The Conversation: Empowering Parents, Reclaiming Identities

The Conversation: Empowering Parents, Reclaiming Identities

“These words that I command you today shall be on your heart.

You shall teach them to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise.”

Deuteronomy 6:6-7


This was to be The Classical Conversation.

This mandate was given to the parents. Did you count the number of times “you” are given a command?

The Ancients also had Classical conversations. Socrates with Plato; Plato with Aristotle, Aristotle with Alexander the Great and a host of other Greek classicals.

Over time just as the structure of our State and Federal Constitution have been progressively reinterpreted, these commandments and classical conversations have also been compromised; with obvious deleterious results.

We’re going to listen in on another conversation in just a moment but before we do, let’s capture a summary from Russell Kirk on John Dewey, America’s Education Reformer and what was happening in America by the first World War under the direction of the socialist progressives.

“The belligerent expansive and naturalistic tendencies of the era found their philosophical apologist in John Dewey. No philosopher’s style is more turgid; but Dewey’s postulates, for all that, are simple and quite comprehensible.

He commenced with a thoroughgoing naturalism, ..denying the whole realm of spiritual values: nothing exists but physical sensation, and life has no aims but physical satisfaction.

He proceeded to a utilitarianism which carried Benthamite ideas to their logical culmination, making material production the goal and standard of human endeavor: the past is trash, the future unknowable, and the present gratification the only concern of the moralist.

He propounded a theory of education derived from Rousseau, declaring that the child is born with “a natural desire to do, to give out, to serve,” and should be encouraged to follow his own bent, teaching being simply the opening of paths.

He advocated a sentimental equalitarian collectivism with social dead-level its ideas; and he capped this structure with Marxist economic, looking forward to proletarian ascendancy and a future devoted to efficient material production for the satisfaction of the masses, a planners’ state.

Every radicalism since 1789 found its place in John Dewey’s system; and this destructive intellectual compound became prodigiously popular, in short order, among a distraught crowd of the semi-educated and among people of more serious pretensions who found themselves lost in a withered world that Darwin and Faraday had severed from it roots.

Intensely flattering to the presumptuousness of the modern mind, thoroughly contemptuous of authority, Dewey’s books were a mirror of the twentieth-century discontent; and the gray haze of the Utilitarian future toward which Dewey led the rising generation was not immediately repellent to a people who had submitted themselves to the lordship of sensation. Veneration was dead in Dewey’s universe, indiscriminate emancipation was a cock of the walk.”[Emphases mine.]

Recall that John Dewey (1859-1952) was and is renowned as America’s Education Reformer. In short, his goals were to separate children from their parents and from the values and faith of their parents. John Dewey chose to disseminate his plan via the Education system of America. Thus, nearly all educators are products of Dewey, his methodologies, his goals and his certifications.

Even if you don’t know the glass is filled with poison, the poison still has its effect in the victims.

Fast forward to current day walking conversations occurring across the United States.

Middle aged adult Parent:

“As a child we were always told we must go to college to become degreed in some field of expertise. Our grandparents labored hard through the depression and two world wars and never had this opportunity; few of our parents had this opportunity. This goal was established via the culture, the counselors, and the system and the public relations media: the goal to become fully educated and fulfill the American dream via a college education. Those individuals that chose to pursue anything less were demeaned by the system.

So we went and got our stickers, our degrees, our doctorates and entered the credentialed workforce. And only now are realizing how very illiterate and centrally planned as a citizenry we have all been.”

Continuing the conversation….

Professional Credentialed Educator:

“Oh my goodness, we were all taught Dewey!

We did not become teachers of subject matter of absolute knowledge, but purveyors of methodologies of Psychology. We see this now. Always new methodologies, new systems, new interventions, new techniques, new research, new “science” of teaching students how to engage in the system, take the tests, pass the tests, get the scores…get prepared for college.

Did you know that we as “educators” take more Psychology class hours than a licensed medical physician?

In fact our education departments are usually under the psychology departments or married to them.

