Cultural Transmission or Cultural Transformation? Life or Death.

Cultural Transmission or Cultural Transformation? Life or Death.

“See, I set before you today life and prosperity,

death and destruction.

For I command you today to love the LORD your God, to walk in His ways, and to keep His commands, decrees and laws; then you will live and increase and the LORD your God will bless you in the land you are entering to possess.”

Deuteronomy 30:15-16

Culture is defined as: the process by which knowledge, values and beliefs are transmitted from one generation to the next. 

“Even the wisest of mankind cannot live by reason alone; pure arrogant reason, denying the claims and prejudice (which commonly are also the claims of conscience), leads to a wasteland of withered hopes and crying loneliness, empty of God and man:

The wilderness in which Satan tempted Christ was not more dreadful than the expanse of intellectual vanity deprived of tradition and intuition, where modern man is tempted by his own pride.”

Russell Kirk on Edmund Burke in The Conservative Mind 

When parents fail to transmit their knowledge, values, beliefs, and Truth, to their children, that culture dies. Before dying it usually goes through a cultural transformation to a hedonistic sensory driven culture of immediate gratification. These dying cultures deny their past, disregard responsibility for future generations, and occupy themselves only with the here and now of concrete sensory experience. 

“If men are discharged of reverence for ancient usage, they will treat this world, almost certainly, as if it were their private property, to be consumed for their sensual gratification; and thus they will destroy in their lust of enjoyment the property of future generations, of their own contemporaries, and indeed their very own capital.”

Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind 

When cognition, thinking skills, are low functioning or absent, therapists, educators, media, marketing, governments, and societal planners employ Behavioral Science. Behavioral Science is the “science” of operant conditioning used on animals and human beings, advanced by such notables as: Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Vygotsky, Pavlov, BF Skinner, Turchenko, and Behavioral Science departments across the nation.

These methods are employed to condition, conform and control behaviors by the use of external sensory and emotional rewards of positive and negative reinforcement.

These methods stand in opposition to the relational means used for successful transmission of knowledge, values and beliefs by transcendent, future oriented cultures, like those of the Jews.

These Transcendent Future-Oriented Cultures seek to develop autonomous independent intelligent individuals capable of self-learning and discernment based upon traditions that establish these absolute truths, characteristics, and attributes of their culture. These methods of Intergenerational Transmission are relational, face to face, person to person, individual to individual, family based, and feature such notables as: Reuven Feuerstein, Stanley Greenspan, Alexis de Tocqueville, Edmund Burke, and God. The Bible, the Torah and the Talmud are all about a personally mediated learning experience.

There is a grave difference between the transformational behavioral science “educational” programming methods used in government-aligned schools and businesses today — and those of future oriented cultures.

Schools and businesses touting 21st Century Globalization Competencies are based on Behaviorists such as: Vygotsky, Pavlov, Skinner and Turchenko’s operant conditioning methods. These methods were designed with the uniform purpose to catalyze the “processes” to evolve cultures toward a Marxist Utopian equality of economics, by creating a materialistic driven workforce.

As Ashley Montagu commented on Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World and life:

“…Brave New World, the individual is relieved of the burden of freedom and conditioned to what his overseers prescribe – to like what he ought to do according to “the best judgment of the State.”

Since human beings can be conditioned to believe that almost anything is “right,” and therefore constitutes what they “ought” to do,

in the name of morality they can be caused to commit the most immoral of acts and esteem them “good.”

For those who are unable to tolerate freedom, who feel burdened by it, alone or abandoned in its midst, Fascism, Nazism, and Communism or some other form of totalitarianism come as a welcome solution to their problems.

It is clearly the direction in which contemporary man is moving. And as Huxley foresaw, the pressures of uncontrolled population growth, with the three outriders of the apocalyptic vision – famine, disease, and war—together provide conscienceless demagogues with the conditions most congenial for their purposes.

We are witnessing the enactment of this tragedy in many parts of the world.”

