Nature, Nurture, TechnoNanny and the Wards of State.

Nature, Nurture, TechnoNanny and the Wards of State.

The Cost of Technology at the Helm of Human civilization.

Nurture replaced by TechnoNanny is NOT nurture.

It is societal engineering.

Adults today, spend in excess of 11 hours per day in front of Screen time; digital media, hand held media, i-pads, smart phones, electronic tablets, computers, television etc.

As parents attach more and more to technology, and outsource parenting to TechnoNanny, children are not attaching to parents.

Needing to attach to someone or something, children are left to attach to each other (social emotional herding) and to TechnoNanny, resulting in addictions. Nearly one in 7 children (14%) aged 8-18 years are now addicted to technology. This is certainly “innovative,” as never in the history of mankind have there been child addictions.

Consider the typical morning scenario in the majority of homes with young children and both parents working for a paycheck.

The children toddle to the kitchen-family area, the television is blaring, Dad is staring at his laptop open on the kitchen table, smart phone in one hand, a cup of coffee in the other hand, while multi-mediating and medicating; but not mediating, mentoring, or nurturing his children.

The children have already been conditioned to not expect any attention from Dad. (They’ve lost their baby bird look of seeking a morsel of parental affection or even an acknowledgement.)

The little children head over to continue attaching to TechnoNanny’s schedule of toddler programing.

Programming consisting of a full line-up of green earth sustainability, evolution indoctrination, traditional family bashing, multi-cultural mush, and politically correct social bonding features, which is recycled every fifteen minutes and throughout the commercials; a proper diet of societal bias and green earth environmentalism for shaping the up and coming global consumer laborers.

These children have also learned that since their parents prioritize their own parental addictions for social media approbation, and screen time over social interaction with their own children, that the children must act out, or scream in order to get any attention from their parents. Thus, these little ones do not modulate their voices, but express most all vocal attempts at communication as a level “ten.” This survival strategy further severs family relationships, and deepens the TechnoNanny attachment on both ends of the family spectrum.

Many parents have been public relations brainwashed into believing that image presentation makes the parent. They fail to parent eye to eye, smile to smile, ear to ear, hand in hand and in fact act more like immature children themselves.

Dad and mom take their technology and their “work” with them wherever they go.

Off the family goes for a family “vacation”, smart phones, cords, i-pads, dvd players, laptops in tow…and oh yes, Junior gets drug along too for the photo-ops, in a portable orphanage carrier, or strapped to a stroller. All the while, the phones still ring, ding and jingle, and the family is kept on “high-alert” waiting for a flood of messages from social media or the “office.” The priorities are quite obvious, at least to Junior….and those not hooked and observing.

And so the derangement continues, as the children become wards of the preschool, the K-12 schools and aligned institutions of “higher education.

Instead of teaching two generations at once, as parenting has done throughout the history of human kind, and with immeasurable benefit, we are now witnessing the victimization via TechnoNanny shrinking, stunting, standardizing, and enslaving parents children and the future of mankind in the cybernation of 21st Century Global coercions.

This has huge implications for developing brains, existing brains and the future of humankind. Let’s start with the developing brains.

A child’s brain is mentored throughout life via the environment in which he or she is placed. Thus, the whole reason for parents and a nurturing family with vested interest in the successful shaping of this developing human being.

Brain mentoring begins at conception.

The neurochemistry of the birthmother sets the neurochemistry of the infant. The first three years of life are critical for the establishment of secure attachment to the parents and lays the foundations for mentoring the brain for life; particularly the middle prefrontal lobe of the brain, which is responsible for executive functions. The middle prefrontal lobe of the brain has been identified as being responsible for:

Regulating the autonomic nervous system (ANS),

Attunement in communication,

Emotional balance,

Response Flexibility (impulsivity control),

Insight (consideration of past, present and projected future, BEFORE acting), Empathy (considering another person’s perspective),

Fear Modulation (calming that social emotional limbic system),

Accessing bodily intuition (being aware of the neural networks throughout the body), and

Morality (parents are to make this explicit, not what is implied via the herd consensus).

These are the same functions present in Secure Attachment.

These are the same cognitive functions that are shockingly missing in the majority of youth today. These are the same functions that the FedLedEd now documents as their role to fulfill via TechnoNanny and Cybernation; e-learning at the helm of social emotional learning, aka College and Career Ready 21st Century Skills.

Children crave felt safety…thus the schools now offer a continuous diet of programs on bullying, counseling options, creating climate and culture change, and soft skills of behavioral, tolerance, social acceptance and malleability features.

Children also crave being touched. Safe touch is vital to the development of neuronal axons, dendrites and neurotransmitters (GABA and Serotonin) that bring the calming, inhibitory part of self-regulation. Oh yes, the government school is providing this too, via yoga classes and sex education exploration introduced as early as kindergarten.

Children are now clinging to TechnoNanny and their social peer herd at schools, social media, gangs, and sports clubs since they are lacking the stable, safe attachment and nurturing attention of their own family.

This was the goal of the Progressive Socialists in using education to bring about socialism; removing children from their parents and their parents’ values. Since these folks tend to treat humans as animals, it seems only fitting to end this with evidence of how this scheme turned out for the rhinos and elephants that were also victims of a social restructuring scheme.

In Kruger Park in South Africa, the adult bull elephants had been culled from the herd in efforts to counter an overpopulation problem. Without their fathers and grandfathers to parent them, the ordinarily playful adolescents became juvenile delinquents.

Societal planners had inadvertently disrupted the social order of the herd. This resulted in extreme acts of violence, cruelty, and aggression aimed at the rhinos and other animals in the Park. These extreme behavioral changes in the teen elephants were the result of biochemistry alterations from the separation from their elders. Adrenaline (epinephrine) and testosterone levels were significantly elevated. This fueled the killing rampages by these teens.

Just like elephants, children need parental guidance to develop their abilities to self-regulate.

Children need parents who are not under the addictive control of TechnoNanny, societal planners, or other approbation seeking “adults.”

Time to Unplug from the TechnoNanny media screen time and social kudus, and Plug into secure, nurturing attached families. Nature and Nurture, hand in hand, eye to eye, heart to heart, for life…. it’s in The Book.


The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis and David Cross, TCU’s Institute of Child Development

Trauma Through a Child’s Eyes by Peter Levine

Beyond Smarter by Reuven Feuerstein

Biblical and Talmudic Antecedents of Mediated Learning Experience by Shmuel Feuerstein

The Concise Text of Neuroscience by Robert E. Kingsley

Sensational Kids by Lucy Jane Miller

Smart Moves by Carla Hannaford

Overcoming ADHD Without a Pill by Stanley Greenspan





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