Lost in Space and Time: Intentional Anchorless Amnesia

Lost in Space and Time: Intentional Anchorless Amnesia

There is a time for everything,

And a season for every activity under Heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:1 

The Mishnah (Jewish spiritual writings) states:

There is a time and a place for everything.”

We even have a part of speech whose job it is to define these relationships. Prepositions of space (on, over, under, beside, through, around etc.) and time (before, during, after) help us to clarify these most needed frameworks.

But, what if you have no orientation, no point of reference, and no attachment to time and space?

Imagine you are Snow White,– full of terror, screaming, sobbing, quite alone in the wild woods, running on sharp stones, through thorn bushes, absent of paths, filled with wild animals, night is falling, the sky is full of clouds, and you’ve no cell phone, no map, no GPS, and —no point of reference.

Males might prefer the astronaut version.

While living on a lunar station, suited up and out for exploration, your tether has become severed and you’re literally floating in space. Screaming won’t work here, because there is no sound. No air and no audience—truly lost in space.

(I think I’ll stick to the woods…at least the Seven Dwarfs might come by…)

As human beings, we organize, orient, catalog, store, manipulate, relate, recall, and remember based upon these internal and external points of reference, structures, frameworks– called Temporal (time) and Spatial (Space) relationships.

Nearly everything we do to organize our lives relates to their place in a time sequence. Such that the organization of anticipated reality is expressed primarily in temporal-spatial relations.

Cause must precede effect, and as such, there are causes that must link place and time for them to occur.

Time and space relations allow us to go beyond our concrete surroundings and move with ease into the past and the future, as well as in physical space beyond the particular place we are in.

“Human beings would not be able to relate to the distant past without a cognitive infrastructure made up of days, weeks, months, years, etc. Neither would they be able to plan ahead without the means of organizing what lies ahead in modular units. Same is true for physical space.”*

If an individual does not employ these references, it is noted as a cognitive dysfunction. These folks do not grasp cause and effect relationships and they suffer (as do those around them) what is termed an “episodic grasp of reality.” It’s like watching one frame of a movie every twenty minutes…who knows what’s happening?

(This is why multi-tasking moms ask their husbands to explain the plot as they glance at the screen while en-route to some other task.. Perhaps it’s also why Dad’s choose to watch their civil war movies downstairs in their own man caves.)

Change happens and the way we perceive change can be somewhat subjective. Vacations go fast, a doctor appointment seems like it takes forever. Being lost in the woods and in space can seem like a lifetime. So this ability to have a time-space relationship adds a much-needed component of objectivity and organization to this perception of “change.”

Hang in there! We’ll get out of the woods “soon.”

Memory is primarily an encoding function. Meaning that much of memory recall relies on how the event, data, information, or experience is encoded, or stored, into our mind in the first place. If information is not organized and systematically placed in a framework, for ease of retrieval, we won’t be able to efficiently recall it, manipulate it, connect it, and make use of it.

We won’t spontaneously recognize the patterns or events repeating.

Spontaneous is an important word.

Time and space references must become an automatic process. Just like your computer or cell phone automatically attach a date and time reference to your documents, correspondence or messages.

Just as cameras offer an automatic date and time notation on photos or personal movies, we, too, must spontaneously create a time and space relationship to the information, data, stimuli, and experiences that we encounter. Otherwise we, and they, are lost in space. Like a box of old photos dropped on the floor, out of sequence, out of place and out of coherent cause and effect story line;

And equally frustrating because Grandpa and Grandma are no longer present to narrate the order of history…repeating.

This is precisely what is intentionally happening in Progressive driven “Education” today.

Recall that John Dewey’s goals were to discard the past, —precisely the knowledge, values, beliefs and Absolutes of the past, –and to leave students hanging in a disjointed suspended animation, caught in the sensory driven immediate gratification cage of the concrete “see it, touch it, do it” here and now.

Absent of a historical framework of patterns and chronological reference, students, (and many who are now adults), are unable to recognize Cause and Effect, behavioral actions and consequences. As a result of this intentional severing from the past and from a chronological framework, we see masses of citizens repeating the same historically documented social, political, economic and spiritual suicides of the past.

This is precisely the reason that Progressives, intent on transforming The United States to a Socialist Bureau-topia, chose to rewrite, omit, deny, and remove truth, and fabricate lies that would be deceptively labeled on book covers, grade cards, media, and public programming as: United States History and World History. (revised edition) 

Thus the reality that government education today, feeds children a fodder of informational texts, newsprint, and social agenda fillers, which essentially has the dates, removed. They could as easily post old news clippings with updated fashions, as there is no point of reference for these students to employ for objective encoding. Most parents do not have an accurate foundation of history to correct Junior’s infected fodder and fomenting fillers.

True History has gone the way of history.

History has been replaced by “Social Studies” and a host of “21st Century Citizenship” texts.

What else should budding Socialists be studying?

In “history,” social studies, and oppression literature courses, students now feast or vomit on a diet of themes of oppressive and socialist nature including: equal justice, equality of economics, racial envy and anger, women’s rights, sexual freedom, environmental sustainability, social justice advocacy, tolerance, sexual orientation, sex trafficking, and Human Rights, per the UN version. These are presented largely in written or video opinion form from vocal advocates, the “victims,” the avengers, and on-line informational texts absent of parental review.

