Parallel Processing to Pragmatic Perdition: Destruction of church and Education

Parallel Processing to Pragmatic Perdition: Destruction of church and Education

Pragmatic is defined as: Active rather than Thoughtful.

Pragmatism is defined as: The doctrine that ideas have value only in terms of their practical consequences.

Thus, the “What’s in it for me?”; “Get to the point, I’m busy, time is money” mentality. Typified by Rabbit of Winnie-the-Pooh and why Eeyore was always so gloomy…meditating on his thoughtful response as Rabbit zips by not taking time to listen and dialog; too busy creating dust and checking off his processes check-a-block list.

Rabbit: “…And I was here myself a week ago”

“Not conversing,” said Eeyore. “Not first one and then the other. You said ‘Hallo’ and flashed past. I saw your tail in the distance as I was meditating my reply. I had thought of saying, ‘What ?’ –but, of course, it was then too late.”

“Well, I was in a hurry.”

“No Give and Take,” Eeyore went on. “No Exchange of Thought: ‘Hallo—What’— I mean, it gets you nowhere, particularly if the other person’s tail is only just in sight for the second half of the conversation.”

The House at Pooh Corner A. A Milne

It is said that hindsight is 20/20.

As an Optometrist, who comprehends the mathematics of that denotation, and as an historian, I’d suggest that one needs to get much farther away than twenty feet (or a one arc minute of visual resolution) to grasp the Truths of History Repeating.

In fact, I’d suggest that one needs to gain perspective from much greater distances, in both space and time, to begin to see the patterns of human kind past, present and in the projected future. One also needs to verify with the Author Himself in order to see with fidelity, Purpose, and equip with hope.

In efforts to avert another disaster or at minimum, to equip those that will need to Stand and lead through it, let’s review briefly, how both the church in America and Education in America have been “pragmatically processed in parallel” aka: The systematic processing of a nation to perdition. (Short version)

Okay folks, by now you’ve realized we are living in the time of the apostate church. Meaning that the church is led by people, rather than led by The Holy Spirit.

Apostasy can be defined as the departure from the Truth that one professed to have. It does not mean they actually ever possessed the Truth,…they just like to act like they do because of affiliation to a church– The country club church of today, passing out books, sensorial programs, pragmatism, processes, Apps, and the social gospel.

1. A noted time and place of this processing of the church in America is January 20, 1891 at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. On this date, Charles Augustus Briggs (1841-1913) proclaimed his heretical theories in his inaugural address. Briggs had been a student in Germany and came away enlightened with the theories of German rationalists such as Immanuel Kant, who denied Scripture and said the basis of all morality was human reason alone.

Thus, the advent of Modernism, in which Scriptural authority was denied, and doctrines of pragmatic reasoning men took the driver’s seat and podiums educating ministers for Union and many other denominational schools and seminaries in the United States.

The first two decades of the 20th century were filled with Modernist-Fundamentalist battles, since those who still held to Scriptural authority were labeled as “Fundamentalists.” By the end of the 1920’s the Modernists had pretty much taken control of both denominational church positions (all but the Southern Baptist Convention) and their schools.**

This is the provenance of the Social Gospel as Dietrich Bonhoeffer recognized in his time at Union in 1930-1931:

“The theological atmosphere of the Union Theological Seminary is accelerating the process of secularization of Christianity in America. Its criticism is directed essentially against the fundamentalists…”

2. Interesting how this same Process to Perdition was happening in public Education during the same time period and the same locales of colleges and universities under philosopher, psychologist turned Education Reformer, John Dewey (1859-1952).

Recall that Dewey embraced Immanuel Kant’s human reason alone theories, Marxist utilitarian economics, Darwinian eugenics, and denied any form of Absolutes or objective truth. Dewey viewed the past as trash, the future unknowable and the present experiences as all that mattered, practically. Thus began processed cut and paste, concrete social emotional herding to Utopia via the Schools and Colleges with their newly coined majors of “education, pedagogy.”

These would be the degreed education major Processors absent of content knowledge or expertise in any real subject matter. These would be the protégé’s, who sat as proselytes under the philosophy and psychology * departments researching how to get the lambs and sheep to follow, engage, be pragmatic ie. MOVE to the next state of experiential Utopia.

(Oh yes, Dewey’s religion is noted as “Western Philosophy” and his School is noted as Pragmatism.)

The products of education schools and colleges would become certified as proficient in implementing whatever the societal engineers would provide for them to “teach” in the “teacher in a box” standardized system of Horace Mann. Oh, yes, Dewey labels Horace Mann as “the father of Progressive Education.” And so, social reformer Dewey’s correspondence to his wife Alice:

I sometimes think that I will drop teaching philosophy directly, and teach it via pedagogy.”

