Sherlock Returns in: The Case of the Misplaced Priorities

Sherlock Returns in: The Case of the Misplaced Priorities

“Where He does not reign,

She cannot shine.”


When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930) met his final rest, detective Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson lived on. After all, Holmes had been successfully resurrected more than once. The flat at Baker Street is said to still house his pipe, his violin and his companion scribe, Dr. Watson. [Moi]

Thus, I am compelled to transmit the most recent of our cases: The Case of the Misplaced Priorities. It is a case of singular import to our American cousins.

And, it is somewhat related to another unpublished, but promised work of mine, The Case of Wilson, the Notorious Canary Trainer. (Perhaps named after the Progressive Wilson stemming from Doyle’s WW I Propaganda writing days.)

The Case of the Misplaced Priorities 2014

Holmes was playing Mendelsohn’s Lieder, and I was soaring in palatial reverie, when a decisive tap was heard at the parlor door. Holmes abruptly put down his bow and violin and shouted an agitated “Enter!” addressing the door.

In walked the most beautiful woman I have beholden.

She was timeless, full of grace, poise, and exquisite composure. Her countenance was stately, intelligence beamed from her gaze; her sparkling eyes were riveting, piercing and compassionate. Both Holmes and I found ourselves bowing before her in respect; yet, we knew not her name.

Our guest had the air of refinement, wisdom, dignity, and wealth, as if she was of an aristocracy all her own. She did not identify herself, and spoke to us as if it were not necessary. Time being of utmost expediency.

She spoke of nations as if they were her children, in a manner as regal as a Queen Mother yet, as loving as a nursemaid, full of tender love, hopes and dreams for her precious ones. She spoke of the Hebrew people, the British, the French, the European nations by name, and the Americas with an historical scope, heartfelt passion and purpose.

That is when she nearly broke.

With moist eyes she shared why she asked to retain Holmes’ services,

“My children, my precious children, have misplaced their Priorities.”

“I watched it happen in France, they sought me but without Him.

In England, where we stand, they began well, but also replaced Him with materialism. The United States started strong with virtue, veneration for God, values and vigilance adorning her. The American settlers not only occupied but also possessed the land.

America began with a strong foundation of individual Judeo-Christian character, an absolute knowledge of right and wrong, esteem for intellectual growth, personal responsibility, and a respect for life, liberty and the pursuit of individual happiness.

But alas, America has misplaced her priorities….” 

At that moment Big Ben struck the top of the hour.

Her voice stopped, her eyes took on a distant gaze as she counted each toll of the bell tower clock.

Eleven times the bells rang out.

“The hour is late, I must go.

Please do your utmost to help. My middle-aged children have failed to transmit those Priorities, Principles, Virtues and Truths; the only prescriptions upon which they can thrive and upon which we can dwell together.

They have exchanged the essential Priorities of being my virtuous free children with habits fit only for slavery, wherein I cannot dwell.

It is in this late hour, that I, with fervent Hope, beseech you kind sirs, to record and disseminate my plea to my children to reclaim their heritage.

It is costly to be my child and even more costly to be my grandchild.”

With that she was gone.

I looked to Holmes, who was mumbling,

“It’s always the last place you look….

Can’t find “it”, unless you know what you’re looking for….

“Where He does not reign in the souls and minds of men, She cannot shine her Torch.”

“Ahh Watson, this is Elementary.

It is only by a virtuous people, who venerate God, that Lady Liberty can light the city on the hill, the nation, or the continent. And keep the beacon burning bright.

When America forsook, like nations before her, the Priorities of cultivating a virtuous, vigilant, God honoring, intellectual citizenry; America exchanged Liberty and self-governance, for workforce development of socialism’s slavery and servitude.

As our own British statesmen have prophesied and nations attest, “A tendency to democracy does not mean a tendency to parliamentary government, or even a tendency toward greater liberty.” Quite the contrary,

“Socialism is slavery, and the slavery will not be mild*.” 

“Individuality, like imagination, must vanish from a people among whom socialism triumphs.” 

Watson, I have always said, from our very first days, that I need data; But the right sort of data. You recall in The Science of Deduction I shared with you,

“ I consider that a man’s brain originally is like a little empty attic, and you have to stock it with such furniture as you choose. A fool takes in all the lumber of every sort that he comes across, so that the knowledge which might be useful to him gets crowded out, or at best is jumbled up with a lot of other things, so that he has a difficulty in laying his hands upon it.

Now a skilled workman is very careful indeed as to what he takes into his brain-attic. He will have nothing but the tools, which may help him doing his work, but of these he has a large assortment, and all in the most perfect order.

It is a mistake to think that that little room has elastic walls and can distend to any extent. Depend upon it there comes a time when for every addition of knowledge you forget something that you knew before.

It is of the highest importance therefore, not to have useless [informational texts] elbowing out the useful ones.” 

It appears that our American Cousins have done just this.

They have filled their minds, their souls and their government with much useless data and are in a crisis of losing their very Liberty.

Another of our historian Statesmen, G. M. Young (1882-1959), pointed out this very reality as our own ship was cutting her mooring anchors and American Progressives were steering her ship toward socialism:

“What Liberalism did not anticipate—could not anticipate—was that the increasing complexity, the mere volume of knowledge possessed by government would carry it beyond his [the citizen’s] comprehension: and that the volume of knowledge possessed by government puts its actions beyond the control of public opinion as that Liberalism conceived it: knowledge is power, and as I have suggested, both the physical and psychological power of a modern government, wielded perhaps by a compact, resolute minority conscious of its purpose, might go far beyond the power of any despotism yet conceived.” (emphasis mine)

“So, there you have it, quite elementary my dear Watson.

Who’s Purpose, Who’s Priorities?

Liberty under God or Slave laborers under the brute masters of despotic global planners? 

Post haste, Watson!!!!!

It is too late for Britain, too late for Europe.

Perhaps, just perhaps, we can warn the Cousins to unplug their digital slave training-teaching machines, the media devices of ethernet indoctrination for slave laborers;

“e-learning for workforce development, College and Career Ready Global Competencies” they market it. The tools of despots socially engineering a people manipulating minds, souls and senses, to love their servitude.

Alert the American Cousins to resurrect their Priorities, their Personal Responsibility to teach their children, to set up the Cross, their Virtues, Values and Veneration for God.

Perhaps they will pay the Cost to bring Lady Liberty home.

So help them God.

God help us all. Let’s get packed, Watson. We have work to do!”

“Where the Spirit of the Lord is,

There is Liberty.”

2 Corinthians 3:17

Time to Choose, Growing Up Under Hitler and Watching History Repeat Itself by Kazmierzak

The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

The Science of Deduction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

*Man Versus The State by Herbert Spencer

** Last Essays (1950) by historian G.M. Young








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