Data Defined, Defining and Designing: Minds, Values, Attitudes, for Servitude

Data Defined, Defining and Designing: Minds, Values, Attitudes, for Servitude

Data: Beyond knowledge to control.

The word “data” means many things to many people. Regardless of our current understanding of the term “data”, we all must expand our definitions to the reality, expanses, purposes and intentions associated with “Data.”

This goes far beyond the dating game, getting to know you, or even Star Trek’s cyberscient officer, “Data.”

Data is not just about Collection of data to be stored and analyzed at some time in the future, when some one, or some software program gets around to it.

Many who lead good, wholesome lives, may comment:

“Oh well, I don’t do anything wrong, so who cares if my personal information is available for all to see?”

“My child is a good student, good athlete, good performer….so what if the government tracks his or her accomplishments?” 

“There are so many sources tracking folks’ data today such as product developers, banks, Electronic healthcare records (EHR), the internal revenue service IRS, non-profits, the military, employers, schools, hospitals, doctors, charities, investment brokers….etc. etc. if someone wants to find something about someone…it’s not hard, so what’s the point in trying to protect your data?”

While folks have been busy considering one aspect of “data”, such as Privacy, most have failed to bridge to the primary purposes behind the expansive data systems being implemented in education, healthcare and businesses today.

Whoever controls the data, controls the people.

This is not just about data going out…this is about data going in and out in response to the previous responses of the internet, ethernet, digital gaming for learning, behavioral surveys, prepping for tests, and computer adaptive Assessments.

This is a lightspeed 2-way data freeway, an ACDC, Alternating Current and simultaneous Direct Current of data going in, out, in, out.

This is a simultaneous relationship of communication that is assessing and shaping in real-time the responses of the student doing their assignment on the internet: playing a digital “learning” game, taking a survey, answering the questions, typing their essay, searching the web, doing instant messaging or social media.

The level of questioning, the provocative content of the questions, the emotional vein of the questions, the novelty, tenacity, perseverance and grit of the questions and the content of “informational texts”, opinions, are being adapted in real-time to the responses of the student.

(One only has to type a few lines on the Internet, and note the personalized advertisement cookies that pop up on the side screens, customized just for you. Crowd sourcing, cookies and marketing 101. All for your benefit….right.)

This simultaneous data assessing and response relationship is most analogous to the parent child relationship. With one huge exception:

Parents have a responsibility to God to transmit both values and knowledge to their children based upon established Absolutes that do not change with time.

The digital classroom nationalized education data designers of progressive intent have nearly succeeded in their goals to place themselves between parents and their children and the values of the parents.

This digital data relationship is being used to judge the values, emotions, beliefs, attitudes, fortitude, malleability, behaviors, and disposition of the student and the student’s family.

This data is being used to shape the values, beliefs, emotions, attitudes, disposition, reflexive behaviors and worldview of the student.

This data is being used to plan this student’s potential use in the future.

The way to make a citizenry easy to be controlled by “experts” of social engineering is to format within the citizens the same values, beliefs, and attitudes, behaviors that are predictable.

The way to create obedience in citizens is to create in them dispositions that are gullible, trusting, easily manipulated and managed by central planners.

Those accumulating data, those writing adaptive computer assessments, those writing digital learning gaming software, those mandating national or state standards, textbooks, accreditation, assessments and stickers of “education” do not hold the same Values, Absolutes and responsibilities as do parents intent upon raising Godly heirs.

Statewide longitudinal databases SLDS formally entered the scene in 2002; the Department of Education gutted family and student privacy FERPA in 2012, while also expanding data exchange, accumulation, access via hosts of federal and private relationships such as the National Education Data Model (NEDM) the Chief Council of State School Officers (CCSSO) (the Common Core / College and Career Ready standards owners); the Data Quality Campaign (DQC)…. joined by the Early Learning Challenge (ELC); the Common Education Data Standards (CEDS) … My Data Initiative, Digital Badges, ConnectED, AdvancEd, Digital Promise, all using taxpayer funding grants married to public and private foundations, businesses etc. to track and shape citizens : conception to corpse….P-20 and beyond.

The use of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in partnership with digital learning is using the data highway of the Internet, ethernet and software to shape not only externals but also literally the subconscious of students and their futures.

Education has been under progressive influence for nearly a century. The seeds have taken root, yet have been hither to, somewhat thwarted by human teachers.

But alas, the human educators have been replaced by technology at the helm of the data highway, designing, defining and shaping minds.

Educators, in public classrooms today, can no longer act as filters. Educators today, do not have access to what students are being asked or submitting into the data highway. And it scares them to death.

As it should each of us; enough to do something about it.

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