Standards: God Raises and Governments Lower

Standards: God Raises and Governments Lower


“Something established and generally accepted as a model, example, or test of excellence, attainment etc.; criterion.” 

There appears to be much duplicity surrounding the meaning of the word “standards.”

Just as one size does not fit all; one interpretation of the word “standards” does not fit all intended meanings or purposes. There are a plethora of “standards.”

There are: personal standards, family standards, business standards, education standards, as well as standards of weights and measurements, ANSI standards. There are also standards such as, banners, ensigns, or symbols that represent a country, organization or a head of state.

In light of many states reviewing their education standards, let’s review a few meanings of “standards.”

1. Personal Standards.

Most of us abide by a set of standards or principles by which we conduct our lives, thoughts, actions, attitudes, and relationships.

Our personal standards are driven primarily by our worldview. Worldview is formed by education; cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual.

Many of us select a role model or a set of role models by which we aim our sights high and by which we practically grow in maturity before God and men as we aspire to provide a good role model for our heirs. Acknowledging that human nature, cultures, and gravity all work in the same direction; we aim high and keep calibrating to reset to those significantly elevated standards.

2. State Standards of Education.

State standards of education, now closely aligned with national and global standards, are not of the same intentions as our personal standards.

State education standards are designed, and verified by state assessments, to assure that a set body of ideas have been presented and assimilated (or at least perceived to be assimilated).

Some of these ideas may be academic in nature, as in cognitive skills and factual knowledge; and increasingly many of these ideas are affective in nature, forming the Affect of the student. One’s Affect is defined as: “state of mind, emotions, disposition and behaviors.” Affective is definded as: Arising from emotion rather than from thought.”

Affective standards are not academic nor knowledge based. Affective standards today include: social emotional ideologies of social equality, green earth sustainability, race, gender, sexuality, social advocacy, tolerance bias and other such oppression or critical theory themes. (The newly revised 21st Century definition of critical thinking, does not have anything to do with analytical thinking, but is instead another oppression theme misnomer aimed at social equality.)

The CCSSO Chief Council of State School Officers, the architects of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, labels and details these non academic standards in their document:

Knowledge, Skills, and Dispositions: 

The Innovation Lab Network State Framework

for College, Career, and Citizenship Readiness,

and Implications for State Policy  

Council of Chief State School Officers

February 2013

And in a plethora of other documents, theories, mission statements, systems maps, journal articles, workshops, conventions, archives, books, “research” proposals, power points, 501(c)3’s etc. etc. Such as these:

(That’s an ongoing series of blogs defining what the CCSSO and hosts of pedagogy, education, psychologist, sociologists etc. mean by “knowledge, skills, dispositions, Competencies, Citizenship, attitudes, beliefs, values, affect etc.)


The goal of prescribing a set of State Standards, and Assessing State Standards assimilation, is to PASS as many students as possible.

Students must pass the Assessment tests verifying assimilation of the standards in order for the State schools to receive State and Federal funding $$$ and accreditation.

Follow the money and you’ll find the Assessment scores, student, teacher, administrator performance outcomes, and Standards all in line.

Student test outcomes are used to verify the effectiveness of teachers, teaching methodologies, teacher compliance, teacher attitudes, pedagogy, teaching machines, digital media, digital gaming, videos, group think projects, Positive Behavior Reward Intervention systems, social emotional climate and culture etc.

This is a no-brainer: the obvious way to ACHIEVE high pass rates on the state Assessments, and get that funding money, is to set the state standards bar at a low, low, roll over minimum.

This is precisely what No Child Left Behind, Goals 2000, Outcome Based Education, ESEA Title funding has accomplished. Lowering of the bar. Disastrous No Knowledge tests and no knowledge courses, so that by just showing up, taking the test, nearly everyone could pass and graduate with a diploma. Not to be left behind.

Common Core State Standards, and the global name of College, Career and Citizenship Ready Standards are still based on Student Outcomes; verified of course by aligned Assessment tests.

All intended to seamlessly send the know-nots onto Higher Education to continue lining the pockets of Educrats and adding financial debt to the resultant mind debt and frustration of secondary ed.

