Cybersnooping Doublespeak: Rampant Rape and Pillage of the Peasants

Cybersnooping Doublespeak: Rampant Rape and Pillage of the Peasants via the Barbarian Bureaucracy Borg

When America removed “In God We Trust”, she transformed to fractionalized pragmatic bureaucracies of less than trustworthy.

No longer was the Common Good, so common.

“In those days there was no king in Israel; every man did that which was right in his own eyes.”

Judges 21:25

Monarchies run on honor, Republics run on virtue, and Despotisms run on fear.

Bureaucracies run on data, doublespeak, intimidation, censorship and “connectedness.” The infrastructure; The Network.

The Nazis, the committees, the commissions, and the cominterns are at it again, censoring the mail, showering propaganda, aiding and abetting identity theft, and lining their coffers, colleges, councils, and roads with the peasants.

As history repeats, equally consistent in these charismatic schizophrenic despots is their rhetoric of doublespeak.

Take for example the prized social security number. The federal government assigned number by which an individual’s identity, credit, birth, death, investments, inheritance, healthcare, education, purchases, labor, earnings, taxation, licensing, character, travel and assets are tracked, verified, taxed and logged; both for citizen or immigrant.

The U.S. government social security administration warns of the dangers of giving out this number and to guard it with your life; to not carry it with you, to not photocopy the card, but to store it in a fireproof safe.

The Social Security Administration protects your Social Security number and

keeps your records confidential. We do not give your number to anyone, except

when authorized by law. You should be careful about sharing your number, even

when you are asked for it. You should ask why your number is needed, how it

will be used and what will happen if you refuse.

The answers to these questions

can help you decide if you want to give out your Social Security number.”

Yet, in this same document, they tell you to give your Social Security Number to your employer and to your banking institutions. In reality, there are increasingly a number of government laws requiring the dispersal of said private, “don’t give over the Internet” social security number.

The riskiest places to give your social security number are primarily ones that the “keep-you-oh-so-safe” government requires that you give the number to.

Universities and colleges

Banking and Financial Institutions


State Governments

Local Governments

Federal Government

Medical Businesses (medical supply companies, pharmaceutical companies, medical insurance billing businesses etc.)

Non-profit organizations

Technology companies

Health insurers and Medical offices

The 4.5 million patients of Community Health Systems (206 hospitals in 28 states) who just had their records hacked, including access to their names, Social Security numbers, addresses, birthdays and telephone numbers, can attest to how safe they feel as a result of all the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) promises and forms they’ve had to read, consent, and initial.

Really makes all those parents of newborns with their DNA on file feel “oh so warm and fuzzy” about the arrival of Junior into the Borg database network.

You did know that newborn DNA is now kept on file by “the government” and linked to school records in some states?

That hits about 7 on our list of 10 riskiest with one drop of blood–And that, even before the vaccination smorgasbord and government preschool.

Yet, there are more places, equally as risky and equally as violating. Such as, now that Junior has arrived– a larger vehicle is in order.

When purchasing a new to you vehicle, one over ten thousand dollars ($10,000), the dealer must report the sales transaction to the Internal Revenue Service along with the purchaser’s Social Security Number. Good thing daddy didn’t buy mommy an heirloom quality set of diamonds to celebrate the new arrival of Junior, because the Jeweler too, would need to report the purchase and Social Security number to the IRS on good old form 8300. Certainly college tuition will exceed ten grand and so it too will need to be reported on this form, a host of other electronic forms…if college isn’t entirely free egalitarian UN Universal Rights by that time.

(“Free and worth just as much” as the truthful adage goes.)

Speaking of Junior and cybersnooping in general, let’s head to government “school”. More accurately: the site for social emotional herding and philosophical indoctrination, redistribution of tax dollars, tentacles of the metrics accountability for laborforce development and societal planning. “Education”.

Not only are children tracked birth to Career with over 800 data points (P-20) but a literal blood draw of mental property is flowing via government education and private education vendors who are seeking, and gaining access to personal student information to pad their profit margins, engender loyalty, upload ideologies and conduct research on how to do it more efficiently.

“A common tactic is to offer to schools “free” services, such as email, word processing, document-sharing, and messaging.”*

Free is never free. The consumer pays and is consumed.

(Clarification: some pay…an every shrinking tax base as all goes nonprofit and entitlement.)

The student gains familiarity with the “freemiums” provider’s products and thus a loyalty is secured.

“But perhaps the greater value to the providers (vendors) is access to student information for data-mining purposes. For example, providers such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo employ sophisticated algorithms to comb all data collected on individual user—emails, web searches, web sites visited (through cookies placed on the sites)—and use the results to target advertising to those users. In essence, this data—mining allows Google and similar providers to predict future behaviors based on past behavior and to sell highly lucrative targeted advertising based on those predictions.”

