Cross Wise: The Cross and the Crux of What Matters.

Cross: A vertical post intersected by a horizontal bar near the top, used as an instrument of torture and death by the ancient Romans.

Crux: A pivotal, fundamental or vital point. 

Symbols possess great potential for teaching, memory and application.

The Cross is likely the richest of all symbols.

It used to be said that one could tell how religious a community or nation was by surveying the skyline and counting the number of Cross-adorned spires.

If a child or refugee was lost and in need they knew to look up and search for the Cross; for there they would receive care, counsel, refuge and hope; for a sanctuary was promised beneath the Cross.

Consider the components of the Cross as a teaching tool.

The first portion that draws our eye is usually the Vertical post. This Vertical portion points upward toward the heavens. It is reaching, stretching, and pointing us to the relationship that will inspire us in our development as human beings created in the Image of God.

This vertical component directs us upward to The Standard for our spiritual, moral and intellectual development; the growth that must transpire inwardly to affirm our value and provide us with virtue and Purpose.

This vertical post is also anchored solidly in the firmament. This is the rooting in the solid foundation of our family ancestors; the modeling, mentoring and rich parental wisdom that nurtures, protects, and successfully transmits the identity and values that keep us standing firmly anchored in The Rock.

The Horizontal component represents our lateral relationships and the temporal world around us. This horizontal bar is just that: a peer level view of the human social sensory experience. This horizontal bar is the material, sensory emotional, see it, touch it, smell it, feel it, hear it, react and respond to it portion of being a flesh and blood human.

One must ask, what happens to the Cross, to human beings, if the Vertical post is removed?

What happens if human beings cut themselves off from God?

What happens if human children are cut off from the intergenerational transmission of Truth and Values stemming from their parents?

Gravity still works.

The Horizontal bar falls flat to the ground. 

Without the anchoring Vertical post, the horizontal social emotional herd instinct, group consensus, collective of comparisons follows the course of the animal nature, with raptors at the heels.

Fallen human nature, the horizontal norm referenced bar, will, like water, seek the lowest level.

Consensus gives way to pragmatism.

Pragmatism dissects to hedonism.

Anarchy and tyranny ensue.

If left unchecked, the culture goes the way of all sensory social driven cultures. They go extinct. Those cultures who focus merely on materialistic, immediate gratification and who fail to transmit their foundational spiritual values, do not survive.

If a culture is to survive it must be transcendent thinking. It must think beyond the here and now of immediacy in order for its heirs to thrive.

It must lift up The Cross.Setting the Vertical post in place begins with veneration for God.

“The fear of The Lord is the beginning of Wisdom,

and Knowledge of The Holy One is Understanding.”

Proverbs 9:10

The Standard must be raised.

The Standard to Whom mankind is to be reaching.

We know Who that Standard is.

We also know, that we, humanly speaking, cannot do it without Him.

We cannot presume to manifest His image, unless we have His Spirit within us providing the buoyancy to lift us up.

It has been recounted that at a recent dinner a Supreme Court Justice was describing the realities of our nation’s present darkness. After listening for some time to the depressing accounts of gloom, darkness, and bleak prospects devoid of light, a gentleman guest asked:

“With all due respect your honor, is there no hope for America? Do you have anything positive to offer? Do you have anything good to say?” [Paraphrase mine] 

There was a long pause. After some time of silence, with his head hung low, in thoughtful deliberation, the Justice slowly raised his head and with measured words offered:

“We have the Holy Spirit.”

For those of us that have The Holy Spirit, it is time to lift up the Cross.

For those of us that know our God it is high time to boldly display strength, take action and lead.

Before our culture, our nation, and our children’s lives become fallen horizontal planks on the road to totalitarian servitude it behooves us to be Cross-Wise and Counselor led with utmost expediency.

Here’s the Crux of the matter.

This rescue is not going to come from the humanists, the socialists, the atheists, the despots, the Marxists or any other of the Ism families.

This prescription clearly lies in the hands of the family of The Prescriber; those that know their God.

“If My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and forgive their sins and heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

This is a prescription that each of us must take ourselves.

Count the action verbs.

No proxy, surrogate or non-profit is going to do this for us.

Maybe that is part of the problem. We’ve become so accustomed to outsourcing our horizontal responsibilities that we have also outsourced our Vertical privileges as well.

Time to rebuild The Cross, and turn the lights back on in the city on the hill.


Time To Choose.





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