Double Trouble. Twin Republics: Eugenics, Euphemisms & History Repeating Part II

Double Trouble. Twin Republics: Eugenics, Euphemisms & History Repeating Part II

“Either order in the cosmos is real, or chaos exists.

If chaos reigns, then the fragile equalitarian doctrines and emancipating programs of the revolutionary reformers have no significance;

For in a vortex of chaos, only force and appetite signify.”

Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind 

Euphemism: a mild or an agreeable expression substituted for a realistic description of something disagreeable.

Eugenics: The science and art of improving a race or breed by mating individuals with desired characteristics; sterilizing or eliminating those not deemed worthy of procreating. (Greek, meaning: well-born)

In Part I of Double Trouble we introduced the shocking reality of eugenics, forced sterilization and elimination of “unproductives” and “undesirables” in the United States and Germany.

Thirty-two of the United States of America had enacted such forced sterilization legislation, with Indiana being the first state in the world to do so in 1907.

From the 1922 document Eugenical Sterilization in the United States by Harry Hamilton Laughlin, (D. Sc. Assistant Director of the Eugenics Record Office, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York and published by the Psychopathic Laboratory of the Municipal Court of Chicago, December 1922), we cite the following definitions from Section 2 to see if you might know of any individuals who would fit these definitions:

“(a) A socially inadequate person is one who by his or her own effort, regardless of etiology or prognosis, fails chronically in comparison with normal persons to maintain himself or herself as a useful member of the organized social life of the state;”

“(b) The socially inadequate classes, regardless of etiology or prognosis, are the following:

(1) Feeble-mindedness;

(2) Insane, (including the psychopathic);

(3) Criminalistic (including the delinquent and wayward);

(4) Epileptic;

(5) Inebriate (including drug-habituates);

(6) Diseased (including the tuberculous, the syphyilitic, the leprous, and others with chronic, infectious and legally segragable diseases);

(7) Blind (including those with seriously impaired vision);

(8) Deaf (including those with seriously impaired hearing);

(9) Deformed (including the crippled); and

(10) Dependent (including orphans, ne’er-do-wells, the homeless, tramps and paupers.”

That’s probably enough for now.

Did you note anyone that might not make it to parenthood if those same standards were reenacted today in efforts to improve the gene pool, improve the economy, lessen the ranks of government entitlement dependence, and assure green earth sustainability?

At the same time Social Darwinism was enacting legislation in the United States, it was also advancing its “survival of the fittest”, “might makes right” theories in Germany in yoke with the economic and political developments of cost-benefit analyses of political medical care. Ie. Nationalized healthcare.

Much of this work of eugenics and genetics was carried out by the German physicians and anthropologists (usually one and the same), and by 1927 the opening of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute of Anthropology, Human Genetics, and Eugenics was hailed as the “German Oxford.” Their 1932 report summarized their mission:

“The term eugenics means to establish a connection between the results of studies in human genetics and practical measures in population policy.”

Under these enlightened self-credentialed scientists whose God was themselves, with their new “understanding” of genetics, the science of eugenics, would now redefine “poverty” as merely an expression of degeneracy (Entartung) andgenetic inferiority.

“Inferior” and superior” became natural terms used by persons of nearly all political persuasions, as readily as the terms: “handicapped”, “disabled”, “impaired”, “socially dependent”, or “disadvantaged” are used today.

Following WWI many felt that scant resources should not be wasted on the sick and suffering. The philosophy that the herd, the Volk, the masses, as more important than the individual, led to the belief that individuals who had become “worthless, defective, or unproductive” had to be sacrificed or discarded for the survival of the majority.

Neuropathologist Alfred Hoche and lawyer Karl Binding published a pamphlet in 1922 The Sanctioning of the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living. In it they relativized the legal and moral prohibition of “Thou shalt not kill”, alternating between economic and medical arguments.

By the time the National Socialist Party (Nazi) came to power in Germany, the mentally ill and the mentally delayed had begun to be sterilized and to be subjected to euthanasia in large numbers in German government funded institutions.

No profession in Germany became so numerically attached to the National Socialism in both its leadership and membership as was the medical profession.

Because of their philosophical orientation (science had replaced veneration for God) toward finding a more scientific basis for medical research and practice, government funding for research and the practical benefits of acquiring university positions and medical practices from the many banned and exiled German Jewish doctors, many physicians supported Nazi policies.

One of the first Nazi laws, passed July 14,1933, was the “Law for the Prevention of Progeny of Hereditary Disease”, intended to consolidate social and health policies in the German population and prohibit the right of reproduction for persons defined as “genetically inferior.” The theories, and practices of politicized medicine of the United States and the German Weimer Republic eugenicists catalyzed to unrestrained actuality in Nazi Germany.

A “Genetic Health Court”, predecessor to our Health and Human Services (HHS) rationing committees or the United Nations Committee for Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD), consisted of doctors and judges who made decisions about forced sterilizations. As “Advocates of the state”, doctors would prosecute those persons charged with being “genetically ill” in sessions that lasted on average no longer than 10 minutes, and from which the public was barred. In 1935 an adjunct law was added to include forcible abortion up to the sixth month of pregnancy.

Following the forced sterilization laws which physicians performed on over 400,000 women, the National Socialists next implemented the strategy of Euthanasia to solve the remaining problems of the “unwanted” genes, poverty and the “inferior unproductives.”

(This should still be a shock, even as today, Belgium allows doctors to kill children up to 12 months of age without parental consent, if they believe they are “not normal” and euthanasia is allowed for persons of any age who are disabled or terminally ill. But not just there, check out Netherlands, New Mexico, and Montana rulings on euthanasia.

All made so easy and at fingertips with today’s internet accessible United States DNA registry for newborns on unified database platforms.)

