Sherlock Returns in The Case of Wilson, The Notorious Canary Trainer: Manipulating the Masses

Sherlock Returns in The Case of Wilson, The Notorious Canary Trainer: Manipulating the Masses 

“The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible.”

“The University’s Part in Political Life”,

March 1909 in The Papers of Woodrow Wilson

Doyle’s dead, and now Watson can speak the truth, without a ventriloquist.

Most of you are familiar with me, Dr. Watson, from the Sherlock Holmes Detective series authored by physician Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930).

At one point, Sir Doyle had alluded to The Case of Wilson, The Notorious Canary Trainer, but for reasons to be disclosed later, he was not able to publish it.

I am now at liberty to reveal some key elements of this case in hopes to equip Americans as to how they have been the recipients of Wilson’s Notoriously Trained Canaries: Public Relations.

And in particular, the Public Relations regarding “College Education.” Now promoted as “College and Career Ready.”

Recall that Woodrow Wilson’s classmate at Johns Hopkins was John Dewey, America’s socialist education reformer. While Wilson and Dewey did not always agree on just who was worthy of education, their mutual goals were those of other aspiring Fabian Socialists. Those goals being: to bring about “Progressive Socialism”.

Their stated goals were to:

Separate children from their parents and from the religious values of their parents; which would be their Process to usher in “Progress.”

Thus, enters the “Canaries.”

The cute little birds that one trains to repeat phrases, implant ideas, goals and values by sheer repetition, associations, and treats.

Both men believed in Darwinian evolution, as did most socialists, and clearly knew the value of repetition in training people just like animals.

1. In order to “train” a society or culture to love change, one must create a Need to change.

Thus enters Materialism and War. Both go hand in hand. Most governments and wars surround some form of property rights, or the usurpation of those rights and a need to band together to circle up and protect something or someone. A Mutual Enemy creates societal bonding.

2. This is most effective if folks think it is their own idea.

Recall Huxley’s Brave New World, and the nighttime chirping or hypnopaedia; the sleep-teaching phrases being chirped specific to the societal class being conditioned in the State Conditioning Centres.

Thus enters the Public Relations Bureaus.

For Wilson it was the Committee on Public Information. In Britain it was the War Propaganda Bureau. Tsar Nicholas II had his propaganda bureau, secret police (Okhrana) and ministers, as did Lenin, Mussolini and every totalitarian-minded regime.

You must get the birds to chirp and repeat the messages that the citizen masses need to embrace as their own.

3. As any canary trainer knows, the selection of the right breed of bird is of foundational importance to the success of the Public Relations chirping flock. Wilson’s Notable birds included:

Edward Bernays, author of “Propaganda” and “Crystallizing Public Opinion”, as well as the double nephew of Sigmund Freud (how convenient….);

Walter Lippmann, another Fabian Socialist, author of “Public Opinion” and noted for such incisive quotes as:

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much”


“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.”

(Which most are these days, thanks to technology in the hands of those who do not exercise self-restraint or those running the soundboard.)

These are clearly truthful sayings; too bad they were in the hands of a socialist, who was part of Wilson’s Progressive tweeting flock.

Other birds included: George Creel, Carl Byoir, John Price Jones on Wilson’s Public Relations Committee and of course such notables as Doyle, Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Hardy, and H.G. Wells on Britain’s War Propaganda Bureau.

Other infamous canary chirpers include the Nazi’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, and Mussolini’s minister of press and propaganda, and son-in-law- Galeazzo Ciano.

4. Other key ingredients in Canary training include: Time, Trust and Treats.

It takes time to develop trust, or gullibility, in the canaries and the masses. This is engendered with rewards, both immediate and long lasting.

The time factor is again the Fabian strong suit, willing to keep at it and take time not to scare the birds or the sheep away from taking the Treats in hand; including Immediate Treats, appointments or promises of elite connectedness for future socialist flock offspring.

5. The messages. So, to the point of how Americans became so enamored with “College and Career Readiness.” In reality, so utterly indoctrinated as to forget and forsake their foundational purposes of “education”; that being to equip a Virtuous Citizenry capable of self-governance and self-determination under God.

The Public Relations messages of the Notorious Socialist Canaries tweeted included:

A. To the parents of the 20th Century: College education for their child became their entire goal. 

“College makes smart, College secures future, College means respect,

Get more, make more, produce, produce, and produce,

Buy, build, bigger, better, bigger home, more stuff, more pleasure, more power,

Good parents send their children to College…

Experts know, Experts know, Research shows, Research Shows,

Save for College, You owe it to Junior to start them with a College degree…

Give him what you never had; He won’t have to labor with his hands…

Blue-collar, white collar…

What respect it will gain for you…to have a College educated son….or daughter ! “

On and on… so the Public Relations chirping went from school counselors, to bridge clubs, to factory lunchrooms, to the ballpark and of course from radio, television, tabloid, teacher, coach, and newspaper….

