Capitalism Conforms to Communism Under the Guilt, Guise and Gospel of Humanitarian Benevolence

Capitalism Conforms to Communism Under the Guilt, Guise and Gospel of Humanitarian Benevolence

“Social Justice,” and its leveling “equality” redistributions, continues to wreak manipulations in churches, communities, and commerce across the plains of “America”:

An “America,” that seems to have gone Global, in its perceived “responsibilities.”

Via the United Nations Universal Human Rights decrees, the Humanist Manifesto affirmations, and Liberal theology, the American taxpayer is undergoing a psychological sensory-emotional driven manipulation to underwrite their own demise.

From pulpit to potluck; prayer meeting to fundraiser; youth meeting to missions; marketing, movies to social media, the American family is being made to feel as if it is their duty to fulfill the wishes, whims, and wants of The Global UN and the Emergent Church leaders of today.

New packaging same message: “Man can do it all. Without God.”

“We’ll just roll up our sleeves, get out of the boat, sell our stuff, give it away, fix everybody and wipe poverty off the face of the earth.

Oh, and we’ll save the earth too, while we’re at it.”

Article fourteen of the Humanist Manifesto, written and signed by a bunch of college professors and liberal theologians infected with German rationalism, states its opposition to “acquisitive and profit-motivated society” and calls for an egalitarian world community based on voluntary mutual cooperation.

Sound familiar?

It’s not just Brameld, Huxley, Dewey, Skinner, Watson and Crick promoting this atheistic thought anymore. Now this psychological ideology is actually propagated by supposed “Capitalists” to a bunch of naïve, Biblically illiterate, and culturally ignorant “Christians.”

“Emergently”, this warped version of “social justice” has been rebranded to a 21st Century social gospel that is to unify, and equalize everyone globally, and has become the Western capitalist consumers’ duties to economically fulfill.

How is that? You may ask. Good question. By multiple techniques of “redistribution”…some done willingly, so as to receive notoriety and pride fulfilling accolades, and some not so obvious.

Take for example the trending wave of humanitarian venture capitalists assisting in the outsourcing acts of kindness. Middlemen manipulated acts of Merchandising which ultimately cripple, corrupt, demoralize, shame, create dependency, and enslave the unlucky recipients; all under the guise of “love of humanity.”

Kenyan Pastor, Oscar Muriu eloquently points out how great Americans are at fixing things (so they think) and having compassion, but also how our culture can stand in the way of truly helping people.

“What I need is a brother who comes and gives me a shoulder to cry on, gives me space to express my pain, but does not try and fix me.”

Pastor Oscar Muriu 

The globe is full of the debris, division, and dependency wrought by well intending folks trying to “fix” other folks. Yet, the capitalist marketeers and product peddlers continue to seize another “opportunity” to ply emotions, dangle stuff, and stroke consciences via Two for One, “Buy One—Give One, (BOGO)” merchandising.

BOGO’s range from shoes, to watches, eye wear, food, clothing, coffee, soap, soccer balls, trees, toys, to dog food etc. These “buy one-give one” venture capitalists have sucked folks in and signed folks up for the going green, going global, promoting, and funding of the Humanist UN driven Manifestos.

Product peddlers feeding on a gullible populace gone globally conscience, throw out the philanthropy, the compassion, the social justice, the social gospel and in reality, also throw out the product, the laborers, the Liberty, and the capitalism. All in favor of a communism, which, by its very nature, totally disregards one’s own culture, and that of the recipients of this goofy, (did someone say, “Marxist”?) redistribution plan.

They disrupt a great deal more as well by promoting themselves as benevolent middlemen doing acts of charity on behalf of…..who? Another great question.

Who does benefit from this oh so convenient, so streamlined, so effortless, so impersonal, “you don’t need to bother getting to know folks, get your hands dirty, or build any true relationship with those upon which your materialistic fallout corrupts”, methods?

These consumer paid give away programs remove the need for family:

Remove the need for a father to provide for his family. And remove the need for a community to support itself, solve its own problems and keep itself locally accountable.

These programs shame and demean a father’s provision as not being adequate for his family. Recall the word “economy” derives from the Greek, “oikonomia” meaning household manager. A man works to provide for his family. No need, no father. The United States Welfare State, speaks loudly to how well entitlement has worked to demolish the recipient families here.

