SAT, Standardized Testing: Credentialing Minds or the Mindless?

SAT, Standardized Testing: Credentialing Minds or the Mindless?

The SAT is a standardized test produced by the College Board, (founded as the College Examination Entrance Board CEEB), and is used in the United States for consideration of admission to many colleges.

The “many” adjective is shrinking, as the SAT test, now infamous, is losing popularity among many conscientious folks that do think, mind minds, and embrace Liberty under God for their posterity.

A ‘standardized test’ is a test that is administered and scored in a consistent or “standard,” manner. Any test in which the same test is given in the same manner to all test takers is a “standardized test.”

Standardized testing is used primarily to compare outcomes across all test takers.

Earliest evidence of standardized testing is from China during the Zhou Dynasty (1122-256 BCE). Perhaps this provides an interesting connection to a nation that is known for mass conformity, duplication, and replication, as well as what to expect if other nations follow suit?

Prior to the 19th century, Western cultures did not embrace a standardization of citizens.

Western civilizations tended to prefer the development of individual minds, ideas, values, and abstract thinking using open-ended questioning and debate based upon the methods of the Ancient Greeks and the Jews; seeking Truth, transmitting identity, knowledge, recognizing beauty and good, and how to apply these while retaining cultural values. Thus, assessment of knowledge, discernment, and application was verified by verbal communication, written essays, and personal conduct.

The British took on standardized testing in British India in the late 19th century, based on the Chinese system. This standardized testing spread not only throughout the British Commonwealth, but also to Europe and then to the United States.

Standardized testing in the United States is noted as a 20th century phenomenon with implementation linked to World War I and the Army’s Alpha and Beta tests. Immigration also played a significant role in the use of standardized testing in the United States as standardized tests were used to test social roles, social power, and status of newly arriving immigrants.

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) of 1965, laden with entitlement welfare Title funding, signed by Progressive President Lyndon B. Johnson, mandated compulsory standardized testing of all public school students. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 demanded increased standardized testing for taxpayer funded public schools. So much standardized dumbing down had transpired as a result of the previous fifty years of teaching to the test, and lowering of “standards”, that the perceived crisis, paved the way for the current standardized nationalized education fiascos entitled: Race to The Top (RTTT), nefariously deceptive Waivers from NCLB, and the production of more mindlessness via what is now rebranded as 21st Century College, Career and Citizenship Competencies.

Translated, this implies a production of standardized Zhou Dynasty laborers.

The College Board, whose logo, interestingly enough, is the ACORN, is a private company in the United States that was founded in 1899 at Columbia University.

It is also interesting that the College Board’s initial 12 founding Universities and Colleges include many of the same colleges/ universities at which the Fabian Socialists formed their initial Intercollegiate Socialist Societies, and that are known for signing professors of The Humanist Manifestos. These coincident founding colleges and universities include: Columbia University, New York University, University of Pennsylvania, Barnard College, Harvard University, Cornell University, Princeton University etc.

The purpose of a university should be to make a son as unlike his father as possible.”

Woodrow Wilson, President of Princeton University 1902-1910

(confessions from the mouth of “President Progress”…)

The current College Board membership association includes more than 6,000 schools, colleges, universities and other educational organizations. The College Board develops and administers standardized, norm-referenced tests, and curricula used by K-12 and post secondary institutions to promote college-readiness and as part of the college admissions process.

The College Board is perceived as authoring, administering, propagating and controlling a self-promoting monopoly of standardizing the minds of Americans via its membership associates’ and the public’s dependency on their testing schemes. The College Board controls and administers the: SAT, PSAT, National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, AP –Advanced Placement Program to High schools, SpringBoard (pre-Advanced Placement program), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Accuplacer, and the CSS/ Financial Aid PROFILE.

In addition to the fees it charges for its “services”, the College Board receives millions of dollars from the Federal Government and generous donors such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The College Board president is the same fellow, David Coleman, who helped architect and author the Common Core/College and Career Ready/ 21st Century Competencies.

The SAT is a standardized and norm referenced test.

Norm referenced testing means that the scores of one test-taker are compared to the scores of his or her peers. Test-taker scores are compared to a “normative” sample of test-takers and ranked in reference as to how the sample (norm) scored on the same test.

Test-takers cannot “fail” a norm-referenced test, as each test-taker receives a score that compares the individual to others that have taken the test.

Life on the bell curve… the downward slope is never recognized, the bell keeps shifting progressively to the anti-thesis, (the Left), as water spirals down seeking gravity’s lowest level. It’s all about comparing to the ever-lowering consensus; rather than to The Standard that projects upward and does not alter.