So as to place in the minds, dreams and hopes of parents, who had gone through World War I, the Depression and World War II; and all subsequent generations the conviction that:

All good parents aim for their child to have a College education. Those parents that did not, were, well, deemed as less valuable in society, and doomed their child to the pit for life.

Parents began to define themselves and their standards of good parenting by whether or not their children were headed for college; a progressively different educational plan than that which they had experienced. (Dewey and Wilson’s message successfully uploaded and laying eggs)

B. All the while the students were hearing the Chirping messages:

“You’re so smart, smart, smart….

You’re so clever, clever, clever….

Parents are stupid, parents are uneducated, parents don’t know,

parents are ignorant…parents never went to college

…parents wouldn’t understand…..

Science says, Coach says, Scholarship, Scholarship, Free-Ride, Free-Ride…

Leave the farm, cut loose, cut loose, Big City, Big City,

Progress says:

New is better,

New is more, buy, buy, buy, have, have, have….

College track, college track, must make the grade,

Appease the professor, make the cut,

Compromise, compromise, Get a Rec, Get a rec,

Looks good on the application, looks good on the application, Looks good, Looks good…

Your future lies with College credentials…

Pick the right profession, Pick the right college, Pick the Frat house, Pick the right Sorority, Network, Network, Network…play the game, play the game, play the game

The government will pay, financial aid, you don’t need your parents…Freedom from authority.

You define culture. College, College, College.

Parents will be so proud.”

C. College Students heard the chirps as did all the masses:

“Doctor, Doctor, Doctor…

Degree, Degree, Degrees…How many Degrees to infinity?

Credentialed, Experts, Experts, Experts,

Move up the ladder, get tenure, secure your spot,

Publish, publish, publish, proselytes, join, join, join,

Academy, Association, Club, Club, Club,

Certification, Citation, Scholars Award

Committee, Approval, Approval,

Approbation, Approbation, Applause, Applause

Must move up, must join, Progress, Progress, Progress,

take the job, move away, cut the family ties,

the past is done, move forward, secure the next level on your way up….up…up….

More Power, more stuff, more leisure, more respect, more applause, more play, more, more, more, keep it up, you’re so SMART!”

Or so they thought.

Obviously the Notorious Canary Training scheme has not fared so well for America.

Since Wilson and his compatriot Fabian Socialists took the helm of Propaganda chirping the “College to Progressive Utopia mantra, (cutting the ties with the Anchoring Success of America, ie. Faith, Family and Common Sense Fiscal Responsibility), the national debt has increased from $2 billion at the turn of the century to an astounding $17,000,000,000,000. Which in reality is now an estimated $ 130 Trillion in debt and liabilities, and a shift of sovereignty back to the East, as in China.

Obviously a College education, denigration of parents, and cutting the ties with our past values, has not brought about the Virtuous Citizenry necessary to equip offspring or leaders with the qualities necessary to maintain individual Liberty or The Republic.

But the result is precisely what Lippmann alluded to: No wisdom and a deaf audience. You see, they think they are so smart, they have the degrees to prove it…and will only trust another college credentialed “expert”. (self cloning rotten eggs.)

The point of this timely release of my personal version of: The Case of Wilson, the Notorious Canary Trainer, is to alert all generations of Americans that a College and Career Ready Education, particularly the current offerings, are not the answer to get America or Americans, out of the Pit of fiscal or moral bankruptcy.

There is a reason why God places children in families: to receive the accumulated wisdom of 6,000 years of humankind and to save children the tragedies of personally experiencing the servitude of socialism touted by the chirpers of “Progressivism.”

From the mouth of a notorious Canary himself:

“There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.”

Walter Lippmann, Liberty and the news

The government schools and aligned colleges (all but four who don’t receive state and federal funding) are not going to teach your children to detect the lies, develop virtue, or common sense.

Best recalculate what aims you have for your children, your grandchildren, your community and your nation.

And take back the reigns of parenting your children and your government based on the Truths that do not change.

The Story-Killers, A Common Sense Case Against Common Core by Terrence O. Moore

Credentialed To Destroy, How and Why Education Became a Weapon by Robin Eubanks Indiana owned by the Federal DOE



What most readers may not know is that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was part of the British War Propaganda Bureau, which had organized shortly after 1914 to promote Britain’s interest in the war.

Members of the War Propaganda Bureau included such notables as: Doyle, G.K. Chesterton, Rudyard Kipling, Thomas Hardy, Sir Henry Newbolt, George Macaulay Trevelyan and H. G. Wells etc. Many of these men were either members of the Fabian Socialist society, had family ties to, or mentors who were member of this literary socialist society.







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