Now would be a good time for a timely perspective from a conservative historian, statesman and sage, Russell Kirk:

“Ever since Paine’s Rights of Man was published, the notion of inalienable natural rights has been embraced by the mass of men in a vague and belligerent form, ordinarily confusing “rights” with desires.

This confusion in definition plagues society today, notably in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” proposed by the United Nations Organization: thirty articles, and a somewhat greater number of “rights” defined therein, including the right to free education, the right to “enjoy the arts,” the right of copyright, the right to an international order, the right to “the full development of personality,” the right to equal pay, the right to marry, and a great many more which actually are not rights at all, but simply aspirations.

The conservative adage that all radical “natural rights” are simply, in substance, a declaration of the Right to be Idle is suggested in Article 24: “Everyone has the right to rest and leisure, including reasonable limitation of working hours and periodic holidays with pay.”

This lengthy catalog of “rights” ignores the two essential conditions which are attached to all true rights:

First, the capacity of the individuals to claim and exercise the alleged right; second, the correspondent duty which is married to every right.

If a man has a right to marry, some woman has the duty of marrying him; if a man has a right to rest, some other person must have the duty of supporting him.

If rights are confused thus with desires, the mass of men must feel always that some vast, intangible conspiracy thwarts their attainment of what they are told is their inalienable birthright. Burke… perceiving this danger of fixing upon society a permanent grudge and frustration, tried to define true natural right and natural law.” [Bold emphases, mine]

This appears precisely what Progressive 21st Century Education is attempting to do: create a student citizenry angry, ignorant, confused and lacking both insight and foresight to organize, analyze, recognize, and prevent history from repeating in the present; nor to shape a hopeful future replete with true Liberty.

They are being conditioned to be Angry Anchorless Amnesiacs.

No tether, no history and a perception of a doomed future.

Unfortunately the church is not leading, but again is following the progressive culture.

Many churches today employ Thematic based curriculums. Most children, youth and adult classes have also taken on an episodic, disjointed, thematic mode of social gospel, Virtue programming. These often involve a theme of virtues or values, which is highlighted for the month. Biblical accounts, social stories, dramas, and trending secular media are matched to reinforce or contrast these virtue or values themes.

Like government education, these Values and Virtues themes are Lost in Space and Time. These thematic driven curriculums are not presented in a Chronological framework for students to systematically encode, organize, catalog, recall or apply. Nor do they grasp the huge Cause and Effect upon which the vast array of Biblical history teaches mankind and why we are to remember it in the first place. So that we will know how to live, relate, recognize the realities of the future, and prepare accordingly. Nor do they focus on God. Thus reinforcing the egocentrism for which the U.S. culture is notorious. **

Time and Space are a hodge podge, as lessons jump haphazardly from millennia to millennia, New to Old Testament, character to character, locale to locale, poetry, to narrative, in no organized fashion but that the curriculum writers could cut and paste a historical account to fit their virtue theme for the month.

Lacking a chronological framework the results are obvious.

Evidence reveals that these obedient Sunday School attending youth do not remember the accounts, the virtues, or the connections. Nor do they have an arsenal of knowledge to figure out how to dialog, debate and defend their Christian faith in a Darwinian Dewey Progressive education system in real time. They don’t grasp the cause and effect patterns of why these events took place, man’s part in it, and God’s continual mediation of grace, mercy, hope, and future.

Sadly many are left with a residual of pat answers, (if they venture to answer at all), concrete pictures without dates, locales, and lacking confidence in what they are supposed to “believe” and uphold. Thus many don’t.

In order for students to learn, encode and apply these Truths, Biblical History and beyond it must be presented in such a way as to efficiently organize it in their minds. We’ve got to give them the Spatial and Temporal frameworks to get it in place and time and make reinforcing relationships that will make it come to life application.

We can’t just leave them floating  Anchorless, Angry, and Amnesiatic in Space, in Time and on our Watch.

The Dwarfs provided a nice haven for Snow White. But, even a sweet group of groupies, and well-meaning forest animals, are no match for the evil that masquerades selling shiny objects in the woods.

Better to have the Princes and the Princesses armed with Truth, taught in such a way as to avert the envy and poison apples altogether.

Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live.

Teach them to your children and to their children after them.


Deuteronomy 4:9

*The Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Program, Theoretical and Conceptual Foundations by Reuven Feuerstein, Raphael Feuerstein, Louis Falik, and Yaacov Rand

Russell Kirk in The Conservative Mind

Give them the geography to begin visualizing and the chronologic timeframe continuum to systematically organize and reference these truths.

Help them to take the concrete playpen data and place it in the proper timeframe elaborating with other events that were also related to this time period and locale.


**(Real, perceived, and in many generations accurate, and widely propagated as true by the socialist equality crowd)

  1. answersingenesis.org

Answers Bible Curriculum provides a Chronologic and Apologetics based curriculum for all ages

  1. hillsdale.edu Hillsdale Constitutional Reader and on-line courses

Adam’s Synchronological Time line of World History

Terrence Moore’s The Story Killers, A Common Sense Case Against Common Core, includes an excellent history, literature and political science curriculum

Diana Waring’s History Revealed Series provides an excellent World History Curriculum complete with list after list of resource materials for further study of accurate History www.answersingenesis.org












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