By abolishing the assignment of grades based on objective value, the norm-referenced, rank and label system, rewards a devilish virus promoting envy and enmity against those that conscientiously excel, as well as reinforcing the subjugation of others.

Since all is ranked by comparison, not objective Truth, the behavioral conditioning promotes a competition against a universal elevation of knowledge and goodness. Norm-referenced testing rewards strategies aimed at elevating oneself by keeping others down. The result is a weeding out process rewarding those that have the most money, the best connections, willingness to compromise and appease for the perceived Pavlov’s reward, and are primed to be most easily manipulated to play planners’ game.

Rather than respect students as individuals, parents as responsible for their children, consistent evidences of intrinsic motivation, and the student’s proven educational performance history, as valid indicators of future academic growth,– many colleges, universities, and aligned government “education” systems have placed the College Board vendor in a position to perform a standardized and consensus ranking “credentialing” of students and their futures.

Considering the cradle through college influence the College Board wields over these individuals and institutions via curriculums, prepping, testing, administering, scoring, funding, profits, public relations promotions, counselors, and its government sponsorship, one can hardly deem the College Board an “officiator of objectivity.”

The SAT has plummeted to a verification of humanist progressive indoctrination, signifying compliance, conformity, and future malleability aka 21st Century soft skills.

Verifying the timing for Bokanovsky’s Process, replicating the Alphas, Betas, Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons by removal from the conveyor belt at their appropriate incubation stage.

“Essentially,” the D.H.C. concluded, “bokanovskification consists of a series of arrests of development. We check the normal growth and, paradoxically enough, the egg responds by budding.

…Bokanovsky’s Process is one of the major instruments of social stability!”

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Just as most schools receive “accreditation” from the monopoly accreditor AdvancEd, which partners with over 32,000 schools and school systems, employing more than 4 million educators across the United States and 70 other nations, to provide government required “accreditation”; College Board, its associates and testing schemes attempt to fulfill a rent-seeking, humanitarian advertised, monopoly as The Credentialer of student knowledge.

As such, colleges and universities that place value on AP courses, SAT scores and other College Board products will be populated with a herd of easily manipulated conformists ready for further uploading of the latest socialist advocacy, oppression theory, shame and blame, and green earth worshipping ideologies. These students provide soft putty in socialistic charismatic professorial hands and easy prepping to fill the roles of insect authority offered by The State, The Committees, The Comintern and Crony Capitalists funding leveling Globalization “Stability” Causes.

The IB, International Baccalaureate and the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment), tests are equally as corrupted. International thinkers recognize these tests as mere indicators verifying Global conformity, verifying one’s abilities to regurgitate uploaded opinions of noted Socialists, environmental worship, and levelling social justice United Nations Human Rights mantras. ***

Yet, with all this evidence of the corrupted monopoly and the game, intelligent parents continue to pay the cost to place their children’s tokens on the board. Oh yes, this norm-referenced standardized testing scheme, is not nearly as “standardized” as the vendors would have one believe.

SAT test scores mean more than mere college admissions acceptance. High scores can open doors and pay cash. So, parents pay cash to have Junior tutored to pass the test. There exists an entire cadre of SAT preppers whose costs range well into the thousands; including many vendors promising to increase test scores by at least 150 points. Lured by promises of scholarships or Ivy League labels, parents can spend over $3,000 dollars without sneezing.

So much for standardized equality of testing.

Test scores attach perceived value to the student in other ways.

Test scores determine scholarships, indicate perceived remediation, direct future course selection, profile career paths, class rank, open doors to prestigious Ivy league colleges….or slam them shut; provide credentials for brainy groups, fraternities, sororities, marriage, and can CRUSH perceptions of self worth and “potential” for further learning.

Scores can pump up and reinforce a pragmatic stance for those absent established integrity, virtues or backbone or who are more than willing to compromise to the highest bidder. Thus, scores can truly credential the next wave of conformed conditioned committee-controlled gumbees.

Alas, not all parents are so gullible, naïve, or lacking in principle. Nor are all colleges so easily manipulated. Fair Test, the National Center for Fair and Open testing, lists more than 850 Colleges and Universities that do not use SAT/ ACT testing scores for admittance into their degreed programs.

Parents must use their prowess as consumers and their feet to walk to those institutions that are willing to play their game, and by their rules. Not Monopoly.

During a recent teleconference, when asked the question,

“How do we stop the monopoly of the College Board?”

