Experts. Verifying Credentials, Calling Their Bluff

Experts. Verifying Credentials, Calling Their Bluff

Experts. Credentials or degrees do not a wise man make.

“The LORD said to Moses,

‘How long will these people treat me with contempt?

How long will they refuse to believe in me, in spite of all the miraculous signs I have performed among them?’”

Numbers 14:11

The current status of our nation’s crises in nearly every sector including: education, healthcare, psychological hope, morality and fiscal irresponsibility, (what does come after trillion?), and civil and religious liberty, testify to the reality that the so-called “experts” of the administrative state are not so wise after all.

That is, if fidelity to the Constitution; state and national sovereignty, and the sovereignty of individual citizens under the laws protecting Life, Liberty and pursuit of happiness; are the priorities and guiding principles of their expert actions.

Evidence would suggest that the goals of those doing the credentialing and their offspring, the credentialed experts, are in fact to clone and control a collectivist citizenry.

There has been a corruption of the credentialing process leaving America with a body of credentialed experts acting to disrupt, destroy and prohibit: self-government, intrinsic motivation, private property ownership, personal responsibility, intellectual growth and traditional religious liberty.

How did this happen?

Largely via the techniques of:

~Mind warfare, the philosophies of Kant, Hegel, Marx etc. in which the state usurps the role of God…and the “people get what they deserve.” Meaning credentialed hired hands to herd the sheep…. but no wise shepherds.

~Behavioral conditioning of Pavlov and Skinner, Behavioral Sciences departments et al, in which the sheeple behaviors are trained like animals via external and neurosensory rewards.

Think stickers, candy, rewards cards, digital media, gaming, multi-sensory, emotional group experiences, and the resultant habituations and addictions. More frequent, more intense, more volume, more vulgar, more rapid, more levels, more power, more control…the adrenalin rush …and crash; leaving a craving for more.

(Of course there are increasing numbers that “burn” in the process…left with labels of dysfunction, disorder or disability. Se la vie, but not for all.)

~Institutions of “Higher Education”, nearly all colleges are subsidized via state and federal funding and the ties that bind, yank and control. *

These are the credentialed experts of the Ivory towers who have never run a successful business in their lives—yet, stand at a podium lecturing your children how to run your life.

(While the American taxpayer foots the bill for the indoctrination to commit national suicide.)

As a result of the credentialed experts of Higher Ed, we now have a credentialed people who are loyal, deceived and trusting in their stickers and of the Credentialed Experts Country Club.

We have a credentialed club of experts who have been indoctrinated to spout the double speak of their credentialed expertise; the scripted opinions and ideologies they were rewarded to regurgitate, swear allegiance to, and to implement for ongoing approbation from their accreditors. Ie. Cloning complete.

Social Engineering 101.

Well, back in the frontiers of grassroots America, there are still rugged, individual, wisdom-seekers who know how to play poker, employ common sense, and call a “spade a spade”; and spot a snake in the grass or a peddler in a suit selling snake oil.

These Watchman guardians of American virtue and Liberty, have determined it is high time to call the bluff of the credentialed ones and demand a bit of face to face accountability such as:

Where is the wisdom?

Where will this lead?

What exactly does that mean? Explain your terms, your systems, and your intent?

No, no, no, not your canned talking points, but what this means in common sense English to my home, my children, their future and the future of American?

Who do you work for?

Who pays for this?

Where is the proof?

Who does this place in control?

What does the Constitution say about this?

And of course, what does God say about this?

Good question, glad you asked.

It just so happens we have an accounting from another Wilderness experience.

You recall from Numbers Chapter 14, the Israelites, still possessing a slave mentality, blew their opportunity of entering the Promised Land of Canaan.

“Home Sweet Home” would have to wait another 40 years until, those of the disbelieving slave mentality had perished in the Wilderness.

In the meantime, God continued to instruct His chosen people. Via Moses (truly the patience of a saint!) and The Law, God mentors the Jewish nation: The nation who was to represent God’s character to the other nations and through whom the Messiah would come offering redemption to those who would accept it.

Well, continuing the pattern of the slave mentality, not having the wisdom to recognize what they lack, and what they’ve been given, a jealous power struggle ensues between those that God has credentialed, Moses and Aaron, and the men that wished to further credential themselves.

The Levites: Koran, Dathan and Abiram, given great privilege, but following human nature, were not so wise.

These self-appointed experts became insolent and challenged God’s credentialing of Moses and Aaron, demanding yet more privilege. Yikes!

The struggle ensues which evidences the wisdom of God having chosen Moses and Aaron and the wisdom gained by being in His Presence.

Moses again, (and again, and again) intercedes for these self- promoting experts and the impulsive sheep people so easily duped. If not for Moses the entire assembly (except for Moses and Aaron) would be toast.

You see, gullible people, lacking wisdom themselves,

 easily follow charismatic self-appointed experts.

Finally, it comes to the show down.

Moses calls the credentialing bluff; warns the people to move away from the tents of the self appointed experts, and defines the terms that will prove who really is credentialed by God to lead these people.




Fire, smoke, screams and sizzle………

The earth opened beneath them, Korah, Dathan, Abiram and their families,

 are swallowed up.

The people run screaming in a frenzied stampede;

And fire comes out consuming

Those that followed the directives of the self-appointed experts.

You’d think that would have been enough drama to “put the fear of God in these people.”

But, the very next day, the people, now appointing themselves as experts, grumbled against Moses and Aaron.

That’s it!

The LORD brought judgment upon these blind rebellious self-appointed experts in the form of a plague. Yet, in His mercy He had already provided a means of intercession.

Demonstrating the mediation between God and man, which would consummate in Christ; Moses immediately directs Aaron to stand in the gap, as the Lord had prescribed.

“He [Aaron] stood between the living and the dead, and the plague stopped.”

Numbers 16:48


Today, we must ask:

Who will “call the bluff” of the self-credentialed “experts”?

Who will stand in the gap?

Who will do both,

Anchored to the Giver of Law, the Giver of Wisdom, The One Who truly credentials?

“If any of you lacks wisdom,

he should ask God,

Who gives generously to all without finding fault and it will be given to him.”

James 1:5

* Imprimis : “Hillsdale College vs. the Federal Bureaucrats-Again”  President, George Roche August 1992 …regarding the Federal Department of Education financial aid program expansions:

“…that figure will increase dramatically next year, and [when] it does, our colleges and universities will become in effect, incarcerated wards of the state. If you teach or work at such a school, you might as well request your salary be paid directly by the U.S. Treasury. You work for the government.” (emphasis mine) 

Note: Only four colleges do not take state or federal moneys: Hillsdale College, Patrick Henry College, Grove City College, and Christendom College.

** SUNY’s Levin Institute:

Marc Tucker’s NCEE, Jon Goodlad’s UNESCO and NNER,

MIT’s Academy for Systemic Change

Berkeley’s “Greater Good”

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