“Honey, Who Shrunk the Brains?…e-learning, TechnoNanny, Digital Media, ScreenTime!”

“Honey, Who Shrunk the Brains?…e-learning, TechnoNanny, Digital Media, ScreenTime!”

Defining the Head-Shrinkers: Media Devices, particularly with a visual screen such as i-pads, Smart Phones, laptops, computers, electronic tablets, hand held game boys, televisions, portable DVD players, i-pods, video gaming media, virtual “education” classrooms etc.

High Speed Shrinkers: Internet, Ethernet, rapid response DVD media, cyber entertainment etc. with results just as deadly as those tribal pygmy head hunters and their boiling cauldrons circling with raised spears displaying their latest shrunken victims.

The brains are being shrunk, stunted, manipulated and mutated as the TechnoNanny propagates a population digitally designed and labeled with barcodes of mental disorders of no genetic origins, but solely from the overuse of technology on human beings.

Environment wins this shrinking contest, “heads down.”

The average child today spends nearly 8 hours per day on screen time. This is not including the TechnoNanny government schools, rampant with i-pads, laptops, virtual classrooms, virtual teachers, and soon to be virtual brains.

The average adult spends over 11 hours per day on screen time.

1.“Take a pill and don’t call me….just text if you need more…..”

The brains are shrinking by a documented 20% in gray and white matter due to screen time and even more for those on Pharmacological interventions; Which, by the way, are most often recommended by educators.

Teachers have become the primary referral for diagnoses such as ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, etc. (wonder who’s paying for their continuing education and luncheons?)

It is estimated that 10 percent of children 4yrs -17yrs are on a medication for ADHD. Thirty percent of these children are on multiple psychotropic medications. All of these children are labeled as “disabled” in electronic health records (EHR), placing them under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and nearly all of these children are on an Individual Education Plan, an IEP in government ed, placing them deeper into the realm of wards of state, federal and global planners; Managed closely as research subjects for their use, or non-use to utilitarian globalists…and pharmaceutical companies for whom these adult designed psychotropics are being used off label for children.

Children are not small adults…they are now treated as lab rats.

2. The headless busman and The Road’s Out!

Research regarding the rampant use of Technology, internet use, screen time, digital media, and increasing addictions reveals a shocking lack of axonal and dendritic connectivity to the frontal lobe, the executive function area of the brain.

Behaviorally, this has resulted in a lack of: self-regulation, impulse control, social skills, attunement in communication, empathy, emotional balance, response flexibility, fear modulation, insight, and sense of morality.

It is as if the Bus Driver is out to lunch, and the bus is careening down a mountainside without a path, without brakes, without a GPS and without anyone in the driver’s seat.

And careening it is- with a nation of children on government ed’s College and Career Readiness plan of virtual cyber-learning platforms for workforce development.

Hmmm…. What better way to societally engineer a laborforce than to just shrink the brains?

Two generations at once; Parental brains and Junior brains.

3. Welcome to the Junkyard Junkies and Junk food.

Read the label before you build a brain.

Brain development, which means all the time, by the way, is determined by the stimuli or lack of stimuli. Brains that are over stimulated by technologies, such as screen time, i-pads, i-pods, television, cell phones, computers, hand held technotoys etc. are showing drastic: inability to focus and attend, distinguish fantasy from reality, cognitive processing delays, impulsivity, lack of self-regulation and attachment to human beings. (more on that later…)

The TechnoTots are also delayed in gross and fine motor skills, visual-spacial relationships, and sensory and emotional integration, as well as speech and language development.

The result is a generation of roley poley couch potatoes that can run the remote, but can’t run. Or even desire to run.

One in three children (and adults) in the USA are now obese. It is estimated that 30% of these obese children will develop diabetes and associated cardiovascular conditions.

4. Body building and Brain building…hand over hand.

In order to build muscles, or brains you’ve got to move and you’ve got to look for answers.