So, unlike our personal standards definition, the goals of State Standards, for ease of gaining Federal funding and State Accreditation, Do Not Signify any high concentration of intellectual fact based knowledge, absolutes, mastery of skills, classical education or role models of high integrity.

In reality, passing the standards aligned test only indicates that students and teachers prepped well (Acuity) to be good test takers, and “passed” the lowly placed bar. And since everyone passes this supposedly assures social transformation and eventual Social equality.

Assessment tests are not objective measures of knowledge. There is no evidence signifying that state standards improve actual knowledge achievement.


More Clarifications:

Recognize that it has been a long journey digging public education into this hole. It will be a long journey to bring public education back out of the hole, (if we haven’t reached the opposite side of the globe already. In which case we might poke our heads out in Kazakhstan…close to where this nonsense began.)

The dark education labyrinth has many pillars supporting it, all reaping nice benefits and hefty profits from the carts, candles and tours they’ve provided to venture into the cave; but there are few Guides out.

Realize that State mandated standards when aligned with Federal mandates will never be high academic standards.

1. States were coerced, nearly blackmailed, into accepting these College, Career and Citizenship Standards and increasing Statewide Longitudinal Database Systems  (SLDS) as conditions for waivers to get out of the previous Federal education initiative No Child Left Behind Pass rate requirements; and for fear of loss of Federal Title ESEA funding, technology grants, database funding etc. etc.

It’s paradoxical that states still keep signing on for this dog leash as the federal requirements to participate in these funding (taxpayer redistributions) always cost more taxpayer money to comply with added administration, trainings, and technology than are ever returned to the states in the funding bone.

(Again we note that Marxists don’t study history they just implement and push social change.)

2. Which highlights our second observation, that the standards are aligned with a Federal and Global governments, that are intent on redistribution of wealth to bring about that theme of social justice equality. Meaning equality of Intellect, goods, lifestyle, opinion, beliefs, attitudes, worldview etc. and a steady state economy ie. Social planning. (Except someone gets to be in charge of the planning, regulating, control and the benefits that accompany being part of the comintern.)

This means of course no innovation; no spontaneous brilliance is permitted in a socially engineered planned global economy. Such independent thinking is unpredictable; it’s free market capitalism.

All that to say:

3. Recognize that many of your SBOE members are doing their best to construct a set of College and Career Ready standards that will meet the federal criteria, federal accreditors and yes, be passable to maintain the federal funding. Their hands are very tied as to truly implementing high quality knowledge based standards. These courageous folks have been commissioned to fulfill a number of impossible tasks; ones that are mutually exclusive.

4. The goals of parents and taxpayers do not align with the goals a Centralized government holding state boards of education in a financial and ideological noose. A noose tightly held to compliance via aligned assessments, and aligned statewide longitudinal database systems that feeds into a system described as the largest database yet conceived. Think the Borg; All to verify “compliance” to the US Department of Education and those that scheme to Plan the lives of others.


If you are seeking truly high standards, both academic standards and personal standards, free of the data pipeline, then choose a private education that is not linked with state or federal funding.

Classical charters are growing via the Hillsdale Barney Charter Initiative, private religious schools are still a viable option, as long as they maintain their classical curriculums and avoid the data pipeline. And of course homeschooling teaches two generations at once.

Simultaneously work to return public education to local control, educating parents, school boards and local communities to say “NO” to federal funding and the control that accompanies federal moneys and the low standards that push low intellect and transformational social engineering.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,”

Hosea 4:6


“When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of The LORD, will lift up a standard against him.”

Isaiah 59:19


God raises the standard and governments of men lower them.


As parents it is time to recognize reality, raise the standards, and lead our children and their generation out of the darkness of the education cave.

Back to equipping, inspiring intelligence, free-market enterprise, ingenuity and Liberty under God.

 (Not men who wish to play “god.”)

United for Education: Defining Who’s Minding the Minds

The Story-Killers, A Common-Sense Case Against Common Core, by Hillsdale Professor Terrence O. Moore

Credentialed to Destroy, How and Why Education Became a Weapon by Robin Eubanks

Pat Miller, WOWO Joy Pullmann EdReform News











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