Voucher Viruses: Infection under the Guise of School “Choice”

Voucher Viruses: Infection under the Guise of School “Choice”

Voucher Viruses have become the latest epidemic infecting a healthy body, offering doses of crippling dependency and deadly control.

Recall that a virus works stealthily by infecting host tissues and injecting its blueprint to replicate itself.

Viruses use the host’s own cells, or factories if you wish, to produce more virus particles. In contrast, Bacteria move in the whole factory, which is more easily detected by the host’s savvy immune system.

But nooooooo, viruses are sneaky, stealth, harder to detect, and harder to eradicate, since they do their dirty work hiding inside the host’s own cells.

The big school choice gimmick, of Vouchers, is a bag of mixed virus tricks.

Oh yes, Voucher moneys are state taxpayer moneys made available to qualifying families to “choose” to apply these state taxpayer moneys toward a state participating Voucher accepting “Private” school.

These private voucher participating schools must go through some hoops to qualify to be compromised by the Voucher Virus.

Hoops include, but are not limited to, being accredited by the state.  Unfortunately, Accreditation in Indiana requires participation in the state assessment tests aligned with the state curriculum standards. In Indiana, due to signing a conditional Waiver from the NCLB debacle, these ‘standards’ are aligned with the federal definition of “college and career ready, 21st century competencies.” (think common core with a new label)

If Voucher participating private school students do not score high enough on these state standards aligned assessment tests….then poof ! The private voucher participating school loses its Voucher participation status.

But, by that time, the infected school has incurred more financial responsibilities to meet the needed technologies to participate in the computer testing; additional teaching and administrative staff; training and facility adjustments; broadband internet access; developed relationships with numerous student and families who are utilizing these Voucher programs,

And~ ALL of the school’s students have been added to the largest database yet envisioned to monitor Student Outcomes and Workforce development. AAAAAACHOOOOOOOH!!!!

What a sneaky virus.

The 1965 “War on Poverty” has only secured the “fruits of war”, the people it proposed, via propaganda, that it was advertised to “help.”

Thus continues the Government redistribution of taxpayer funds, via entitlement programs under the altruistic, humanitarian guise of Czars condescending to grant favors to citizens; citizens who have been cuffed and collared.

As the fruit of government dependence swells to inconceivable proportions; Educrats, Bureaucrats, Experts, and the rent seeking Corporatists, (aka the Triple Alliance of Big Ed, Big Gov’t, and Big Corps) noting their success of Socialistic dependence, seek to infect every sector of the citizenry.

So enters yet another tax redistribution program- school “choice” Vouchers to take the virus to the most successful modes of education:

The private religious schools.

Openly stuck on the “social” environment ie. Climate and culture control of schizophrenic dualism, the bussing of the 70’s is repeated in reverse manner.

We say, “Openly stuck,” because those orchestrating demise use the exterior environment as the shiny object of “expert credentials” to modify;

Yet all the while their stealth intent is to create internal mind shaping of values, dispositions, attitudes, habits and reflexive behaviors.

1.Recall during the 70’s the suburban students were bussed to the inner city to be socialized, integrated and bring up the academics of all. (I know, I was bussed in for integration.)

The standards were lowered, but how is a student to recognize that themselves? The suburbanites still topped the class ranks, along with the inner city students whose parents parented.

(Nature and Nurture thrive hand in hand)

2.Since bussing suburban students in did not solve the achievement gap…the next education widgets to get bussed to inner city were the teachers.

After decades of this unsuccessful attempt to require teachers to act as parents in the failing schools, the experts, who still love to play people chess, but have no chests themselves, decided to enlarge the playing field..

3. “Now, we will bus the children to the suburbs or private religious schools and draw the state legislators in as our bussing buddies via the Voucher “choice” program.”

4. Public schools are already under federal control via ESEA title funding. This will add private schools who take the Voucher condition bait~ Virus Catalyzed:

Lowered content of instruction to comply with state standards aligned assessments, all aligned with federal dumbing down standards and political bias;

Registering all students in those schools into the Statewide Longitudinal Database linked with the Federal National Database;

Digital Internet “gaming learning” and formative Assessments;

And uniform denial of Truth, absolutes, autonomous independent thinking.