It is physical movement that builds both strong bodies and virtuous brains. In order to build those paths to the frontal lobe, the temporal, parietal and occipital lobes, you’ve got to move physically, and you’ve got to go searching for answers, building pathways, and making connections in your brain.

In order to build reasoning skills you need to apply some reasoning.

Technologywise all will be social emotional reflexive behavioral conditioning.

Screen time flooded with visuals, immediate sensory-emotional gratification, realistic and shocking graphic imagery, Skinnerian rewards driven methods (operant conditioning for treats: neurochemical, screen generated or material) is primarily limbic emotion based and right brain based– which does not reach out to other thinking areas of the brain.

Screen Time technology “learning” becomes reflexive cerebellar, procedural memory driven. There is NO Thinking about it. It is how you train animals or any repetitive behavior, by circumventing the need for reasoned thinking or executive function.

It is reflexively “doing” without even Thinking if you should do it.

TechnoNanny is also resulting in a society of sleep deprivation, addictive behaviors (Internet Addiction Disorder documents 14% of youth today, sleep texting, phantom texting), video gaming addiction, mental illness (more than just ADHD), Aggression due to violent content on media; and destruction of families due to the neurochemical addictions, disrupted priorities, and lack of meaningful communication between adults and children.

5. Speaking of lack of communication….

How is it that the National Educrats have not communicated with the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Canadian Pediatric Society regarding the Guidelines for Technology Use for Children and Youth?

These Technology Use Guidelines are:

For 0-2 years = NONE.

For 3-5 years only 1 hour or less per day

For 6-18 years only 2 hours or less per day

Gee, how is it that the Guidelines from the Doctors (who are the credentialed “experts” in children, and who are the ones being asked to medicate them for societal integration in government schools) are not being consulted by the local, state, federal and global governments that are pushing unlimited access to digital screen time technology in “education” and Workforce “development?”

Talk about bureaucrats with disconnected brains.

Perhaps it goes back to the goals of the parties involved.

Physicians aim to heal while Technocrats and Societal planners, seek to control.

A dumbed down, none-thinking, behaviorally conformed, mutated, malleable, and predictable “people” are easily managed. And must be managed, because they can’t think for themselves. Recall the ratio of Administrators to teachers in government schools is one to one (1:1); Not to mention the layers of Bureaucrats on all levels of societal planning.

To extrapolate on a quote from a wise Thinker* on Education, Political Science, Faith, and Family,
A small people requires a big government to manage its existence….systematic extermination….or extinction.

Bread, circuses and shrunken brains via digital media….there goes the empire and the Republic.

Of course the solution is obvious.

Say NO to TechnoNanny and the Digital designers of societal planning and return to face-to-face, human-to-human, real-time education by thinking, moving, thinking some more and then doing…..or choosing not to do.

Perhaps we will again develop minds that can observe, focus, attend, reason, communicate, ruminate, research, invent, experiment, debate, and return to sound principles, prescriptions, proofs that could birth a nation. Virtuous Minds such as Washington, Franklin, Jefferson, Madison, Tocqueville, Burke, Adams, Locke, and even some Platos, Aristotles, Einsteins, and dozens of Newtons.

You cannot mass mediate the masses to be virtuous educated thinkers….

But, societal planners, by the use of TechnoNanny, can mass mediate, mass medicate, and mass manipulate a people whose brains have been massively shrunk, mutated, structurally and functionally compromised. 

Let us rather be a Big People with Big Brains controlling a small government adhering to the Laws of Nature, Nature’s God, and our Founders’ Constitution. Time to pull the plug on technology mastering minds, senses, bodies, souls and futures.




Smart Moves; Why Learning is Not all in Your Head, by Carla Hannaford, Ph.D.

The Connected Child, by Karyn Purvis, Ph.D. TCU Institute of Child Development

Sensational Kids, by Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D.



Concise Text of Neuroscience by Robert E. Kingsley

Neuroanatomy by Carpenter












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