John Dewey 1894 to wife Alice Chipman Dewey

He did both—teach philosophy, psychology and pedagogy-education. Dewey and his wife went on to have their own experimental elementary school in Chicago, complete with K-12 student guinea pigs…absent of Absolutes and separated from the values of their parents.

  1. The College Board formed (College Entrance Examination Board CEEB) back in 1899. This union too, was quite convenient for the expediting of standardized certifying and credentialing of transformational changes in education to “evolve” over the 20th century. Recall the current College Board holds a monopoly on the: SAT, PSAT, National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, the Advanced Placement Program, the Accuplacer test, Spring Board and Financial Aid PROFILE products. This group also includes the architects of Common Core, College and Career Ready National Standards. Quite the monopoly platform for influencing and credentialing the minds …or the mindless to bring about socialist reform, uniformity of beliefs, leveling social justice or whatever else is the “ideology du jour.”
  1. Not to blame all this on Dewey, as many a Progressive Humanist and Fabian Socialist was busy building proselytes on college and university campuses at this time. Such notables as: Woodrow Wilson, Theodore Brameld, Julian Huxley, David Starr Jordan, Stanley Hall, Jacob Weinstein, William James, J.A.C. Fagginer, A. Eustace Haydon, John Herman Randall etc. etc. etc. and many of these same Humanist Manifesto Signers (1933) and Fabian Socialists were also professors of philosophy, psychology, theology, religious studies at seminaries and religious schools.
  1. Which brings us to the roaring schisms of the 1930’s, and the counter-unifying co-existence of the 1940’s to the present, including: The formation of the ecumenical movements such as the World Council of Churches in 1948 based on liberal tenants of basically–

Any god will do…even if it is yourself.” The religion of humanism.

Just call it a ‘church,’ synagogue, mosque, nonprofit, club or collective, and you’re in.”

And the Federal Council of Churches in 1950…attempting to unify all churches in the United States along liberal social gospel tenets.

  1. This parallels the formation of the United Nations in 1945 and UNESCO (United Nations Education, Scientific, and Cultural Organization).

Gee, how convenient– since “Culture” is based on “Education” …and the successful transmission of knowledge, beliefs and values from one generation to the next; and since the stated goals of John Dewey and the progressives being to separate parents from their children and demean parents in the eyes of their children and demean parents in their own eyes as worthy of parenting and transmitting their own culture and traditions to their heirs. All for the sake of the gods of “Progress.”

The Progressives in government education and in the church have been remarkably successful in fostering helplessness, real and perceived, on all levels. This was helped along via Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was strongly influenced by John Dewey, as they both determined it as their progressive roles to conduct a “re-appraisal of values” and to insert their own UN aligned version into both the church and the state education.

  1. The processing paths of church and education are so parallel at this point it’s hard to keep them separate.

In 1965 Lyndon B. Johnson introduced his version of social gospel with the “Great Society” war on poverty– entitlement programming. Which has only been successful in producing poverty, both intellectual and moral, ever since. Thus, social gospel merged with socialism outright.

Education continued to plummet on both church and state fronts via Title Funding (1965), the formation of the Federal Department of Education (1979), Clinton’s Goals 2000, Bush’s No Child Left Behind (2002) and the latest fiasco, Race to the Top (2009) College and Career Ready Communist Standards. (Or whatever Common Core National Standards, The College Board president’s copyrighted (CCSSO) version is being labeled in your state.)

7. We must note that the buzzwords are good for researching these parallel processes. In the Church during the 70’s and 80’s it was called “Seeker Sensitive”…only to be relabeled in the 90’s and beyond as the “Emergent Church” movement. The processes, psychology, business models, and patterns are the same in both. The destination is as clear as the socialist “Utopia”.

Not only was the Word of God denied as authoritative; “experiential” and “experiences,” the warm and fuzzys, would take precedence over Scripture.

Just like Dewey’s pragmatic experience driven education reform, social gospel morphed to social activism. So in the church, personal experience, emotional feelings, sensorial driven, feel good and happy, visible do gooderness and humanitarianism, became the benchmarks of “spiritual” connectedness. Emotions are manipulated by multi-sensorial experiences of sight, sound, touch, repeated phrases, and group emotion. The Enemy loves it. Neurochemistry is fabricated, addicted, habituated and creates cravings for more. Again, the active concrete sensorial horizontal herding, supplants vertical abstract internal spiritual and intellectual growth.

