised blessings of western civilization in our nation: One nation Under God.

It is upon this Foundation of the Family, that our nation will Rise or, like many past republics, fall….

Therefore I stationed some of the people behind the lowest points of the wall at the exposed places, posting them in families…”

Nehemiah 4:13 

Lincoln and the Civil War in the Diaries and Letters of John Hay [1939], pp. 19-20).

The Story-Killers by Terrence O. Moore







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