These unthinking programs attempt to define “poverty”, “standards” and criteria for “need” based upon materialistic Western marketing agendas. These entitlement propagating programs undermine and remove the need to work, in ones own culture and economy. They disrupt a culture’s own transmission of traditions, values, beliefs, standards, and style. They undermine confidence in one’s own traditional means on small and grand scales.

“This tendency to fix it, has become a real issue…so many people have come to fix us that ‘Oh Lord —please don’t bring another person to “fix” us.’

We’ve been fixed so many times that we’re a real mess now.

Please allow us to be us.

Allow us to find God and to find Faith in the reality of our need.”

Pastor Muriu, Nairobi Kenya 2014

Besides making a mess of those intended to be helped by these “charitable” freebies, this also makes fools of the American consumers and ultimately the businesses that compromise their products, their competitiveness, their reputations, and their employees by propagating a two for one mentality.

Every consumer should know by now that nothing is “free” and they are the ultimate funders of such philanthropic promotions, and their product is likely a degraded cheaper version retailed at inflated prices. They should also recognize that the laborers of these businesses are likely not receiving a fair wage for production of said products.

These laborers, designers, distributors, and marketers may also be showered with UN and Humanitarian guilt promoting: opposition to “acquisitive and profit-motivated society” as it calls for an egalitarian world community based on voluntary mutual cooperation.

What incentive is there to work, or produce excellence in craftsmanship if folks get it for “free”, anyway?

That is Communism, Socialism, Marxism…except there is always the elite Commission, Comintern, or ruling Council, Chamber, or Club.

This is false guilt, shame and mercy killing of: free market capitalism, liberty under God, the recipients of these entrapments, and the gullible “conscience stricken” conditioned, and manipulated consumers, who are funding the enslavement of others and catalyzing the waves of Marxist socialism on the shores of America and around the globe. The waves have turned to tsunamis.

Gee whiz folks. Why would any man stick around and provide for his offspring and his family, if the American mercy killers will do it for him in his absence and with such fashion and flare as they enslave their entire country? Why would a man see his children do without the latest envy invoking trends, sponsorship, connections, freebies and labels could provide?

As the UN aligned Humanists envisioned, soon all these so called formerly Capitalistic Commerce driven companies will become nonprofits, just like city, state, and national governments, Healthcare, Education, Colleges, Universities, community organizations, faith based initiatives, humanitarian organizations, and the religious sector. All will be mere minions and puppets of the Marxist humanitarian equalizing government as “God.” Thus, fulfilling the edicts of the Humanist Manifesto, Marx and the United Nations; Same Underwriter merely with renamed reconstructionist underwriters, and renamed doublespeak.

The results of thoughtless do-gooder attempts to play “culture gods” under the guise of Christianity, faith based initiatives, governments, humanitarian benevolence, and social justice equality will be a continued leveling of hedonism promoting a tyrannical despotism.

By attempting to “fix” folks and remove the “need” that causes man to seek out and depend on God, rather than on men playing god– venture capitalists, emergent churches, and well intending, but ignorant folks have placed themeselves into the hands of despots seeking to manipulate and enslave the masses via the use of shame, blame and toxic mercy.

God did this so that men would seek Him and perhaps reach out for Him and find Him, though He is not far from each of us.”

Acts 17:27

This “need” is about God, and depending on Him, not on man’s misguided attempts to solve problems, by interject himself, his stuff, and his fix it solutions, between the recipients and God’s means of drawing men, women and peoples to a personal saving knowing of Himself and His provision.

Do your research on the Emergent Church authors and verify if your church, small groups, teachers, and faith based initiatives, and non profits, are using these methods to manipulate, motivate and supposedly get you and yours out of the boat.

Better yet, study the Scriptures and learn truly what The Church is supposed to be doing. You might be surprised that it is not a “mission” trip to some foreign land to fix them.

“They said, “Help protect us.”

I thought they were needing protection mostly from insensitive government agencies and oil companies who were exploiting their land. This is painful and hard to say because there are many people who have committed years of their lives to helping the Huaorani, but their need for protection from the overbearing, over-indulging outside Christian community was as great a need for protection as anything else. This is from the standpoint of the Huaorani believers.”

Interview with Steve Saint, who lived with the Auca’s of Ecuador





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