These are done without the parents’ permission and were “designed from the ground up to include highly sophisticated user profiling and data mining capabilities.” And even if the schools using Google Apps for Education declines the ad-serving option, the algorithm that mines the data are still running. Google lawyers admitted as much… “So via education apps, corporate providers are building massive databases that include individual students’ preferences and predicted behavior….these issues illuminate the threats to student privacy that may come from the private sector as well as the public (sector).”

Which explains why these corporations are endorsing and funding Nationalized education standards called Common Core or College and Career Ready Citizenship Standards…your state name attached. Indiana was the first state to rebrand these nefarious National curriculums and testing standards, in a double-time two-step shuffle around the barnyard, while the cows went to get milked, and everyone ended up with manure stuck to their boots. A bad odor still remains.

These rent-seeking profiteers include:


Bank of America



CVS Caremark


Exxon Mobil

General Electric




State Farm

United Airlines





Chamber of Commerce

You might be curious to see just what is being collected on Junior by the state “education” Borg. A Nevada dad asked the Nevada Department of Education to show him the information it is storing on his children.

John Eppolito was informed that “the Department’s Director of Information Technology….has estimated that the cost will be approximately $10,194.” Ironically the Nevada school database system is called: SAIN for “System of Accountability Information.” “The “accountability” component appears oriented toward everyone but the students’ own parents.” It also appears to be in violation of FERPA, which was gutted by this administration in 2012, but under which parents are at least supposed to be able to review and inspect their children’s educational records, whether maintained at the level of school, district, or state; And at no additional fee to the parents.

Under the FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) rewrite of 2012 “the new regulations, an “authorized representative,” designated to receive students Personal Identifiable Information (PII) without consent, can be literally anyone in the world.—another government agency (such as the department of Labor or Health and Human Services), a foundation or other private nonprofit organization, a research group, an individual, or a for-profit company. As long as the data were released in connection with an audit or evaluation of a federal or state sponsored “education program,” [even Virtual Public Schools done on-line at “home”], there would be no requirement of obtaining parental consent before the release.” (Cogs in the Machine by Joy Pullmann, Jane Robbins, Emmett McGroarty 2014 [bold and comment mine]

Then there are the Networks of Knowledge such as Indiana’s Network of Knowledge (INK) and Career Councils. Oh Joy, Indiana is also the epicenter for this societal engineering research lab. Indiana is designing a database to store information on individuals’ education to link with vocational and industry planning efforts. Sounds so simple, “we’ll dialog with big industries and see how many widget welders, CAD designers, bakers, and chariot runners they’ll need and revamp our education system to provide it, plus tax cuts, credits, favors and incentives, and reap what we sew in a business cut and past climate.”

As Jane Robbins, a senior fellow at the American Principals Project points out,

“But this corporatist model is incompatible with free enterprise and individual freedom.” 

Indiana’s Network of Knowledge (INK) will electronically link students’ files between the state Department of Education, Commission for Higher Education, and Department of Workforce Development along with state longitudinal database systems and the Workforce Data Quality Campaign. Critics of the program echo Jane Robbins comments;

“The government simply has no right to track my child throughout his life to see where he works, what he makes, etc. I don’t care if the tracking would yield valuable information for economic planning; I don’t care if the large corporate donors support it. In a free society, my child’s career choices, — as long as they’re legal—are not an appropriate object of government scrutiny.” 

Other critics express concerns like those of the recently 4.5 million hacked medical records regarding crystal-clear legislative purpose, privacy, security, and liability for failure to follow mandated privacy protection. Measures that should have been established prior to the Indiana INK bill being written and passed as legislation, but are conspicuously missing.

Principal number one of database information technology:

What an engineer can write an engineer can hack. There is absolutely no way to protect information that is acquired or stored particularly on a Network, Ethernet or Internet.

“ this era of Big Data and data-matching, there is no such thing as Anonymization. Individuals will be identified, and data will be hacked.”

Jane Robbins, senior fellow American Principals Project.

The state is apparently not so concerned with protecting its citizens, their identities, their intellectual or personal property or their “rights” to personal pursuit of happiness. But certainly certain to squeeze every drop, dollar and destiny for the benefit of said “State.”

Sadly, due to fallen human nature, and the rampant moral debasement in our nation, even churches must require background checks requiring social security number and date of birth on all church volunteers or parents that accompany minors in any capacity.

So who gains from all this “disclosure” ?

The identity theft protection services; Who also collect the private information.

And the bureaucratic despots, the socialist planners who scheme, analyze, systematize, process, program, and habituate folks into entrusting their lives to the “capable” credentialed commissioners.

“But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for He knew all men.

He did not need man’s testimony about man;

For He knew what was in a man.”

John 2:24-25

When God no longer dwells within men; men pretend to be ‘gods ‘ and feign to rule by Despotic Bureaucracies of Big Data pretending to be knowing, knowledgeable and omniscient.

The results are obvious.

For some folks–, hackers, censors or central planners cannot steal their identity.

Their Refuge and Fortress Stands in Him Who is Trustworthy and Omniscient and Omnipotent.

Keep Standing.















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