Digital Media: Communication or Disruption?

Digital Media: Communication or Disruption?

Digital Media: a blessing or a curse?

Digital media gadgets have transformed the way folks communicate, socialize, research, navigate, purchase, bank, think and not think.

Digital media, while quick, easy and often thoughtless, has obviously created a people who have thought less.

And communicated less that is worthy of being communicated.

Today, we suffer as a people who are addicted to and manipulated by, their digital media devices; addicted, dying and sorely severed from those that should be transmitting truth, values, virtues and life giving wisdom to us.

The digital media addiction has severely disrupted the intergenerational transmission of wisdom, truth, knowledge, history, skills, and nurture that have anchored our culture to the foundations upon which it has been blessed.

The goals of the progressives: Dewey, Wilson, FD Roosevelt, LB Johnson, Tucker, Clintons etcetera have tenaciously been to separate children from their parents and from their parent’s values.

These Darwinian minded socialists continue to push innovation and progress at the expense of wisdom, stability and the sustaining virtues founded in reverence for God.

The purpose, principles, and priorities of faith, and family have been deleted from the future of many a child and grandchild via the digital disruption.

But, alas there is a “Ditch the Digital” revolution sprouting from seeds of common sense grandparents who recognize their duty before God to mentor their posterity in the truths and wisdom that will outlast all technology.

These are grandparent who were not born yesterday, have gone around the barn more than once, experienced one scientific trend after another, and endured the effects of many a progressive change agent.

These Grandparents are recognizing that while they were fighting foreign wars and laboring for material goods, thinking their children were being “educated” with sound knowledge; their children were, in fact, not taught these most essential truths.

Grandparents are realizing that parenting, according to God, does not end when Junior gets married and becomes a parent himself. According to God, parenting is parenting for a lifetime.

Seasons change, methods change, but parenting continues a lifetime and beyond.

So in order to build these truths into their children and their heirs grandparents who honor God, are declaring a “Ditch the Digital” edict when you visit grandpa and grandma.

Drop your digital media, game, i-pod, i-pad, smart phone, lap top, e-reader blah, blah, blah… in the box by the front door.

Better yet, don’t bring it in the house at all.

We will communicate; face-to-face, eye-to-eye, heart to heart, and mind-to-mind, without interruption, distraction, anticipation, and the disruption that accompanies digital media.

We will be a family and we will build the relationships that securely attached families build.

We will transmit the values, wisdom, insights, and virtues that anchor stable families; despite the storms that assail under the guise of “progress.”

We will build a store of personal experiences, tested truths, timeless principles and trusted resources that will be a stockade for our family and the family’s future.

Because this is our duty as parents.

This is our privilege as parents blessed by God to shepherd our children, who are first of all His.

We will be certain our heirs can clearly recognize the Ring Masters,

 who are not anchored to The Master;

and the circuses that result. 

We will teach our heirs to discern the true shepherds from the hirelings; and the sheep following the herd. 

We will not eat up the seed corn.

We will communicate our reflections, the true history and the insights we have gleaned in order to transmit these seeds to our heirs that they too might reap a harvest of rightness. And continue to successfully model and transmit these virtues to our heirs.

“One generation will commend your works to another;

they will tell of your mighty acts.

They will speak ….they will tell…they will proclaim…they will celebrate…”

Psalm 145:4-7

If you need help getting started….here is a solid foundation from which to build your intergenerational communications:

More Than Ever

Gaither Vocal Band

When I started my journey in fresh childlike trust

I believed that the Lord’s way was best

I would read in His word how He mothered the bird

And grieve when it fell from it’s nest

How I felt His delight when I chose to do right

And I prayed I would not make Him sad

We would meet on the way in the cool of the day

What a pure sweet communion we had.

Oh but now more than ever I cherish the cross

More than ever I sit at His feet

All the miles of my journey have proved my Lord true

And He is so precious to me

The road I have traveled has sometimes been steep

Through wild jagged places of life

Sometimes I’ve stumbled and fallen so hard

That the stones cut my soul like a knife

But the staff of my Shepherd would reach out for me

And lift me to cool pastures green

With oil of the spirit anointing my wounds

There I’d rest by the clear healing stream

Oh but now more than ever I cherish the cross

More than ever I sit at His feet

All the miles of my journey have proved my Lord true

And He is so precious to me

Is love’s old sweet story too good to be true?

Do you find all this hard to believe?

Has the cruel world we live in so battered your heart

That the hurt child inside you can’t grieve?

I can’t say I blame you I’ve been where you are

But all I can say is, It’s true.

You’re wanted, you’re precious, you’re the love of his heart.

And the old rugged cross was for you

Oh but now more than ever I cherish the cross

More than ever I sit at His feet

All the miles of my journey have proved my Lord true

And He is so precious to me

Oh but now more than ever I cherish the cross

More than ever I sit at His feet

All the miles of my journey have proved my Lord true

And He is so precious to me

And He is so precious to me

Yes He is so precious to me

….discerning a beneficial use of “digital media”.

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