College Funds, Snipe Hunting, and Who’s Left Holding the Bag?

College Funds, Snipe Hunting, and Who’s Left Holding the Bag?

A “Snipe Hunt” is defined as: an elaborate practical joke in which the unsuspecting victim hunts a snipe (a marsh bird), and is typically left in the dark holding a bag and waiting for the snipe to run into it; in the South a snipe hunt is practically a rite of passage.”

Poverty cultures are historically typified by their preoccupation with “entertainment” because, “now” is all that matters.

The middle class culture can be typified as valuing education, hard work, providing for their family, and equipping the next generation for “success.”

The elite class culture is typified as valuing their “legacy,” using their wealth and influence to manipulate the world to their definition of a “better society.”

Amidst varying cultural components, — economics and values transmission often get mushed, merged, mangled, and misrepresented, to result in a vortex of envy and forced equality; An oil and water mixture of materialism attempting to blend or compete, with abstract intellectual and spiritual growth.

So, who is left holding the bag?

Middle class folks, in efforts to responsibly equip their children for self-sufficiency, tend to value education. Traditionally this education was parent, family, and church mentored, and included the family businesses, trades, and community relationships.

Over the last century, this has transitioned to include, with increasing frequency, a “college” or university “higher education.”

So much so, that, at birth, parents are enticed, incentivized, and indoctrinated to believe that with rising college tuition costs parents must not only feed Junior, but must also, feed Junior’s college tuition fund. Thus, the college fund 529 Plan goodie bags. These state governed and investment broker managed plans, offer pre-paid and savings plan versions, applicable to qualified accredited colleges and universities with varying nuances between states. The state of Virginia, for example, has over 2.2 million active accounts with over $43 billion dollars in savings plans.

That’s a lot of stickers.

Recall that, college education costs did not sky rocket until the federal government intervened with financial aid, grants, work-study programs, accreditation certification, and its ongoing layers of compliance “accountability” administration metrics planning mechanisms. (Translated this means = Control)

“No problem here…so let’s make one” seems to be the Government motto.

Now that the federal and state governments are nationalizing education, elementary and secondary schools are transforming to year around schooling calendars.

There go the summer jobs, the “corn for college” stands, and the relational cultural (knowledge, values and beliefs) transmission times; supplanted by computers, cubicles, convenience, metrics for outcomes, and a virtual cyberworld seamlessly mating with regional economic schemes. More education reforms designed to further separate children from their parents and from the knowledge, values and beliefs of parents, grandparents, traditional faith, and from the real world.

Military recruiters also hold out “higher education” training, as an enticement to serve in the armed forces via the Montgomery GI Bill of 1944.

This GI bill and other college fund programs such as the Navy, Army, Marine Corps, Top Up, Buy Up programs etc. offer specific amounts of college tuition benefits, include many fine-print qualifiers, and are said to include complex rules and application schedules. Which likely explains why only 57% of military veterans use the benefits. They do, however, provide a nice sales pitch to a new enlistee, and can leverage the scale toward re-enlistment.

The Veterans Administration and each branch of the military in coordination with qualifying education programs, community colleges, colleges and universities administer these college fund program benefits. They also define the qualifiers for access to benefits as well as to the personal contributions military members contributed into their own personal college fund accounts.

These incentives, enticements, perceived perks, and pitches seem a bit misleading, disingenuous, and perhaps a bit of outright trickery (like the offer to hold the snipe hunting bag), in light of a host of bureaucratic despotisms regulating “education,” “higher education” and workforce development in the nation today.

One that comes to mind (and is highlighted by those who have paid for their own son or daughter’s college education) is the 21st Century Scholars program. In this taxpayer redistribution program, low or middle income students (must meet household income guidelines identical to the federal free and reduced lunch program) are given a One hundred percent free tuition at a public in-state college, or if attending a private or independent college, the state (taxpayers) award an amount comparable to that of a public college. (more allegiance to The State and Federal governments)

Another trickery from the bag is the June 2014, Executive Order expanding college loan forgiveness.

So “nice” to be forgiving, but– it is the United States Taxpayer that is footing the bill. Under this college loan Forgiveness Act, a graduate need only repay 10 percent of their income for the first ten years in loan repayment.

If they go to work at a Non-Profit or public sector job, then at the 10-year date their taxpayer-funded loan is forgiven entirely! If they go to work at a For Profit business, the loan is forgiven entirely at the 20-year date.

Gee, which would you choose?

Again, this penalizes those who saved in those 529 plans or signed on for the military GI Bill plans. This also presents an interpretations quandary. Wouldn’t active duty military be non-profit and public sector? No wonder they said this new math was complex…and takes layers of bureaucrats, administrators, help desks, and lawyers to interpret. (The debasing of man by manipulating language continues.)

