Choice Words regarding: School Choice. Informed Consent.

Choice Words regarding: School Choice. Informed Consent.

“Primum non nocere” is the Latin phrase that means First, do no harm.” 

This phrase stems from the physicians’ Hippocratic Oath and Corpus, which derives from the maxim that: given an existing problem, it may be better not to do something, than to risk causing more harm than good.

Principles and maxims are a must as we discern the world of seaming “choices.”

Euphemisms abound with such “choices” as:

Political party principles;

Pro-Life or its alternative, Pro-Choice, (interpreted means: pro-death);

Healthcare reforms–government controlled or government controlled i.e. socialized;

Or the ongoing battle for the minds—“Education reform” via school “Choice.”

Keep in mind that The Founders and patriot citizens of The United States never intended for education to be federally taxpayer funded, nationalized, standardized, or centrally controlled. Education for a virtuous citizenry was parent led within local communities and was to continue to be locally administered, funded, and controlled by parents and local communities. These rights were to be secured via elected representatives.

It was not until Progressive Education Reformer John Dewey’s hero, Horace Mann, became secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education (1837-1848), that the concepts of the centralized, standardized, and nationalized Prussian system of education began to take shape in the uniquely individual states and communities of these United States of America.

This paved the way for Progressive Education reformers Dewey, Johnson, Tucker and Clinton et al to systematically dumb down a nation to its current standardized “helpless” ignorance. The Welfare State.

This created a need to “break up the system” via such, counter reformations as the latest vaccination preparations entitled “School Choice”.

Recall that vaccinations, immunizations, allergizations are live, or attenuated forms of a virus or allergen, intended to alter one’s immune system response.

“Vaccinations” under the guise of Choice include such preparations as: Public funded Charter schools, Public K-12 on-line Internet alternative sites (home or other), Voucher Choice Scholarships, School Choice Accounts, Tax Credit Scholarships, Private or Homeschool Tax Credits, and Private or Homeschool Tax Deductions.

This precipitates another foundational Maxim:

“Nothing is Free.”

Everything costs someone something.

If an individual, family, foundation, or a school accepts any form of: funding, favors, non-profit status, credits, deductions, financial aid, grants, exemptions, write-offs, or a host of virus containing entitlements — that individual, family, foundation, or school has become the tail and not the head; the bottom and not the top.

“You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.

The LORD will make you the head, not the tail.

If you pay attention to the commands of the LORD your God that I give you this day and carefully follow them,

You will always be at the top, never at the bottom.”

Deuteronomy 28:13

Favors in any form will cost something.

Favors will alter your immune system and compromise your abilities to recognize “friend or foe.” Cancer cells also have this problem. Vaccines, Immunizations, and allergy shots by their very intent are engineered to transform the immune system.

This is particularly true if these funds, favors, deductions, credits, aid etc. involve taxpayer-redistributed moneys or tax-filing “benefits”.

Because taxpayer redistributed moneys or virtual moneys, demand “Accountability.” As they should.

So, beware:

Maxim number three: Taxpayer funds will demand layers of Accountabilty, with layers of bureaucracies of credentialed “experts”, administrators, insect authority, aligned data platforms, regulations, processes, inspections, and government definitions of “Quality” assurance for cost –benefit analyses, control of outcomes, verification, and monitoring of compliance.

Uniformity of assessment testing via state and national accreditation standards testing, Norm referenced testing (PSAT, SAT, ACT, Stanford 10, Iowa Basic, GED, etc. etc.) assure “compliance”, via testing outcomes and reward conformity, not diverse individual intellectual development.

Keeping in mind our Maxims: to do no harm; that nothing is free; and Taxpayer Accountability Bureaucratic Control, let’s consider how this applies to the “school choice” patients.

These “patients” include: traditional public schools, charter (public) schools, On-line K-12 Public schools, voucher choice religious schools, voucher choice private schools, non-accredited private schools, accredited private schools, and homeschools.

1. For a student who was part of the traditional public system, the change of environment and choices to participate in a public charter, public on-line K-12 alternative locale curriculum, or voucher participating private or religious school certainly have some “healing” appeal. For public students In the System a change of climate and culture can be therapeutic. But, these students are still fully in the taxpayer funded, bureaucratic system. And the local public school still gets a significant portion of funds for this out of sight, but tracked student. (Especially for those with an IEP, or special needs IDEA funding label.)