Deja vu, from the movie Independence Day

The Socialist Alien Virus is uploaded.

Put the ship in reverse and it’s time for their fat lady to sing….

And Lady Liberty to weep.

A school locality does not shape the child’s attitude toward education and learning.

This is the role of The Parents.

Parents establish and nurture this disposition toward knowledge, as well as supplement, filter, mediate (teach to the child, not the textbook script) what is lacking in the government education menu.

The stable family ensures moral, spiritual, social, emotional, physical, and academic foundations.

Consider the realities of progressives’ government entitlement for the last fifty years and the earnings limits imposed to stay on federal entitlement roles.

Consider the penalties for marriage, the rewards for children out of marriage, and the peer network of generational dependence, which only serves to reinforce and catalyze a co-dependence on all levels; an expectation of life long subsidy. This has clearly created a socialist mindset of wards of the Administrative State, funded by the few, dwindling taxpayers that still labor. (Think socialist Europe)

What incentive will a family receiving a Voucher subsidy have to rise above the income, which qualifies them for a Voucher?

What if they report earning more than the maximum allowable amount, or decide to marry to provide more stability to their children? (as is modeled by private religious school families).

What if they take on more personal responsibility to set them free from dependence…what happens to the Voucher relationship?

In order for the Voucher program to promote independent citizenry and Truly offer “Choice”:

1. Voucher accepting schools ought to teach the parents how to parent. Most private religious schools do this already; they are a family. In this, there is accountability to each other and to God.

The private schools themselves ought to stand as the gatekeepers of the voucher virus, requiring parents to participate in a parent mentoring course, including how to teach their children*, prior to acceptance or issuing of voucher funds to that school. Since the schools are taking on the infection of the virus, they ought to have greater opportunity for anti-viral protection.

2. Private schools must not be forced to take state assessments aligned with the very same standards from which parents are fleeing. Private schools must be allowed to choose their own methods of assessments.

3. Private schools must not be required to be accredited by the state. If the parents are to choose, then let them choose.

4. Nor must the students be required to be part of the statewide longitudinal Database system or the digital “learning” via teaching machines.

Again, let the parents be integral in the process, let parents be responsible, and let the parents choose if they wish their child to be entered into this data highway.

5. Perhaps Voucher moneys should not be based on income. These are state taxpayer moneys; so all state taxpayers should have access to this option for their children if they so choose. Or deny them if they so choose. This is Choice.

If the Voucher Virus is left to multiply unchecked, the end result will be the destruction of the most successful means of developing virtuous, creative, academically, spiritually and morally educated individual thinking citizens in our nation.

And we will be left with a citizenry compromised by the “Equality” Virus that attempts to make all men equal rather than treating them all equal under the law.

The virus will have yet grown more virulent under the guise of having received a compromised, but advertised as,“private” education.

These are pivotal concerns that you as a citizen must consider and communicate to your elected representatives.

Indiana’s education must be set free from federal funding which is controlling the:

State standards, assessments, accreditation, the Voucher Choice program, Personal privacy data highway, the digital virtual “learning”, the textbooks, the teachers, the administrators and

The minds, values, souls and futures of Indiana students and families.

Each time you hear the words Federal funding,

Envision your child in a cage wearing a collar and a cuff chained to the bars, in a pit 50 feet deep, with no rope out.

And start linking with other Godly parents intentional on parenting with integrity, leadership and principles of self-government to set them at Liberty once again.

Say NO to Federal Funding!

Set the Voucher Program free from the Voucher Viruses

And say: Yes to Lady Liberty under God. 

“Where the Spirit of The LORD is,

There is Liberty.”

 2 Corinthians 3:17 

….and where she is not, there is the slavery of federal viruses attaching themselves under the bait of redistributed taxpayer funds.










Dr. Jeanne Zehr offers a great tool “Your Child’s Amazing Mind








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