In both church and education the repeating themes coincide:

  1. Keep in the Concrete Playpen.

Behavioral Science and Psychosocial emotional herding rules.

Psychology and philosophy of men took over seminaries and subject-matter teaching, simultaneously in both realms of education. When pastors obtained counseling degrees, armed with behavioral science techniques, and business acumen, the waves of emergent movements surged deeper into the rural plains and pockets.

The Word of God was supplanted by books and theories of various men, just as content and objective subject knowledge–Truth was replaced by methods, techniques, of engagement, social emotional, sensorial manipulation and processes and pragmatic programs were implemented in both the church and government education.

2. Since many teachers of education are also Sunday school teachers, youth workers, and volunteers, the mutation of engaging psychosocial processes are reinforced and virtually unrecognized. The methods of social emotional, entertainment driven, and sensorial experiential concrete play pens have become the norm.

  1. Social Gospel, Social Justice, Socialism.

Both are focused on One World ecumenical tolerance, unity, Coexistence. No Absolutes, no right, no wrong. No sin, no repentance. It all belongs to all of us. No personal responsibility. No personal consequences. Based on ‘works’ doing good for the sake of doing good; bailing with a sieve to save the planet and eliminate “poverty.” No hope beyond what reasoning man can do.

  1. Debase Language, alter meanings and translations; Prevent Intergenerational Communication.

As both education and the church forsake knowledge, and vocabulary and meaningful transmission of Truth, the youth can no longer read or comprehend the historical documents, the works of great literature, the most valuable being The Scriptures.

Nor can one generation successfully dialog, communicate, ideate and transmit truths, skills, wisdom, failures, successes, and insights from one generation to the next.

Again, Dewey, FDR, LBJ, and Progressives have made great strides in cutting off children from their parents and grandparents, essentially cutting the ropes that Anchored, and the ties that bound America to her foundations and her Blessings.

This is likely the biggest atrocity.

Preventing folks from being able to read and to gain knowledge for themselves. Cutting them off from 6,000 years of truth, insight, creativity, patterns, history and absolutes that have stood the test of time….and foretell time yet to transpire.

In essence, this is turning human beings into animals, absent of written language, the abilities to communicate, the abilities to think in the abstract and to dig themselves out of a hole, reach for a rope and reach for The Word, the Counselor and The Rock. Better yet, have a direct relationship, an indwelling Mentor and an arsenal of Truth.

Debasing the language turns humankind into some sort of seasonal fly or reptile, active in the heat, immobile in the cold, environmentally dependent and environmentally controlled.

The Remedy is the same for both the church and for education.

Repent and Return to your prescribed Purpose.

  1. The church back to The Word of God and to relationship with Him.

Not some multi-cult-land of men’s doctrines, philosophies, psychology, and book clubs spouting subjective, strange doctrines and interpretations…telling folks to get out of the boat and follow them to some experiential UN Utopia cult-land or multicultural swamp.

  1. Education, back to objective content, knowledge transmission. Not merely equipping with processes leaving students absent of truth and content by which to detect lies, and absent the purposes for which to live, how to live or what to want, or why to live. If children are not transmitted knowledge, values and beliefs from their parents and are only seen as automatons to be uploaded the latest App for utilitarian purposes, they will, like every generation prior, be prime targets for some progressive reformer, charismatic leader, deluded despot, or religious nut.

Not many of you should presume to be teachers, my brothers, because you know that we who teach will be judge more strictly.”

James 3:1

This applies to all forms of “education” spiritual, intellectual, moral etc. and on every level.

There is an Accountabilty far beyond the bureaucratic metric database despots. There is One Who is more than ready, willing and able to teach us each as we call for help, insight, wisdom and truth.

As my mom always says:

“You have not because you ask not.”

Mom is right and she knows Who to ask.

“Ask and it will be given to you;

Seek and you will find;

Knock and the door will be opened to you.

For everyone who asks receives; he who seeks finds; and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.”

Matthew 7:7-8

So as Rabbit scurries pragmatically on…and Eeyore meditates a thoughtful response; Pooh keeps his balance revealing more brains than most bears…and Christopher Robin, the “Christ-bearer” heads off to gain knowledge, insight, and discernment of what is right, true, honest, just and beautiful from the Sage that knows… and knows him.,10b.html

**Footsteps of The Messiah by Dr. Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy by Eric Metaxas

Commonwealth Club Address by Franklin D. Roosevelt September 23,1932



*(Wilhelm Wundt, mr. subjective sensorial emotional experience, Dewey’s mentor)





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