2. For a student who has always attended a private religious or private academic school and whose school has now taken on school Choice Voucher participation and state accreditation that accompanies Choice Vouchers; the “Choice” voucher has done significant harm. These students, whose parents do not participate in receiving any funding themselves, have now been uploaded into the viral system of databases and incessant testing. A new culture of students has infiltrated their school community.

The immunities of their school have been severely weakened. The school has taken the money, added staff to meet increased administration, added technology, adapted curriculums, and trained students to pass tests to keep state accreditation to continue the money coming.

Harm has been done. Moneys create dependency. Accountability metrics wield control. Liberty has been compromised.

3. Choice Accounts, like college saving plans, still require accountability, only apply to state approved schools and serve to control the autonomy of use, create an allegiance to a program, and entangle funds that could be used to establish other private schools or homeschools free of governmental control and metrics. No gain here. Still in The System and yoked to it by the psychological delusion of “choice.”

4. Privately funded religious, academic and homeschools. Those not in the system, and willing to pay for the Liberty to educate their children, free of any use of taxpayer funds. Willing to impart the immunities to their children directly. But, they too must beware of any temptations to take tax deductions or tax credits on their income tax filing.

If they claim education deductions or credits, they will open themselves up to The System, which demands Accountability even for “virtual funds” and favors. Recall Nothing is Free. A favor will require some form of tracking, loss of Liberty, and ultimately control. See Germany, where the Prussian system began. Homeschooling is not permitted, and private schools are State regulated, just like the State churches.

Recall that the goal of the entire Horace Mann and John Dewey Nationalized education scheme is to separate children from their parents and from the culture of their parents.

Meaning: to disrupt the successful transmission of parental knowledge, values and beliefs.

Humanist Progressive goals are to specifically “neutralize” the Christian influence over children, and to replace it with the changing needs of The State and regional economies for progressive workforce demands.

5. Naïve and too trusting. Recall that while folks want to project their same values onto the government, in reality administrative bureaucracies do not abide by the same Biblical integrity ethics.

While you will keep your promise, your oath, or your covenant, –the government bureaucracy will do what it deems best to employ its systematic processes of control for societal planning. It will do so, regardless of the fine print, the tax code, or the Rule of Law. Rules are changed at the stroke of key, the wink of an eye, or the nod of a head, a verbal cue, or a politician.

If you believe “they” will give you a “Choice”, a voucher, a credit, a deduction, aid, or money, with no strings attached, then perhaps someone’s been spiking your Kool-Aid.

Government redistributions of tax moneys or favors in any form will ultimately result in loss of Liberty in mind, body, and soul.

“The alien who lives among you will rise above you higher and higher,

But you will sink lower and lower.

He will lend to you, but you will not lend to him.

He will be the head and you will be the tail.

All of these curses will come upon you

…Because you did not obey the LORD your God.”

Deuteronomy 4:43-45

This calls us back to the realities of Criteria, Principles and Purpose.

Whose knowledge, values, beliefs, and purposes are being uploaded into children?

Breast-feeding imparts more than the mother’s immunities. When both parents are integrally involved in the feeding of their child, nurture and secure attachment develop the brain, the nervous system, the cognitive and emotional structures that assure the child’s abilities to self-regulate, to learn and to reason.

Parent transmitted immunities are traditionally the most successful, because parents of the past knew, and many parents today, still recognize that Parents must answer to God for the “outcomes” of their children.

When this “choice” is not possible, we must still apply the Maxims:

First, Do no harm; Nothing is Free; Favors will demand Bureaucratic Accountability and Control, and the overriding Maxim that:

Liberty Costs.

“There can be no liberty in a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.”

Walter Lippmann, Propagandist, Journalist and Author of Public Opinion. 

Lies are detected because parents implant The Truth and keep directing the transmission of knowledge, values and beliefs by which their children become discerning adults capable of continuing the transmission of Truth, valuing and upholding Liberty under God.

Be certain to get the discerning Immunities, The Truths, uploaded and keep uploading via parental directions of all aspects of academic, physical, emotional and spiritual development to ensure the continuation of the children, the community, the culture and the country as one worthy of God’s Blessings and not His curses, and to make informed Choices. Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families








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