Parents and grandparents have long been in the dark regarding the truth, that we as licensed educators are not mathematicians, not biologists, not chemists, not historians, not literature doctorates…we are “Ed degrees”. Trained in education psychology employed to implement what our administrations dictate to us to implement.

Many days I feel like a junior psychologist working to provide metrics for the statisticians and psychometrists of the Central Planners to manipulate for funding and public relations; all the while filling the role of surrogate parent for the nanny government…. makes me sick!

I love children, but I did not choose “teaching” to be a Freudian lab assistant, now replaced by “teaching machines”, held accountable for the future of children I did not birth, implementing contents in violation of my own worldview.”

Medical Doctor, jogging alongside:

“I hear you! Yes, I chose medicine to serve people, to relieve suffering, bring wholeness and hope, as well as educate my patients to take responsibility for their own wellness.

Yet, now I too, am a metrics monger of “data draws” for rationing and elimination via eugenics, euthanasia and abortion- “pre and post birth abortions” as they term it.

The new science of socialized medicine has left me to collect data, order lab tests, and write prescriptions for pills while documenting, coding and fulfilling a host of processes dictated by insurance companies, the state and federal governments, licensing organizations, attorneys, and vendors. And to delegate as much as possible to others under my responsibility, often lacking time to review the data or to communicate personally to my staff or my patients.

Gone are the days when I could offer the personal conversations that heal the human spirit, and educate my patients to understand their condition, work toward healing and discontinuation of pharmacologic interventions or prevent sickness all together.

The profession I entered to save lives has now become a profession of pills and the closely rationed forestalling of physical death. It is as if we are only encouraged to keep folks alive so long as they are capable of labor production or if their research data will outweigh their resource utilization cost to “society.”

….gotta go, I keep running all day long, a professional gerbil on the treadmill called “socialized medicine.”

True Philosopher:

“Excuse me. I could not help but overhear your conversation and your grief. You recall me.

The lover of Wisdom. My soul’s desire is to share Wisdom: the skill of living a life that honors God.

If I may offer some suggestions, they would include:

To reclaim and resume your role as Parents and educators. It is the parents’ responsibility to teach the child in all aspects.

After all, you dear Parent are responsible to God for the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development of your child.

Decades of your misguided government education system have left you feeling inadequate, which only serves as evidence of this misguided American system’s ability to teach the most basic skills. That being: to teach one’s own child. That skill, my friends, derives from an entirely different Source.

If you feel any lacking then you know where to look. Where you should have been looking in the first place.

“If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.”

James 1:5

I would also suggest reclaiming medicine under this same Great Physician.

Case in point:

Redemption via Godly Intervention.

A premature infant whose life was being terminated by a credentialed physician in a socialist educated nation was kept alive for monetary gains to that socialist country’s economy via international adoption.

Prematurity and orphanage life had left the child with needs that compelled the adoptive parents to seek answers from The Source; and for the adoptive mom to forgo her credentialed career to oversee the nurturing of physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual development of their precious child. This included homeschooling. Voila! A return to God’s original design! And teaching Two Generations at Once!!!

Empowering the Family, undergird by Faith in God restores Liberty to the nation and redeems the purposes, the priorities and the preservation of the individual life, the family, the church, the community and the civil government.

Recall Joy Pullmann’s comment on James Madison’s Federalist 51,

What is government but a reflection upon human nature? The government we have is a mirror for our body politic. So if our government is sick, we must conclude that society is sick.” 

From the voice of Wisdom, let us recognize society will not get healed by the cause of the illness: government led education or government led medicine.

The answer is quite simple: It is Time to Return to Redeeming Conversations with God. The Creator, Father, Physician, Counselor and King. …It’s in The Book.

“And what does the LORD require of you?

To act justly and love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.”

Micah 6:8

The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk…pretty much everyone who cares for their children and this nation should read this book. and everyone should take Hillsdale’s on-line courses to learn all those vital truths that a self-governing people should have learned but never did in government ed and colleges that receive government funding.












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