Reclaiming Faith & Family via Localization. NOT Globalization

Reclaiming Faith & Family via Localization. NOT Globalization

“Now a traveler came to the rich man, but the rich man refrained from taking one of his own sheep or cattle…Instead he took the ewe lamb that belonged to the poor man…”

2 Samuel 12:4

There are times when even a king needs to be confronted that he is not shepherding the flock, but sheering them.

Nathan the prophet had to do this with King David…and it is time for citizens to do this with their own elected officials.

As state office holders throw their state’s citizens under the bus in efforts to increase their personal marketability to a broader audience of voters, the “DoubleSpeak” is revealing what lies beneath the titles, appointments, slogans, and photo ops.

When so called “conservatives” mimic documented Progressives, we have a clear diagnosis of “Doublespeak”. Deja vu Lyndon B. Johnson has been cloned to the Midwest 2014.

From Federal government aligned: pre-school, full day kindergarten, nationalized education, college and career ready Global competencies (CCSS/ CCRHS); Workforce Data Quality Initiatives (WDQI), Statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS, PESC), Networks of Knowledge (INK), Common Data Standards and aligned National aligned Healthcare plans (ACA, HIP), Liberal appointees to committees etc. etc., the intent is obvious.

Lest there be any doubt, let’s focus on yet, another Marxist scheme afoot in the conservative Midwest: to Dethrone God, Destroy Local Capitalism; and to throw citizens under the Centralized bus driven by the planners of the Collective: Corporation Globalization.

Let us also set the record straight. Our state has been a state that “works” for far longer than the nearly 200 years of official statehood.

Men and women have always worked to provide for their families and secure the Liberties that God alone grants.

Magnanimous-seeming elected officials curry and court Global Corporations (the crony Capitalists that have transformed to become the evil Bourgeoisie assuming the roles of Marxist Central Committees) passing out favors: of tax abatements, rent seeking government spending contracts, tax advantages, tax credits, promises to align data platforms, infrastructures of education, labor, production, healthcare to provide a 21st Century Global laborforce.

All the while, these elected officials are securing future connected executive power positions for themselves and their posterity at the expense of the citizens paying for the bus and its energy sources. (Subsidized fuel or wind turbine?)

Global Corporations could care the least about Faith, Family, local commerce, local communities and local self-governance. Just as they did in communist nations, all they care about are cheap labor and a herd of consumers to replicate and to consume their products.

When the Mega Corporations, Global Corporations move in….the Family and local businesses move out.

More accurately, the Family and locally owned businesses get deployed, destroyed, devoured, manipulated and close up shop.

Dad and mom get deployed across the state, nation and the globe, while Junior is placed as a ward of the state in daycare (pre-K), and the government K-12 school, seamlessly aligned with government driven higher ed to flow nicely in the vat of digitally designed efficient labor to produce more material goods. Ie. That would be the definition of Marxism.

1. Parents employed by Mega Corporations (Mega Corps) are not home parenting, instilling values and etching character and virtue into their children.

A multitude of opportunities are lost as Dad and Mom are not home to maintain the house and make the house a home.Planned obsolescence rears its realities, via home ownership, property ownership, or household management. Any property requires daily maintenance, monitoring, and upkeep.

Yet, as mom and dad are deployed devouring precious time, many household chores are outsourced. Those mentoring, ingenuity, frugality, and creativity skills, that accompany privilege and responsibility, are lost for cut and paste expediency.

2. These Corporately deployed parents are rarely leading in church, community or local governments.

Thus fulfilling the centralized globalized consolidation scheme of societal planners. (To separate children from parents; to disrupt intergenerational transmission of values and absolute Truth; to prevent the development of unique unpredictable thinkers; and to destroy federalism: self-governing people.)

3. MegaCorps deployments also undermine neighbor, community, and church relationships.

If you know you’re likely to get transferred, relocated, or recognize the realities of being a MegaCorps employee moving up or down the food chain…then you’re far less likely to reach out and put down roots in a community developing more than superficial nods and politically correct platitudes.

Folks that are on the MegaCorps ladder are less likely to invest in personal relationships in the local community, neighborhood, church or certainly not local self-government. (Unless, it is for a committee listing that will look good on a resume’ or employee profile dossier…”power profile points”)

4. State officials, securing their own insect authority on every level, are also destroying the very tax base that pays them and promotes stable families. It is stable Families that develop Faith, morality, temperance, frugality, virtue, and education, which preserve communities, commerce and liberty.

Locally owned and operated businesses, commerce, and industries provide the framework for God granted Liberties to thrive.

As MegaCorps continue to gain partiality, regulatory favors, and create monopolies, they compete at taxpayer expense with privately owned local business entrepreneurs.

Take a look at any small, medium or large town. They are overrun in Cookie Cutter fashion with: box stores, global corps, fast food chains, Mega Corps Hospitals, Mega Corps medical practices, clone hotels, strip malls of franchise names, etc. to the extent that the only distinguishing characteristics are the Town signs…if you can find them.

Politicians and elected officials that woo, court, and promote Mega Corporations in their states ultimately lead to the destruction of Families, Faith and the Future of self-governance. 

We keep returning to the challenge of Choices and Priorities.

And, Who is going to define those Priorities and make those Choices.


~Will it be the Greeding Frenzy of Workforce development using human capital to secure positions of Power in the socialist scheme of Progressives? (Marxists married to Corporate Capitalists…with their interesting dialects of Doublespeak)

~Or, will it be the Family’s of Faith, who like our nation’s Founders, choose God as their Judge and their Standard; Recognizing that life, liberty and property are only secured as His character and virtue are developed in individuals committed to Him and His definition of “workforce” development. Mentoring family shepherds not mere hirelings.

As Nathan chastised King David, the American conservative must also confront something much more difficult than chastising Marxist Russia….we must chastise ourselves and our elected officials.

As Statesman Edmund Burke taught centuries ago, we as Christian conservatives must teach humanity that the germ of public affections is

“To love the little platoons we belong to in society.” 

If we do not act to redeem the modern masses from the sterile, atheistic mass-mind, then a miserable collectivism that impoverishes both soul and body impends over…America—the collectivism that now has deluged Europe…the collectivism (as Orwell wrote) of “the stream-lined men who think in slogans and talk in bullets.”** 

Those that honor God, recognize His granting of life, liberty and Property, do so acknowledging that personal property, personal responsibility, and private capitalism are the means by which to secure those rights and develop virtue and character in individuals.

We must learn these lessons ourselves, model them to our children and teach them to our elected officials and politicians….And replace those elected officials that do not act true to securing Faith, Family and the Future Liberty of our local, state and national governments. 

…..defend your ewe lambs, your flocks, and your little platoons. Like Nathan, confront and groom the hirelings to be Godly shepherds. 


*** Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind



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