Pediatrician Ernst Wentzler personally decided (as consultant to Hitler’s Chancellery) on the deaths of thousands of handicapped children. Hans Nachtsheim placed delivery orders for handicapped children for his pressure chamber experiments on epilepsy.

And the terror of Twins, Josef Mengele delivered genetic and anthropological “material” from Auschwitz to the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and conducted his gruesome twin experiments on the child victims of the Holocaust.

(It was not safe to be a twin of any genetic heritage. Twins were at risk of being used for experimentation since the Weimer Republic.)

“Julius Hallervorden of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute (now the Max Planck Institute) carried out several research projects based on euthanasia programs. Hallervorden and others systematically collected the brains of their patients who had been killed, taught the murdering doctors how to dissect, and cooperated closely with institutions where murdered children had previously been given thorough examinations and tests.”

(All very scientific, of course, with no God to answer to, the “scientist as a god” must still hold to some ethic? Ahh yes, The Scientific Method.)

“During interrogation by an American officer in 1945, he [Hallervorden] stated,
“I heard that they were going to do that…and told them…if you are going to kill all these people, at least take the brains…

There was wonderful material among these brains beautiful mental defectives, malformations and early infantile disease.

I accepted the brains, of course.

Where they came from and how they came to me, was really none of my business.”


In a system of nationalized healthcare in which so many were routinely on government assistance, routinely condemned as unworthy of living, and sentenced to die, the temptation proved strong to use human subjects in medical experimentation prior to their tragic, terrible and useless deaths.

The Luftwaffe needed data to determine lethal altitude levels, so those destined for elimination were used for a program called: Trials for Saving Persons at High Altitude.

German ships were being sunk in frigid Atlantic and North Sea waters so painful ice bath experiments were conducted in a program entitled: Avoidance and Treatment of Hypothermia in Water; as well as human experiments utilizing pharmacologic interventions, chemical and biological warfare, minimal nutrition, and infectious diseases.

So what’s the point of rehashing all this gruesome history?

Recall that in Germany, and even today in Germany, all children are Wards of The State. Yes. The money follows the child.

German parents or guardians are paid a monthly stipend for each child. Education is all Nationalized or State regulated education. So in essence the German is owned by the State. The Volk, The Republic, the socialist society has a claim on you, your life, and your future.

WE own you and you have an obligation to be productive to The State.

In reality, many Americans have chosen the same path of being Wards of the State. Nearly 50% of Americans are on some form of the 126 entitlement programs now offered by the bureaucratic Welfare State of the United States.

From Healthcare, to Education, Social Security to Disability, medicine, to food stamps, therapies and financial aid, grants, counseling, social programs and interventions, not to mention the nationalization of charities and the church via non-profit, tax credit, tax exemption and 501 (c) 3 favors.

The moral and fiscal landscape of America today, looks far worse than Nazi Germany did 80 years ago. The American people today are far less equipped physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually to detect the lies, “scientific” pragmatism, and slippery slopes of mass manipulation.

Legalized abortion exemplifies a new form of medicide. Doctor-assisted suicide is a step toward euthanasia. Modern genetic testing and the Human Genome Project can be the steps to a new eugenics.

Are health care rationing, which is always the result of government involvement in medical care, Electronic Health Records linked with International Diagnostic Coding, Nationalized education standards, on-line computer adaptive “learning”, and Assessment testing, Workforce development, longitudinal prenatal to corpse national databases on individuals, infant DNA registry, and increasing numbers of the citizens not paying taxes and on government entitlement programs, the clear paths toward the 21st Century definition of “life unworthy of living”?

Nazi Nationalized Medicine was implemented by a political-medical-economic framework on the basis of political health care, a scientific and social philosophy, absent of God, imposed by a totalitarian regime. Clearly this was Societal Planning.

The evil in these regimes and ones like our own, stems largely from a government bureaucracy in which 90 percent of the participants think 90 percent of the time about “processes” and not Purpose. And in which a majority of the citizens either are on the bureaucracy payroll, receive the welfare or both.

In what is supposed to be a Republic,

“A popular government, even more than a monarchy or aristocracy, requires such consecration, because the people then enjoy a share of power, and must be made to understand the responsibilities of power.”

“All persons possessing any portion of power ought to be strongly and awfully impressed with an idea that they act in trust:

And that they are to account for their conduct in that trust to the one great Master, Author, and Founder of society.”

Edmund Burke in Reflections on the Revolution in France 

There can be no “sanctioning” of anything in a society which chooses to remove, replace or rebel against the One Who grants and sanctifies life, liberty and purpose.

And a society who bails out on God’s definition and purposes for The Family.

By the way, the loophole in Harry Laughlin’s Model Eugenical Sterilization Law was…The Family.

Section 2(a)….provided that the term socially inadequate shall not be applied to any persons whose individual or social ineffectiveness is….is adequately taken care of by the particular family in which it occurs.”

Those on state or federal dependence were “fair game” under United States sterilization laws, just like those of nationalized medicine under Nazi Germany.

(Thanking God for His provision of my Godly Family and His protection of my mom and her twin growing up under Hitler….and now watching History Repeat Itself.)


The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

Abortion and the Conscience of the Nation by Ronald Reagan 1984

Marc S. Micozzi, M.D. Ph.D. November 01,1993 National Health Care: Medicine in Germany, 1918-1945 Does the modern bureaucratization of medicine risk a return to the horrors of national socialist medicine?

Eugenical Sterilization in the United States by Harry Hamilton Laughlin, D.Sc. Assistant Director of the Eugenics Record Office, Carnegie Institution of Washington, Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island, New York and Eugenics Associate of the Psychopathic Laboratory of the Municipal Court of Chicago, December, 1922





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