Follow the Money on the Road to PC Compliance, Silence and Servitude

Follow the Money,

 Follow the Star,

For PC Silence~

Federal Grants for Compliance will not be far.


Follow the Money. Yes! let’s do it.

…..since money seems to be the driving force behind American behavior these days. (Recall that when God was dethroned, Money and the pursuit of Money supplanted Life, Liberty, moral conscience, intellectual growth and ….yes, happiness or at least the pursuit of happiness. But that’s another blog.)

So, as every child has been told by their parents at some time or another : let’s “Follow the Money” trail.

Where does all that tax money go? And what happens to it on the way?

Once upon a time, in the Republic of America, an employee or private business entrepreneur worked for monetary compensation to provide for his or her family. Let’s hope that a majority of citizens still aspire to labor for these purposes.

The federal, state, and local governments tax these earnings. This gets complex because governing people has become complex; since governing has taken on parenting. So….

 for this adventure, let’s just follow the Federal Tax moneys.

The citizen waves goodbye to their tax moneys, with a grumble and hopeful expectation perhaps. These taxpayer moneys then head off to the Federal “Puzzle Palace on the Potomac” to be held hostage as they await redistribution.

There in Bureaucrat city, they are counted, cataloged, controlled and contaminated as they run through the Puzzle Palace Bureaucratic conveyer beltway called “committees”. These committees (whose parents failed to teach the Eleventh Commandment*) then determine just how many viruses can be attached to the moneys.

These committees of tax redistribution also imagine how many innovative state programs and infrastructure demands will be required as prerequisites and how to verify compliance for said public relations (propaganda) goals and metrics measurements.

Untold billions of tax dollars are held hostage forever in beltway redistributions to create environmentally unfriendly documents documenting how to redistribute tax moneys….or to keep the palace dogs coiffured.

Eventually a committee does arrive at a “new” innovative plan for Federal Block Grant redistributions. It does take some time to develop new double speak programs when the goals of social engineering remain the same. And the evidence of success for prior public relations goals is non-existent.

But alas as colleges and universities have successfully propagated the socialistic mindset of Marx, Dewey, Brameld, Wilson, FDR, LBJ etc. a fraction of the tax moneys do get placed on the auction block of redistribution back to eager State legislators, leaders, boards, committees, Non-governmental organizations, non-profits etc. eager to gain accolades from constituents for their reclamation a piece of the taxpayer pie.

Yes, these folks grabbing for the federal block grants are much esteemed for facilitating the redistribution of taxpayer funds back to the favored vectors of contamination. Aka Social welfare programs, non-profits, 501c3 etc. etc.

What a magnanimous benevolent world is envisioned as state boards, connected committees, government leaders and non-government leaders stand from their podiums and balconies and paternally bequeath infected Block Grant funds (taxpayer moneys) to their worthy patrons, non-profits, program administrators and proselytes below…and the audience bows in reverence.

The recipient program administrative boards take the Grant moneys (tax payer moneys) smile for the photo op and run back to their own social service organization and continue to breed the virus of dependency contamination in their community/ network pond.

These infected ponds of well intending social community programs for the under privileged, under educated, and under skilled, all run by the underdogs yet failing to recognize the deadly mute-nation, the PC silencing virus that has now been uploaded into their organization, its messages, its purposes, and its sovereignty.

The Mute-ation virus attached to federal block grants and redistribution moneys brings a deadly silencing as the compromising PC (politically correct) collectivist virus muzzles, compromises and chokes the program professionals, volunteers, administrators, teachers and messaging.

What began as a well intending non-profit, seeing a need and uniting to fill that need, has now become merely an extension of the Fed Led Brave New World of Huxley propagating more Delta’s and Gamma’s, absent of the Judeo-Christian Absolutes; the Values that would truly provide the abilities to self-govern and get off the entitlement funding list.

Oh…but perhaps the Puzzle Palace does not wish to promote individuals of self-governance and character?

Evidence would suggest that the goals of the puzzle palace princes are to engineer a labor force to fulfill the Utilitarian delights of a materialistic sensory driven 21st Century Globally managed smarter planet with dumber people…and a few district overlords.

Once again, the greedy “take all you can get”; create and conform to the data highway infrastructure; the standardized curriculum; the processes of homogenization, and the PC silence- has infected not only the paid vector professionals and volunteers, but this “nanny government” mentality has been propagated into the recipient products of social engineering.

Yes, the recipients of federal block grants, title funding, of Infected Taxpayer moneys have been transmitted, via the flesh and blood workers, to the children, students and adults on the receiving end of these redistributions.

These social program-receiving folks now think that “The Federal Government” is god.

That the Federal Government will take care of them…cares for them…will plan for their future, their comfort, their pleasure and their purpose. After all, PC has silenced the Truth of JC. Jesus Christ.

Daily the non-profits are falling like infected flies…their employees are afraid to speak the Truth that would set their clients free from the dependency that keeps them in the programs.

What would the non-profiteers do if no one needed them?

Interesting to consider, and intentional of the puzzling palace on the Potomac.

Nothing the Federal government runs through its Bureaucratic Puzzle Palace remains free of the Dependency, Mute-nation PC plagued virus.

All that glitters is not gold.

Don’t believe all you’ve been told.

If you value Liberty,

Don’t be grabbing what’s touted as Free.

Or promoted as redistributions for social equality.

“Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” Acts 17:11


*The Eleventh Commandment of Thou Shalt Not Committee




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