Gobbled: Systematically Socialized, Conformed and Consumed.

Gobbled: Systematically Socialized, Conformed and Consumed.

Then He said to me, “Son of man, eat this scroll I am giving you

and fill your stomach with it.”

So I ate it, and it tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth.”

Ezekiel 3:3

Nearly every culture has a system, a format, an established tradition, or a specific ritual as to how they eat their food, their meals.

The French take two hours to savor morsels sautéed and sauced.

The Italians don’t eat until after 9:00 pm. By that hour, any shape of pasta covered with any sauce, seems fit for consumption.

The Germans prefer their cuisine to be heavy, hearty and hemmed in with steins of brewed hops and served by robust dirndled frauleins.

Haitians fry all with plantains.

Indian fare, whether subtle or spicy, hot or mild, “all tastes like chicken” cloaked in rustic earth tones, is stuffed in, scooped up, or sopped up with tandoori pita; using one’s right hand, of course.

Jewish meals teach history and keep “the main thing the main thing” by successfully developing and transferring knowledge, thereby preserving identity and purpose.

Americans, as the consummate consumers, eat all day long while grazing, gobbling, and gorging on highly exaggerated imitations of supposedly International cuisine. Subtlety is not a distinguishing hallmark of American venture capitalist attempts to duplicate international culture. (Accurate replication seems to be best left to those most noted for standardized duplication, featuring masses of highly controlled variables….coming soon to a neighborhood near you.)

The manner in which folks consume their food can also be quite interesting.

For example, engineers, and folks who like to do things systematically, can be easily identified, with impressive accuracy, by direct mealtime observation. It has been noted that an engineer’s level of geekiness can be rated based upon their patterns of meal consumption. Some folks consume their food in a systematic left to right pattern mimicking a manual typewriter; some consume periphery to center in clockwise or counter clockwise spiral, and some chew based upon an ordered color scheme. **

We are all familiar with our own household meal patterns, celebration rituals, and established traditions of various feasting venues.

But, alas, the Gobblers are at it again, accelerating the capture, conformity, gutting, stuffing and consuming of the small fry, the student citizens of the United States of America. The children have been placed on the menu. Via multi-layered programming, from birth to corpse, children are being placed on the conveyer belts for processed conditioning and consumption.

Such processing programs include:

  1. Government controlled preschools funded by taxpayers, yoked with formerly independent religious organizations, now compromised via the Employment Non-discrimination Act (ENDA), the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) and other such public-private melded muzzling. These government-aligned preschools implement such conformist mind-stunting collectivist curriculums as High Scope and place the wee little ones thoroughly in the data profiling for outcomes Internet highway. After all, they are “Wards of The State.” Personal privacy is non-existent once on the government “education” highway. These children will provide plenty of societal planner metrics fodder for cost benefit analyses correlating DNA, family history, ethnicity, interventions, processes, and programs for “effective” societal outcomes.

2. Regardless of which progressive preschool, these socializing sources feed into the government elementary and secondary schools, which highlight such programs as the Alpha program, noted extensively for its progressive content, and UN marinations. Note the content of what Alphas are tweeting and posting on their social media, to recognize how effectively the social justice uploading has transpired.

3. The standardizing conveyor continues with PSAT, SAT, and Advanced Placement (AP) courses, such as the recently revealed APUSH curriculum; Advanced Placement U.S. History, whose distinguishing notoriety, is its absence of United States History. Tanya Ditty, a certified AP History educator is quoted as saying of the new APUSH framework,

“I didn’t even recognize it as American history standards.”

Mrs. Ditty leads in the fight, as a seasoned educator and Concerned Woman of America, opposing the lies that are being pushed on American children via the latest monopoly move of the College Board. This new AP U.S. History is a collection of shameful lies for which taxpayers are paying to teach United States students to be ashamed of United States history, its foundations, its Founders, its Faith, its Liberty, its focus, and its fortunes. Which will most assuredly affect Her Future and theirs.

4. The Gobblers have notoriously pushed the International Baccalaureate (IB) to a naïve and unsuspecting populace, easily impressed with anything that sounds “international” in nature; a United States populace who is ignorant of the truth that the International leaders have long sent their children to the United States of America for a non-IB “education.” At least an “education” for those aspiring to lead in their fields of expertise or participate in a land of self-governing. International folks have long sent their children to the states so as to remove their heirs from being part of the socialist, fascist, despotic totalitarian-tiered system that replicates, enslaves and feeds on the lower classes, the masses.

The IB has its origins in UNESCO funding, and was, and is designed to provide standardized curriculum to produce standardized students for the world.

5. The falling towers of the standardized norm-referenced PISA, Programme for International Student Assessment, crash loud and clear. (What else is to be expected when PISA too, is contracted with Pearson, of Globalization 101? Ugh!)

Noted Academic leaders from around the globe express their deep concern regarding the impact of PISA tests and call for a halt of the next round of testing in a formal letter to the OECD Director of PISA. The entire letter is published in a May 2014 article in the United Kingdom publication The Guardian.*

Talk about a global epidemic as we witness the brain stunting effects of “teaching to the test” and ranking to the herd.

6. Yes, lets talk more about that in a moment, but first another United Kingdom correlation, since we are close “cousins” and what trends in UK usually hits the USA within 5 years. Approximately 93% of UK children attend government-funded and controlled schools. Even though, these schools may have a private foundation, trust or religious affiliation, they still use the same standardized government curriculum, The National Curriculum. Take for example the Voluntary Controlled (VC) Schools and the Voluntary Aided (VA) schools. The Voluntary Controlled Schools (which is an interesting designation doublespeak) are 100 percent government funded; while the Voluntary Aided are 90% government funded. But, both school choices follow the National Curriculum…like every other school that receives a morsel of government money. (Sound familiar yet?) Oh yes, the Voluntary Aided, are what is left of a religious school, and may teach a course in “religious education”…just like the Nazis allowed the German schools to do.

