Propagating Prostitution: Cultural Difference, Cultural Deprivation and Culturally Incompatible.

Propagating Prostitution: Cultural Difference, Cultural Deprivation and Culturally Incompatible.

Culture is defined as the “process by which knowledge, values, and beliefs are transmitted from one generation to the next.” 

Since Creation, man’s relationship with God, or whom he fashioned to be his god, has defined his relationship to his heirs and how he transmits culture to his heirs. This transmission and translation- models, implies, and makes explicit how the past relates to the present and the future.

The driving force behind culture is religion.

We all worship Someone or some thing. This worship shapes our motivation and our behaviors and particularly, how we treat our children and each other; our Values.

Lacking a Faith base, motivations become merely manipulations of behavioral science. Recall B. F. Skinner’s accurate quote:

“The consequences of an act affect the probability of its occurring again.”

B.F. Skinner’s religion was humanism. He was a signer of the Humanist Manifesto II in 1973. Thus humanists, tend to affect, by positive or negative reinforcement, the behaviors of others. This is the field of “behavioral science.”

As a young doctoral student on my first medical mission to Haiti, I recall asking a seasoned mentor, “Why do these Haitian women continue to have so many children out of wedlock, when they can’t even care for the ones they have?”

His response was simple, “It’s their retirement plan.” He then went on to elaborate, that since: infant mortality was high, food was scarce, and voo doo was still practiced (including child sacrifice), the Haitian woman reasoned that if she had enough children, perhaps some of those children would survive to take care of her in her old age.

I’ve come to recognize that this was part of, and perhaps is still part of, the Haitian culture. It is culturally different from our Judeo-Christian culture, but it is not cultural deprivation.

There is another observation from working in third world countries that produces some friction in our Westernized assessment of resource appreciation or seeming lack of appreciation.

Nearly every clinic, camp, compound, school, or hospital has donated equipment or facilities, which the national folks do not maintain, nor do they seem to appreciate the monetary investments made for these goods.

There are plenty of rusty tools, dysfunctional machines, ill-maintained buildings, and seemingly abandoned “projects.” What has perceived value in the eyes of a visiting medical team, or visiting building crew, is not necessarily as valuable in the eyes of a third world citizen. Again, this is a cultural difference.

Priorities and perceptions are not the same the world over, for good, or for bad.

Attempting to push one’s own cultural priorities on another culture often results in disappointment, friction, and with increasing frequency, a cultural clash.

This ultimately points to a need to stop and reevaluate if these cultures’ goals are compatible. Especially if one culture is subsidizing the proliferation of another culture whose values are in opposition to their own values.

This clash also occurs within a culture by a severing of cultural transmission. This is called cultural deprivation. The best example of this is America today. We have nearly a century of the Progressive Education Reformer John Dewey’s use of the American education system to sever children from their parents and from their parent’s values, their culture.

Recall for America’s Education Reformer John Dewey, signer of the first Humanist Manifesto 1933, who “denied the whole realm of spiritual values: nothing exists but physical sensation, and life has no aims but physical satisfaction; the past is trash, the future unknowable, and present gratification the only concern of the “moralist.”*

Dewey and Progressives promote a cultural deprivation hallmarked by sensory driven pursuit of immediate gratification.

History confirms that these “cultures”, do not survive.

In Contrast to the Progressive Disrupters of Cultural Transmission, — Clinical, Developmental, and Cognitive Psychologist Professor Reuven Feuerstein addressed this foundational need for cultural transmission. As a devout Orthodox Jew, responsible for educating the Jewish Youth from the Holocaust, Professor Feuerstein, more than most, recognized the need for successful cultural transmission in order for human intellectual, physical, emotional, and spiritual development to occur.

The parents, educators, and mediators shape the quality of interaction between the child and his environment, and the equipping for the thriving of the child and of the culture.

“The interaction is marked by a culturally determined need for each generation to shape the structure of behavior of successive generations by transmitting the past, present, and future dimensions of the culture.

Although the impact of cultural transmission is manifested through a variety of modalities, they all converge in the process of enriching the interaction patterns across generations, and reflect the primary need of human societies to preserve their cultural community.

The central feature which makes an interaction meditational (learning) is that the mediator (parent, mentor) has an intention to transcend the immediate needs or concerns of the student by going beyond the here and now, in space and time.”

Thus, the transcendent oriented culture that invests in the equipping of its heirs and the continuation of its values, its knowledge, and its beleifs. The Jews have successfully transmitted their culture for nearly 4,000 years.

After a century of the Progressives’ holocaust on the culture in our nation, severing children from parents and parents’ values, we find ourselves with generations who have lacked parental transmission of knowledge, beliefs, skills and values, and are therefore culturally deprived.

Attempts to ameliorate this deprivation by bureaucratically designed welfare systems focusing on concrete sensorial and environmental modifications have only succeeded in reinforcing a propagation of prostitution by applying Skinner’s reinforcements of behavioral conditioning. These societal planner’s attempts, tracked by administrative metrics mongers, continue to proliferate a lack of: intellectual growth, respect for the past, motivation for the future, and personal responsibility for the present.

In our nation, we have propagated a prostitution culture deprived of fathers, faith, and of a future.