Then, there’s also the NCEE, National Center on Education and the Economy, bag of schemes, systems, and trickeries, entitled “Tough Choices or Tough Times”. You recall the Clinton’s were part of this board. In this Marc Tucker utilitarian workforce scheme the authors state:

“…. assume for the moment that we want to send everyone, or almost everyone, to college. Now set up the system to do it. Our first step is creating a set of Board Examinations. States will have their own Board Examinations, and some national and even international organizations will offer their own….. For most students the first Board Exam will come at the end of 10th grade…(16 years of age)

Students who score well enough will be guaranteed a right to go to their community college to begin a program leading to a two-year technical degree or a two-year program designed to enable the student to transfer to a four-year state college.

The students, who get a good enough score can stay in high school to prepare for a second Board Exam, like the ones given by the International Baccalaureate program, or the Advanced Placement exams….

So we propose that the government of the United States create “Personal Competitiveness Accounts” enabling everyone to get the continuing education and training they will need throughout their work lives. The government would create these accounts for every baby when born, with an initial deposit of $500, and continue to contribute at a lower level until that young person is 16, and later… The account would earn tax-protected interest as long as there was principal in it. Employers could contribute to it tax-free. So could the individual, through salary reductions, and even states might want to contribute as well.” [Emphases mine]

Gee, “the government would create….with an initial deposit” ….just whose money will the government be depositing? Oh, yes, the Monopoly money on education, the same fiat stuff they collect from the few that still pay taxes?

This taxpayer funded government administered college account— “Personal Competitiveness Account” appears to be a transformation of the parent funded, state college and brokerage firm administered 529 college plan accounts. You can place bets, (and win), that your current 529 plans and military personal contribution plans will get relabeled by bureaucratic doublespeak as a Federal Benefit payment or Entitlement program just like Social Security payments and Medicare have been relabeled.

The expansive use of the term “Entitlement” and the expansion of socialistic “entitlement” programs continues to cook the frogs in the pot. (The French, by the way, are pretty well fried by The System.)

This nationalized, centralized, standardized, and tiered system of Board Exams is precisely what most socialist, communist and fascist nations employ to feed their systemic pipeline of laborforce, socialist education, and administrative bureaucracies. In these nations “education” is provided by The State, for The State, and controlled through those that control The State and Commerce. The Commissions. (Interesting that this is precisely the designation of Tucker’s NCEE Committee. “The Commission.”)

These “educations” are essentially worthless. At least worthless to those who wish to be individual, autonomous intellectuals capable of self-governing and self-sufficiency under God. Ie. Those that wish to know Liberty.

Which is why for over a century those of socialist, “free” State orchestrated “education” have aspired and sacrificed to send their children to The United States for a singularly challenging academic intellectual “education.”

But no more.

The nationalized and standardized elementary and secondary education scheme, 21st Century College, Career and Citizenship Global Competencies, demands seamless alignment with “credit bearing” courses in community colleges, four-year colleges and universities. As a result, college course contents are academically lowered down to meet the lowest metric. The envious social justice equality bar continues to follow gravity to the lowest level…conformed to feed commerce for state “regional” needs. (or wants?)

And colleges are scurrying to find ways to remediate their lowest “performing” students to improve their testing metrics and prevent the realities of “non-credit” bearing course work, and keep their cash cow accreditation standings. This sounds like the College version of the dumbing down “No Child Left Behind” progressive education reform.

You may ask, “Why all this elaborate dumbing down scheme?”

“Why, We mustn’t hurt anyone’s feelings; particularly minority students, women, economically disadvantaged, parentless, or immigrants. Why, that would seem “oppressive.” “Everyone shall be Equal!!!” “All shall have College stickers…they will get degreed, deceived and become part of the bureaucracy of “equal justice!” Who knows, they might even go on to become principals, politicians or Presidents!”

(Imagine that…Well don’t, it’s a nightmare.)

The Fabian Socialists have reaped bountiful fruits (and nuts) from their century plus of indoctrination on college and university campuses in the United States and abroad. Recall their symbols are the turtle, slow and steady, and the wolf in sheep’s clothing, deceiving and consuming the naively innocent.

So, as local, state and federal taxpayer funded education and higher education schemes align with societal planners and the chambers of communism, securing a laborforce and an ongoing, self perpetuating cycle of government indoctrination, and retooling via aligned higher education, guess who gets left holding the bag?

Those who sacrificed and saved to provide for their families and

Those who sacrificed and saved the nation from foreign domination…

Aligned governmental bureaucrats and non-governmental schemers have left the middle class, who labor, consume, conform, and provide their sons and daughters to defend the nation, to pay the taxes that are redistributed to provide “free” education ad nauseum; and tie up their own moneys in accounts that must be used for dumbing down, enabling, and indoctrinating “education.”

Recall our Maxim that: You don’t get what you don’t pay for. Meaning anything “Free” has no value. Liberty has no meaning if it costs you nothing. And a “free” education, that costs one nothing, is worth just that. Nothing.

If you’re still in the woods, holding the bag waiting for the birds…best consider dropping the bag of worthless tricks.

Hold on to your own goodies, and keep your children free from the clutches of the wolves in sheep’s clothing intent on redistributing your goodies and consuming your children’s futures.

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