Yes, we are. And none so much as here at home in our part of the world of the United States of America, where we take the axe to the roots of our founding traditions by taxpayer funded rewards for children without parental transmission of values, knowledge or beliefs via our welfare entitlement and education programs propagating Wards of The State; Wards of State lacking the Absolute Truths, which would shield them against behavioral conditioning methods.

In the Transcendent Future Oriented Culture corner stands, the Judeo-Christian tradition, and nearly alone, the nation of Israel.

Cognitive, developmental and clinical psychologist Professor Reuven Feuerstein, a devout Orthodox Jew, sought to equip parents, families, educators, and psychologists to become mediators; Mediators that would successfully develop the abilities to preserve their own traditions, knowledge, beliefs, and values– and transmit these to subsequent generations. These are the Parents who would invest themselves in transmitting truths, and who would develop their heirs to be autonomous thinkers, life long learners capable of adapting– while not conforming,– and successfully retaining the unique attributes of their own culture.

“So that it will go well with you.”

This is done by “learning to learn, learning to think, developing cognitive skills, and by mediating the meaning of why this content, skill, strategy, principle, purpose is so vital across space and time. And having an established Tradition of Truths by which to discern. The goal is to develop intelligence, be able to organize, compare, elaborate, produce and communicate ideas, and plan for a future. That’s abstract.

Not stuck in a concrete sensory playpen, dependent on State planners. 

“One the first and most leading principles on which the commonwealth and its laws are consecrated, is lest the temporary possessors and life-renters in it,

Unmindful of what they have received from their ancestors, or of what is due their posterity,

Should act as if they were entire masters;

That they should not think it among their rights to cut off the entail, or commit waste on the inheritance, by destroying at their pleasure the whole original fabric of their society;

Hazarding to leave to those who come after them a ruin instead of a habitation—teaching these successors as little to respect their contrivances, as they had themselves respected the institutions of their forefathers.

By this unprincipled facility of changing the state as often, and as much, and in as many ways, as there are floating fancies or fashions, the whole chain and continuity of the commonwealth would be broken.

No one generation could link with another.

Man would become little better than the flies of a summer.”

Edmund Burke in “Reflections on the Revolution in France” Works II 

And so they have, as the Brave New World Controller explains in a conversation with “Savage” who had not grown up conditioned by The System: 

The Controller shrugged his shoulders. “Because it’s old; that’s the chief reason. We haven’t any use for old things here.”

“Even when they’re beautiful?”

“Particularly when they’re beautiful. Beauty’s attractive, and we don’t want people to be attracted by old things. We want them to like the new ones.”

“But the new ones are so stupid and horrible. …Why don’t you let them see Othello instead?”

“I’ve told you; it’s old. Besides, they couldn’t understand it.”

Yes, that was true.”


The Controller continues to explain:

“Knowledge was the highest good, truth the supreme value; all the rest was secondary and subordinate. True, ideas were beginning to change even then. Our Ford himself did a great deal to shift the emphasis from truth and beauty to comfort and happiness. Mass production demanded the shift. Universal happiness keeps the wheels steadily turning; truth and beauty can’t. And, of course, whenever the masses seized the political power, then it was happiness rather than truth and beauty that mattered…We’ve gone on controlling ever since. It hasn’t been very good for truth of course.”

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

“…my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

Because you have rejected knowledge….

Because you have rejected the law of your God,

I will also ignore your children.”

Hosea 4:6 

“But if your heart turns away and you are not obedient, and if you are drawn away to bow down to other gods and worship them, I declare to you this day that you will certainly be destroyed.

You will not live long in the land you are crossing the Jordan to enter and to possess.

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that

I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses.

Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen…and hold fast to Him.

For The LORD is your life.”

Deuteronomy 30:17-20

Best get back to personally transmitting our knowledge, values, beliefs, and Truth to our children,

Or prepare for the Brave New One World….

And the judgment that accompanies those who reject God’s clear directives.


Russell Kirk The Conservative Mind

Ashley Montagu on Aldous Huxley’s life and works

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Edmund Burke in “Reflections on the Revolution in France” Works II

[emphases mine]






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