Jane Robbins, of The American Principles Project, answered emphatically,

“Don’t take the SAT Test!”

It’s a business; stop supporting them.

Parents and virtuous citizenry, must align to return education to those closest to the student, the values of the family, and the proven knowledge that has produced citizens possessing character, virtue, intellect, prudence and humility; Citizens who are qualified to self-govern, discern and defend the Truth, and unflinchingly Stand willing to pay the cost for Liberty – Not the cost of false credentials.

Socialists have been allowed to commandeer vast territories of minds via their systematic infiltration of college and university campuses over the last century. This has produced clones of collectivist mindlessness, now deeply infiltrated into the deepest recesses of rural America.

Those of traditional values, virtues and proven knowledge must reclaim lost territory beginning with their own minds and those of their own children.

If you believe college and university study is the best path for your child, then you’d best be commandeering the lost colleges and working with other platoons who are founding educational institutions that will support values, virtues, and knowledge consistent with those upon which America was founded and blessed.



PISA is a program of the OECD, organization for Economic Co-operation and Development


***Interestingly enough, PISA is not doing so well, as expressed in this letter to its program director and signed by over 70 Education professionals from around the globe, below is an excerpt attesting to the leaning Tower of PISA:

“We write to you in your capacity as OECD’s (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) director of the Programme of International Student Assessment (Pisa). Now in its 13th year, Pisa is known around the world as an instrument to rank OECD and non-OECD countries (60-plus at last count) according to a measure of academic achievement of 15-year-old students in mathematics, science, and reading. Administered every three years, Pisa results are anxiously awaited by governments, education ministers, and the editorial boards of newspapers, and are cited authoritatively in countless policy reports. They have begun to deeply influence educational practices in many countries. As a result of Pisa, countries are overhauling their education systems in the hopes of improving their rankings. Lack of progress on Pisa has led to declarations of crisis and “Pisa shock” in many countries, followed by calls for resignations, and far-reaching reforms according to Pisa precepts.

We are frankly concerned about the negative consequences of the Pisa rankings. These are some of our concerns:

  • While standardised testing has been used in many nations for decades (despite serious reservations about its validity and reliability), Pisa has contributed to an escalation in such testing and a dramatically increased reliance on quantitative measures. For example, in the US, Pisa has been invoked as a major justification for the recent “Race to the Top” programme, which has increased the use of standardised testing for student-, teacher-, and administrator evaluations, which rank and label students, as well as teachers and administrators according to the results of tests widely known to be imperfect (see, for example, Finland’s unexplained decline from the top of the Pisa table).
  • In education policy, Pisa, with its three-year assessment cycle, has caused a shift of attention to short-term fixes designed to help a country quickly climb the rankings, despite research showing that enduring changes in education practice take decades, not a few years, to come to fruition. For example, we know that the status of teachers and the prestige of teaching as a profession have a strong influence on the quality of instruction, but that status varies strongly across cultures and is not easily influenced by short-term policy.
  • By emphasising a narrow range of measurable aspects of education, Pisa takes attention away from the less measurable or immeasurable educational objectives like physical, moral, civic and artistic development, thereby dangerously narrowing our collective imagination regarding what education is and ought to be about.
  • As an organisation of economic development, OECD is naturally biased in favour of the economic role of public [state] schools. But preparing young men and women for gainful employment is not the only, and not even the main goal of public education, which has to prepare students for participation in democratic self-government, moral action and a life of personal development, growth and wellbeing.
  • Unlike United Nations (UN) organisations such as UNESCO or UNICEF that have clear and legitimate mandates to improve education and the lives of children around the world, OECD has no such mandate. Nor are there, at present, mechanisms of effective democratic participation in its education decision-making process.
  • To carry out Pisa and a host of follow-up services, OECD has embraced “public-private partnerships” and entered into alliances with multi-national for-profit companies, which stand to gain financially from any deficits—real or perceived—unearthed by Pisa. Some of these companies provide educational services to American schools and school districts on a massive, for-profit basis, while also pursuing plans to develop for-profit elementary education in Africa, where OECD is now planning to introduce the Pisa programme.
  • Finally, and most importantly: the new Pisa regime, with its continuous cycle of global testing, harms our children and impoverishes our classrooms, as it inevitably involves more and longer batteries of multiple-choice testing, more scripted “vendor”-made lessons, and less autonomy for teachers. In this way Pisa has further increased the already high stress level in schools, which endangers the wellbeing of students and teachers.

These developments are in overt conflict with widely accepted principles of good educational and democratic practice:….”



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