Assessing Insanity: Life Before the Federal Administrative State

Assessing Insanity: Life Before the Federal Administrative State

Assessing the Insanity from 500 feet and 50 years.

Sitting back cruising at a low altitude, one cannot help but be shocked at the Insanity of the current education coercion, cost, chaos and catastrophe…all over, who will control the minds and future of America. The fruits of war, indeed.

As state boards of education, state legislators, state administrators, state schools, private schools, parents and taxpayers scurry around to recall, replace, repeal and redesign public education, one cannot help but reflect upon the old adage:

keep it simple…

As folks dissect the Conditions of the Waiver from the previous federal education noose, No Child Left Behind, and attempt to write state standards aligned with state institutions of higher learning, all aligned with federally funded assessment writers,

One must ask the question:

Who needs Assessment tests anyway?

Has anyone considered Assessing the need for assessment tests, school and teacher evaluations based on student outcomes or student performance measured on computerized assessment tests?

“The Founders placed the important job of educating America’s children with states, localities, and most critically, parents.

The Constitution does not mention the word “education,” even though its architects believed in its supreme importance. “I look to the diffusion of light and education as the resource to be relied on for ameliorating the condition, promoting the virtue, and advancing the happiness of man,” wrote Thomas Jefferson.”*

Assessing the hundreds of billions of dollars the federal administrative state has squandered to destroy virtue and independence via its redistribution of taxpayer funds under the guise of “education”, we must reflect upon the reality that the goals of the Experts are not “advancing the happiness of man”, Woman or child.

It’s not their job to do so. In fact The Constitution never had a place for an administrative State at all.

States are squirming to fulfill federal assessment tests requirements costing, for example in Indiana, a range of $34 million to $57 million depending on whether or not they must administer two sets of assessment tests.

What a mess- when those if insect authority begin to micromanage the minds, marriages, businesses, healthcare, economy and education of the individuals.

There is also the cost of the IT personnel, and administrators to administer and document and transmit and comply with the federal administrative state assessing demands.

Today the number of Administrators in public education is equal to the number of classroom teachers.

Yes, let’s restate that again.

There is one administrator for every classroom teacher in public education today.

Clearly a problem of socialistic origins…in which “The State pays for it, so who cares how wasteful this is to administer. It’s job creation, right?”

Who doesn’t have friends, relatives, neighbors, and associates who work in the public education system? It’s almost as bad as Winnie the Pooh’s Expedition to the North Pole. Several of us are feeling like Eeyore, whose thistles have been squashed by those of very little brain.

Continuing our assessing of Insanity of assessment testing, we must consider the cost of teacher training to teach to the assessment tests, and the student prepping to take the assessment tests.

This means weeks of paying teachers to take training, paying for substitute teachers and for wasting student brain cells in taking Acuity, Beacon or other assessment test prepping practice to pass the assessment tests. The Cliff notes versions to appease the professor and spout the politically correct opinions that will help all to score well…and maintain federal funding.

Which, by the way, is on average 10% of the state education budget. All this for 10%? How much are we spending to comply by implementing technology, building required infrastructure, ipads, we pads, software, increase internet access, more IT personnel, broad band internet, monitors and replacing this technology every 3 years?

Which also brings up the Non-Eco friendliness of this entire digital media menace. If ipads are only valid for 3 years….where do all the old ipads go? Recycled to your home no doubt. For more cost, added surveillance and seamless indoctrination. Ugh!

Now for the simplicity of education past….

Once upon a time, not so long ago, back in the good old days of true education, the teacher taught the student the classical curriculum.

The student learned to read phonetically, so as to be able to become an autonomous reader and an autonomous thinker. The student read in paper books; took the books home to do their homework, while parents also reviewed the books and verified their child’s education.

Students dialoged daily with their parents and teachers. There was an ongoing human assessing as well as written tests of mastery. Tests were completed on paper, fill in the blank, circle the correct answer, show your work, turn in your homework, explain your answer, create your term paper etc. etc.

The truths, knowledge, concepts, skills were verified, the meaning and bridging of further applications across space and time, and ongoing development of cognitive, physical, emotional and spiritual development was initiated.

Amazingly all this was accomplished without the use of computer assessment tests, digital embedded formative assessments, digital learning on the Internet, absent from parent and teacher oversight.

Parents and teachers have been assessing in real-time the knowledge, skills, aptitudes, cognitive skills, personalities and uniqueness of students for millennia.

All of this has been accomplished quite successfully, without the need for computer assessments aligned with administrative state mandates to report to the administrative state and associated non-governmental vendors for use in social planning.

Snuffing out the flame of ingenuity, creativity, spontaneous brilliance and the liberty of each individual child, parent and teacher to think, learn, and continue to create unpredictable intelligence, appears to be the clear intent of those implementing the insanity of the administrative state.

Assessing the Insanity, basing all: funding, promotion, workforce development, higher ed, economic development, climate and culture on “Student Outcomes”, on someone else’s definition of “Education”; is clearly another example of how far removed America’s Administrative State and the socialist entangled American’s of the Triple Alliance (Big Gov’t, Big Corps, Big Ed) have distanced themselves from the foundations of Virtue, Values and Independent thought upon which our nation was founded, Anchored and blessed.

And from the parents, educators and taxpayers who are funding this kamikaze nonsense.

As we continue to embark on the 21st Century of Enlightenment, we cannot help but recall the Enlightenment of the 17th and 18th centuries; And its destruction.

As Edmund Burke appealed then, we appeal now, and recognize that

The Age of Reason, absent of God, is once again, in reality an Age of Ignorance. 

“I have observed that the philosophers in order to insinuate their political atheism into young minds systematically flatter their passions natural and unnatural.

They explode or render odious or contemptible that class of virtues, which restrain the appetite. These are at least nine out of ten of the virtues.

In place of all this, they substitute a virtue, which they call humanity or benevolence.

By this means their morality has no idea in it of restraint, or indeed of a distinct settled principle of any kind.

When their disciples are thus left free and guided only by present feeling they are no longer to be depended upon for good or evil.

The men who today snatch the worst criminals from justice, will murder the most innocent persons tomorrow.”

Burke to the Chevalier de Rivarol, 1791 

Recognize the intentions of the Administrative State, administering tyranny ….the mastering of man via the use of technology; and PULL the Plug.

Say NO to federal funding and federal control. Back to parents and local teachers preparing students with absolute Truth, values and virtue, equipping for self-government and independence under God.


The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk


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