Trust and The Great Pretenders: Experts & Technology

Trust and The Great Pretenders: Experts & Technology

Technetos is the Greek stem meaning “artificial”.

The synthetic radioactive metallic element, “Technetium,” was so named, because it was the first element artificially assembled. This technetos designation stands in contrast to that which occurs “naturally.” Technetium is both artificial, and not so safe.

It is also worth noting that our words: technology, technical, technician, technique and even art, are linked to:

This contrast between that which is natural,

And that which is artificial or synthetically contrived by man.

Artificial, hydrogenated, processed, glutamic acid laden, genetically modified, synthetic, toxically preserved, and pumped with steroids—

Or naturally home grown….you choose.

It is interesting that in these days of social justice mantras and human rights advocacy chants, there precipitates a recurring theme of natural rights versus artificial or progressively changing fabricated rights. Poverty and Progress are both relative terms, so political doublespeak is bound to morph as material goods multiply and redistribute.

The pillar of traditional conservatism, parliamentary Statesman Edmund Burke (1729-1797), speaks to this dangerous reality prior to, through and post, the French Revolution, when Progress was guillotining its opposition, its dissenters, its bystanders, and its own:

“When I hear the simplicity of contrivance aimed at and boasted of in any new political constitutions, I am at no loss to decide that

The artificers are grossly ignorant of their trade, or grossly negligent of their duty.”

“Everybody is satisfied, that a conservation and secure enjoyment of our natural rights is the great and ultimate purpose of civil society;

And that therefore all forms whatsoever of government are only good as they are subservient to that purpose to which they are entirely subordinate.

Now, to aim at the establishment of any form of government by sacrificing what is the substance of it; to take away, or at least to suspend, the rights of nature, in order to an approved system for the protection of them . . . is a procedure as preposterous and absurd in argument as it is oppressive and cruel in its effect.”*

Which brings us to one of the great Progressive Pretender speeches: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s CommonWealth Club Address of 1932, running for presidential nomination, written by FDR’s Brain Trust member, Adolf Berle, under the influence of Progressive John Dewey.

“Clearly all this calls for a reappraisal of values…Our task now is not discovery or exploitation of natural resources, or necessarily producing more goods.

It is the soberer, less dramatic business of administrating resources and plants already in hand, of seeking to reestablish foreign markets for our surplus production, of meeting the problem of underconsumption, of adjusting production to consumption, of distributing wealth and products more equitably, of adapting existing economic organizations to the service of the people.

The day of enlightened administration has come.

…The Declaration of Independence discusses the problem of Government in terms of a contract. Government is a relation of give and take, a contract, perforce, …Under such contract rulers were accorded power, and the people consented to that power on consideration that they be accorded certain rights.

The task of statesmanship has always been the redefinition of these rights in terms of changing and growing social order.

New conditions impose new requirements upon Government and those who conduct government.”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt CommonWealth Club Address 1932


Really? More “enlightened administration” as in despotic societal planning? In essence, the Progressive Experts have not only redefined The Contract but also Trust. They have done this doublespeak without the Consent of those being “governed” programmed, planned, redistributed, consumed, regulated, adjusted, and whose rights are being redefined continually under the new social contract updates.

Too bad most citizens had not read Edmund Burke…or Piggie and Gerald, to be on the lookout for such enlightened Pretenders sabotaging the contracted benefits of trust enforced by moral and mundane justice.

In Mo Willems’ book “I’m a Frog,” of the Piggie and Elephant series, Piggie is teaching Gerald about the naturalness of pretending to be something one is not. Piggie, who is a pig, is pretending to be a frog. Gerald is greatly distressed with this inconsistency in Piggie, thinking that he, too, will have to change who he is to match his friend’s new social behaviors. Gerald just can’t see himself as a frog, hopping, squatting, and catching insects with his tongue.

Gerald: “I DO NOT WANT TO BE A FROG!!!!”

Piggie: “It’s okay Gerald. It is pretend.”

Gerald: “IT IS THE –END!?”

Piggie: “No, Gerald. Pre-tend. I am pretending.”

Gerald: “What is ‘pre-tend-ing’?”

Piggie: “Pretending is when you act like something you are not.”

Gerald: “Wow….And you can just do that?!…You can just go out and pretend to be something you are not!?”

Piggie: “Sure. Everyone pretends.”

Gerald: “Even grown-up people?”

Piggie: “ALL the time.”


