Metrics of Perception: Thinking Outside the Cubicle or Globalization 101

Metrics of Perception: Thinking Outside the Cubicle or Globalization 101                                                                                                                                                                                   Metrics:

      “Parameters or measures of quantitative assessment used for measurement, comparison or to track performance or production. Analysts use metrics to compare…”                                                                                                                                                                              

              “The act, power, process, or product resulting via the senses, cognition, experiences, and intuition, that drives the behaviors of the one perceiving.”

Today we live in a society driven by metrics.

Nearly every aspect of our lives provides a rich resource for the gathering of data. From box stores to grocery stores (practically synonymous); booksellers, retailers, healthcare offices; vendors to politicians (also synonymous?), fast food to fast cars, we are bombarded with metrics vultures.

On-line or off line the raptors swoop in for the prey.

Our lives have become nutrients ravaged by scripted surveys, rubrics, cubicle questions, and cut-and paste interrogation that is easily tallied, twisted or trashed; as there is little tolerance for those who think, create and live outside the box, the cave or the cubicle.

Today, business, industry, education, healthcare, banking, finance, non-profits, even churches appear more concerned with metrics, processes, and systems of documenting what they should be doing; rather than actually doing it.

It’s all about Image Presentation for the sensory and psychological perceptions of:

Accountability…. Transparency…. Quality Assurance…. Consumer Protection”…blah, blah, blah.

It is clearly not about the integrity of doing the right thing, but merely about leaving an electronic trail that looks like you did the right thing. If it were about doing the right thing, folks would leave us alone to do it!

Our experiences are extracted, measured, cataloged, and processed to verify that our experiences, attitudes, and behaviors have been “successfully” managed to fit projected Outcomes of systematic transformation of the “experts”; the experts credentialed to implement an equality of servitude on Global proportions. 

When economic “equality” supplanted liberty;

Doing business and doing life, became outsourced to Globalization, our lives became everybody’s business. Ie. Transparency. Our lives became the dissection material for the analysts, freelancers, data managers, social planners and credentialed administrators of the administrative state.

As savvy observers note:

A credential, a degree, does not a wise man or woman make.

Credentials do not make one credible. 

There’s more.

When business became outsourced to folks possessing limited splinter skills; folks that only do one widget task, or are only ‘credentialed’ to perform one aspect of a service;it was then, that the axe fell at the trunk of American ingenuity.

Folks hardly know the given names of who may be on their global “team”…or in which country they reside…or how they fit into the big picture of getting the job done. As in what used to happen face to face.

Only the folks collecting the metrics have a clue; that is if they are given access to more than their piece of the global systems management agenda. Plausible deniability, remember?

Remember when business was done face-to-face, eye-to-eye, and mind-to-mind, in person?

Remember when the transmission of Ideas passed successfully via the synaptic clefts of neurons and axons in the same room, on the same page?

Remember when there was robust, fertile transmission of genius igniting genius and the common sense gestalt of voice-to-voice, look-me-in-the-eye and see the connectional “Aha!” verifying that successful communication had been accomplished?

Tragically for America, this robust potential, these fertile brain trusts have been severed via the techno-disruption and sensory manipulation of the globalization outsourcing of America.

Those in the Data Tower corner offices sold smarter planet programs to the globalist marketeers to:

Track, follow, assess, monitor, snoop, review, collect, tweak, format, shape, and condition via the data highway. All done so as to provide metrics confirming that the loose associations of contractors were in fact, making the “customers” perceive that someone was doing their job. Ugh!!!

Acting as an external conscience, perhaps? Hmmmm.

Obviously, if one is missing an internal conscience, then the auxiliary of the external administrative state must assume crowd control.

The result of globalization’s outsourcing of services is that few in the same business actually meet face to face, on a daily basis.

The middlemen of metrics act as the commissary and the Comintern of data, not only to assess, track and compare, but also to control and compromise America.

How weary Americans have become filling out surveys, documentation, and metrics reports for electronic “paper only” compliance of “outcomes.” Businesses and consumers are weary.

Perhaps, the metrics mongers, the middle men of global social engineering, are too busy sitting in their cubicle caves documenting their window dressing; that they have failed to recognize the manikin is naked;

And the consumers are catching on with tenacious intent to corrupt their crowdsourcing data collection!

“See what that does to your p-values, E- values, and statistical analyses with a multitude of continuous random variables.”

If America wants to do business, then America and Americans must return to the personal integrity of fact to face, privately owned and operated businesses.

That is, if America is to continue being America, and not outsourced as merely a metrics of conformed splinter skills.

Will America be averaged as a Metric of geographical expression of Globalization 101? Will she docilely step in line following the other 21st Century cut-and-pasters* akin to assembly line nations that score high on PISA** tests?

If Americans want to develop, design, produce and market a product, then America, must conduct business in America, face to face with others who value America and The One Who has inspired her from her foundations.

America must not replace God with the metrics mongers of global ethernet connection intent on deleting America’s life, liberty, intellectual property and her God. ***


“This is what the words mean:

Mene: God has numbered the days of your reign and brought it to an end.

Tekel: You have been weighed on the scales and found wanting.

Peres’: Your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and the Persians.”

Daniel 5:25-28 

America and Americans are being measured by more than the metrics of man.

How do you think she measures up? How does He? It’s in The Book.

*Ongoing thanks to Dr. Terrence Moore for his commons sense labeling.

** PISA, the international ‘achievement’ test also known as the: Positive Indicator of Socialist-globalization Assimilation

‘ Peres, the singular of Parsin, can mean divided…or Persia…

*** interesting how the intents of the Globalizationists echo those of Karl Marx, whose stated goals were to: “dethrone God and to destroy Capitalism


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