British Physician, Author, Anthony Daniels speaks to the results of this cultural deprivation and promotion of prostitution by welfare states like our present entitlement system, in his May 20,2014 presentation for Hillsdale College.

“One abiding impression was of the violence of their lives, particularly that between the sexes—largely the consequence of the fluidity of relations between the sexes–…Everyone lived in households with a shifting cast of members, rather than in families.

If there was an existing male resident, he was generally a bird of passage with a residence of his own somewhere else….To ask a child who his father was had become an almost indelicate question. Sometimes the child would reply, “Do you mean my father at the moment?” Others would simply shake their heads, being unwilling to talk about the monster who had begot them and whom they wished at all costs to forget.

…By the time they are 15-16, twice as many children in Britain have a television as have a biological father living at home. The child may be father to the man, but the television is father to the child. —And they were never turned off.

But what was curious was that these homes often had no means of cooking a meal…beyond the use of a microwave, and no place at which a meal could have been eaten in a family fashion…Needless to say, this pattern is concentrated in the lower reaches of society, where so elementary but fundamental a means of socialization is now unknown.

Here I should mention in passing that in my hospital, the illegitimacy rate of the children born in it, except for those of Indian-subcontinental descent, was approaching 100 percent.”

Regarding his personal interviews with heroin addicts and convicted murderers in the British System who projected the blame for their addictions and violent behaviors on to inanimate objects and environmental circumstances, Doctor Daniels continues to comment,

“This points…, I think to an eternal and universal temptation of mankind to blame those of his misfortunes that are the natural consequences of his own choices on forces or circumstances that are external to him and outside his control….But in Britain, at any rate, an entire class of persons has been created that not only indulges in this tendency, but makes it their entire world outlookand does so with official encouragement.” (Emphases mine)

In America, we too, find ourselves at a cultural crossroads.

We have cultural differences, a Government created culture of prostitution promoting cultural deprivation and a culture of dependence propagated by a bureaucracy of players including: entitlement programs that reward out of wedlock births, women birthing children outside of marriage, men impregnating women outside of marriage, social workers, politicians, education systems, therapists, government run foster care systems, administrators etc. all being funded by tax payer dollars.

We have children who are bounced from foster home to foster home, birth parent to birth parent, counselor to counselor, therapy to therapy, center to center, program to program, school to school, and continually in fear and in hope of landing in a safe, permanent, stable nurturing family.

With each unstable bounce these children increase their lack of ability to self-regulate, lose hope, and add to their list of issues, a host of experiences and behaviors that accompany the risk factors inherent in being conceived outside of a loving stable marriage. Those risk factors include: stressful pregnancy, stressful delivery, hospitalization within the first year, abuse, neglect, and trauma. Many of these children experience all of these.

Yet, we have a government system that promotes this prostitution and rewards participants for children conceived out of marriage. The Humanist’s behavioral science continues to rule this culture of deprivation kept in the despotic sensual gratification world of Dewey’s progressive manifestos.

A despotism ruled by stomach and loins, which denies the children of a transcendent culture filled with a hopeful future.

They will eat but not have enough:

They will engage in prostitution but not increase,

Because they have deserted The LORD to give themselves to prostitution,

To old wine and new, which takes away the understanding of my people.

A spirit of prostitution leads them astray:

They are unfaithful to their God.”

Hosea 4:10-12

“Their deeds do not permit them to return to their God.

A spirit of prostitution is in their hearts they do not acknowledge the LORD.”

Hosea 5:4

God makes it crystal clear that we as Judeo- Christians are not to promote, propagate, condone, participate in, or fund prostitution; physical prostitution or spiritual prostitution.

God also makes it clear that children are to be raised in loving, nurturing families of father, mother and extended family in which there is an intergenerational transmission of values. When this breaks down the community of faith families is to adopt the orphans and widows. Not to place them on the roles of an anti-God government that seeks to enslave, disrupt, deprive and destroy their Judeo-Christian culture. 

Folks recognizing the incompatibility of such a culture of deprivation with that of the Judeo-Christian values are implementing alternatives to the government cycle of dependency, violence and fatherlessness. **

The LORD longs to reveal His mercy, but Christians cannot expect to fulfill God’s purposes or invoke His Blessings while promoting, propagating, and on the payroll of, an anti-God government intent on destroying that very life-giving culture of Faith, Family and Future based on Liberty under God.

“And when you and your children return to the LORD your God and obey him with all your heart and with all your soul according to everything I command you today, then the LORD your God will restore your fortunes and have compassion on you …”

Deuteronomy 30:2-3

**These include: Safe Families for Children, House of Hope Northeast Indiana, Friends of Bethany, Star Parker’s Center for Urban Renewal and Education, Samaritan’s Purse and a host of other non-governmentally funded, Judeo-Christian Values based organizations transmitting and equipping the Truth of Faith, Family and Future under God.

Biblical and Talmudic Antecedents of Mediate Learning Experience Theory: Educational and Didactic Implications for Inter-Generational Cultural Transmission by Shmuel and Reuven Feuerstein (2002)

*Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind

Church for the Fatherless; A Ministry Model for Society’s Most Pressing Problem by Mark E. Strong

The Worldview that Makes the Underclass by Anthony Daniels Imprimis, Hillsdale May/June 2014 Family Research Council Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families

Focus on the Family Answers in Genesis Alliance Defending Freedom

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