7. Speaking of despots, let’s take a look at a typical example of a European nation, familiar with the effects of despotism, communism, fascism, and corruption. Romania provides a good example of what much of the masses of European education experience.

Education is government regulated and government enforced.

Students are taught to memorize and regurgitate a National curriculum, replete with socialist ideologies, fed from the UN pipeline including the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights fodder (the 1948 documents championing socialistic entitlement, but failing to recognize that someone must fund these desires.) Ninety-eight percent (98%)of the students attend a government-funded state school. School is “free” and advertised as “egalitarian.”

Classes are reshaped at the end of 4th grade based on student academic performance.

At the end of the 8th year of school (age 14 or 15 years) students take a nation-wide test, called The National Test, which may only be taken once.

If the student passes The National Test, he is allowed to enroll in a high school; if he fails The National Test, he will have to join a School of Crafts or Trades for two years. End of line. (And this is “egalitarian” ? How convenient for State planners who also control the dictionary doublespeak qualifying access to “equality.”)

Students that pass The National Test must compete to enroll in specific high schools, which specialize in designated career paths such as academics, military defense, economics, science, or technical training. High schools last from 2 to 4 years. A student’s ranking is based upon their National Test score and their yearly averages of their year 5-8 scores and participation in the National Computerized Repartition.

Moving right along, after 4 years of high school, students who have made it this far, participate in a highly centralized, high stakes, National Exam, which they must pass to validate their high school credentials and allow them to pursue University studies if scores are high enough. The government police oversee the grading of these exams.

The student lives a life of fear, perceiving their life value as hanging in the balance based on their testing performance. Such is the mantra of “hope and change” that United States’ education reformers like the NCEE, Tucker and Clinton’s National Center for Education and the Economy, The Commission systematically script in their Tough Choices or Tough Times plan.

The NCEE Commission Plan strikingly parrots that of communist, socialist and fascist nations like Russia, China, Romania, England, UNESCO and its International Baccalaureate, PISA and most of Europe’s scheme of centralized, nationalized, and standardized, laning of “education”.

The iron wall never did fall. It just dug beneath exteriors creating tunnels infiltrating schools, churches, and parliaments and facilitating rats carrying the plague.

Back to the Dark Ages, Globally.

The consumption is magnified in that current United States parents and most educators do not know world history themselves.

Social Studies courses (socialist studies) taught to middle school students across the nation, are largely exempt of accurate physical textbooks, and are primarily taught by a cadre of internationally indoctrinated UN aligned educators. Young educators are utilizing unvetted internet accessed informational texts spouting opinions of equal rights, economic and oppression theories, global resource sustainability, and repackaged political ideologies whose rebranding continues to wake the dead victims of the past. If only someone would listen. But there is no music when the audience is deaf—deaf and lacking the means by which to detect the lies.

An audience, our student citizenry, has been programmed to “feel” emotionally ashamed, guilty, and obligated to repay a debt they did not incur, for a crime that did not transpire, yet, as students, are being conditioned to advocate for social justice reparations that will demand their lives.

Those living in socialist, communist, fascist fear have nearly given up hope that the God-fearing folks of self-government would come to their intellectual senses– while they witness the change as the United States denies access to truthful knowledge, by nationalizing curriculums, increases standardized, norm-referenced testing, demanding metrics of conformity via its latest gobbling scheme of “college, career and citizenship competencies” for 21st century Global laborers.

Centralization, standardization, and high stakes testing will systematically produce a collective of stunted minds and spirits while it assigns them their rank to serve with the chariots and horses, commanders of thousands and commanders of fifties, to plow the ground and reap the harvest, make weapons of war and equipment for chariots, as perfumers, cooks and bakers, herdsmen, maids and slaves, the waste collectors, scientists, technicians, educators, and bureaucrats; all a recycling repeat of the socialist leftovers, debris, stench and virulent toxins.

Privately educated President Abraham Lincoln wisely commented on socialism, globalization and Nationalized, Standardized, Norm-referenced– “Free” Education:

“You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.”

“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.”

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.”

“You cannot further brotherhood of men by inciting class hatred.”

“You cannot establish sound security on borrowed money.”

“You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man’s initiative.”

“You cannot really help men by having the government tax them to do what they can and should do for themselves.” 

Systematically Gobbled: confused, conditioned, shamed, shaped, conformed….and consumed.

Take heart. There are those who do not eat the free fast-food.

There is always a remnant.

Which begs the question: Which banquet will you and yours attend? The consumed or that of The Consummation?

Bon Appetit.

“I took the little scroll from the angel’s hand and ate it.

It tasted as sweet as honey in my mouth,

But when I had eaten it, my stomach turned sour. Then I was told, “You must….”

Rev 10:10 

What is it that you must do?

* http://www.theguardian.com/education/2014/may/06/oecd-pisa-tests-damaging-education-academics




**(Since it is estimated that up to eight percent of males have red-green color perception deficiency…and engineers continue to be predominately male, this may affect our observed patterns of consumption. Perhaps that will warrant a genetic study determining if a correlation exists between geeky fathers and geeky daughters,– since women are the carriers for male color deficiency inherited from their fathers.)

http://www.cwfpac.com Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families






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