Ahhh, wise Piggie. Piggie too, has met the self-credentialed enlightened experts of societal planning; the grown-ups pretending to be Someone they are not.

Which brings us to trust and technology. Trust is engendered by personal relationship; attunement in communication, empathy, common interest, loyalty, honesty, mutual understanding, shared values and shared experiences.

Evidence abounds that Trust is at an all time low, in all sectors, and across all age demographics.

The fruits of “enlightened administrations” of governments have poisoned citizen trust of: education, healthcare, politicians, politics, media, personal property, communication, entertainment, national security, technology, transportation, civil justice, and commerce. The breaches of trust are rampant across nearly every sector regulated, inspected, administered and accountability verified, by said “enlightened” administrators.

Ranging from IRS scandals targeting conservatives and political action groups, nationalized education edicts, rewriting of American Exceptionalism, proposed removal of First Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech, government paid propaganda on National Public Radio, forced housing of illegal immigrants, national databases, healthcare rationing, release of known terrorists, denial of and disregard for national security intelligence, to the redefining of marriage, life, citizenship, and of liberty; and disregard for The Rule of Law, in said contract with the American People.

It appears the “enlightened” have long been living in the dark–and getting darker while partnering with Progressive use of technology.

Which brings to light why the youth of today, having been fed the fodder of artificial education and artificial relationships via the synthetic means of globally socializing digital media, are suffering an all-time low in their Trust of anyone, any institution, and of any future. Isolated in a sea of artificially connected terabytes.

The herd has been corralled in technomedia fantasyland, just like other eternal youthlings of Progressive indoctrination. A fantasyland in which one can pretend to be something one is not. Youth today can practice multiple personality disorders, morphing to whatever is trending, getting likes, makeover Apps, tweets, hits and highs, while venting, fabricating and fashioning an isolationism heretofore only noted in the chronically mentally ill, in despots and monarchies of intermarriage. (may all be synonymous)

Despite “expert” evidence demonstrating digital technology media’s profound havoc on minds, senses, families, and morals– the government entitlement and education systems pass out social media poison in the form of digital media, cell phones, i-pads, laptops, e-learning, tracking, testing and aligning databases.

The UN Convention on Rights of The Child (UNCRC), which the United States has signed, but not ratified, although the president threatens to do so…states that children shall not be denied access to technology and on-line media.

Which precipitates another word from Statesman Edmund Burke.

“The pretended rights of these theorists are all extremes; and in proportion as they are metaphysically true, they are morally and politically false….

The rights of men in government are their advantages; and these are often in balances between good and evil, and sometimes between evil and evil…

Men have no right to what is not reasonable, and to what is not good for their benefit.”

Russell Kirk goes on to comment,

“….if it fails to accord with justice, it ceases to be a right….

In social compacts, the chief purpose is to facilitate this administration of justice…. But a surrender in trust, one notes; although a man cannot enjoy civil and uncivil rights simultaneously, when he gives up anarchy, he receives in its place a guarantee of justice.

Violation of that trust can justify resistance, but nothing else can.

Not only the dictates of justice bind men to mutual dependence,

but the dictates of general morality also.”

So, if there is no morality, and no justice, in mutual adherence to The Constitutional Contract, The Rule of Law, then the trust is broken and one can understand that Experts, Pretending to be God, have forsaken Him Who defines the word “Trust.” God.

Both the first letter and the last letter of the word “trust” hem the word in, lift it up, and provide a visual cross on each end to remind as to Who protects the “us” that lies central in a trust relationship….and Who metes out Justice, pours out Mercy, undergirds, and demonstrates the cost of true friendship….up close and personal.

Go build some anchoring trust, friendship, truth, and hope that will pull the plug on the crisis fomenting, expert pretenders who feed off of the scent of fear they artificially synthesize in the sea of megabytes.

“A friend loves at all times…”

Proverbs 17:17

I Samuel 18-20 provides one of the most powerful examples of friendship– that of David and Jonathan. We continue to see this sacrificial love demonstrated by Judeo-Christians across the globe and our military who continue to lay down their lives to protect our lives, security and liberties in our own nation. The unheralded Statesman heroes, faithful defenders of faith, family and liberty under God in Whom we Trust. Thank you.

*Edmund Burke, Tracts on the Popery Laws Works VI [bold emphases mine]

The Conservative Mind by Russell Kirk

I’m a Frog by Mo Willems Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families Family Research Council Heritage Foundation Hillsdale College Constitution 101 and Constitutional Reader

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