Group Discipline: Marx in the Classroom en Route to Animal Farm

Group Discipline: Marx in the Classroom en Route to Animal Farm

“Where all think alike, no one thinks very much.”

Walter Lippmann, author of Public Opinion

In the trenches of the totalitarian “Isms”, whether it be Marxism, Socialism, Fascism, Despotism, or the Bureaucratic “Expert” laden Progressivism, a sure sign of “Arrival” to said Utopian destination is: Group Discipline.

“Anyone who has begun to think places some portion of the world in jeopardy.”

John Dewey (1859-1952) America’s Education Reformer

Oh yes, Dewey driven schools of education, administered and taught by Dewey indoctrinated educators, “the credentialed disciples”, have performed this groupism for decades, with obvious socializing results. This has led to a complete ubiquitous dissemination of socialist Deweyites administering group discipline in public schools, businesses, and any other institution in which these proliferating proselytes populate.

Group discipline is the method of operant conditioning used to punish or reward a Group for the behavior of any individual component of that group. For example: if one student talks out of turn, disobeys the stated expectation– then the entire group or class of students receives punishment, penalty or negative consequences. The entire class loses its recess break. All eyes are on Johnny who is now the villain…and Johnny will be group disciplined.

Obviously, the result of this means is collectivism; an understood foundation of all the Ism’s listed above. Along the socializing route to breaking the individual spirit, personal responsibility, self-control, discernment and respect for God, Justice, Truth, and Trust; on the path to leveling standardization and castrated conformity, will be peer pressure, the prison mentality, gang law, and various undercurrents of pragmatic solipistry (subjectively devised rules of right and wrong) etc.

One has become accustomed to such collectivist methods in government schools. Yet increasingly, these methods of group discipline have invaded all sectors of education, including private and religious schools, sports programs, government contractors, Uber businesses, trainings in technology, healthcare, industry, labor development, counseling etc. Follow the money, follow the programs to programming and ultimately power.

This has always been about who will wield the power.

Groups, gangs, masses, and herds are far easier to control than individuals.

It is most effective to let the herd believe it is their own idea and that they actually wield the power themselves. (of the people, by the people, for the people…)

Consider the use of the NUA (National Urban Alliance) method of “Defining Format” in which students get to create their own definitions of words. Or the WestEd Positive Behavioral Intervention System (PBIS) Surveys conducted in public schools in many states, (including Indiana), in which students get to define the rules, rewards, discipline, and cultures they would like to create in their school. Throughout these on-line surveys children also submit vast amounts of personal and family information, habits, attitudes, behaviors, aspirations and values. Creating Culture and Climate is another WestEd product to bring about a collective embracing of “progressive” group discipline and transformational tolerance regarding: social, moral, political, historical, economical, and cultural relativism.

Instead of wise virtuous adults transmitting Absolute knowledge of what is right, true, good and just to children,–the children get to decide how to rule the farmyard.

What has silenced the mediators of Truth and why have they handed the gavel over to Napoleon?

You do know that teachers and counselors can no longer cite the child as responsible for their own individual behavior?

Attaching cause and consequence to a specific child, is now deemed as bullying and oppressive behavior on the part of the Adult. Adult teachers or counselors are not permitted to state that Junior has: difficulty with his anger management or following rules, or thinking before he speaks. The statements must be phrased so that the onus is on the adults. If Junior has bopped another child, thrown a tantrum, lies, cheats or steals, the documentation must state:

“The adults have failed to teach Junior the appropriate behavior.”

While this may be true…the documentation sentence can never put any “oppressive” onus on the child for their lack of self-regulation. No blame and no shame can stem from the adults,…so, what remains but for the herd to discipline itself? The child is king; well at least according to the UN Convention on Rights of The Child (UN CRC) and to state and federal governments aligned with this globalist universal rights fodder.

Be careful from whom your organization receives its status, accreditation, funding, credits, vouchers, scholarships, charters, exemptions, contracts and nonprofit status.

Recall that the UNCRC also declares that the child has access to any and all media, television, on-line digital technology etc.; Even if this media, is inappropriate, dangerous, vulgar and in opposition to parental or adult supervision. Via the UNCRC, parental discipline is not permitted.

Although Marxists, Progressives, and the Isms do not teach history, but only see it as their part to omit it, revise it, or create it in the immediate present; it behooves us to review a segment of the rocky farmyard path as we stampede down the valley once again.

The French Revolution in 1789 was the culmination of group discipline, mob rule. The frenzied emotional masses, absent of veneration for God and of reason subjected to the laws of God, used their liberty for licentious lawlessness of anarchy. This created the vacuum for Napoleon Bonaparte, the cunning charismatic Corsican, whose palette was primed for the tantalizing conquest of the world.

In 1806, Napoleon’s forces succeeded in the crushing defeats of Prussian forces at the battles of Jena and Auerstadt. While this gained Napoleon a considerable amount of Prussian land, it fueled a fire undergirding a Prussian nationalism to NEVER let defeat happen again.

This “Moral and Scientific Union,” or Tugenbund (League of Virtue) of Prussia became a point of focus for German nationalism. These nationalisms were not based on Biblical or philosophical goodness of liberty and natural rights for all men; but rather, on using men; conditioning them from the top administratively to beat the enemy. The Prussian system was designed to train an obedient military and laborforce to support the nationalized effort to beat the French. The Prussians would be instrumental in defeating Napoleon and the French at Waterloo in 1815.

Adolf Hitler would go on to fulfill such a charismatic leadership role in a people trained to think in a collectivist obedience– group discipline fashion (fascism) in the 20th Century. Thus, the German military’s unwitting oath to a madman upon the death of Chancellor Von Hindenburg on August 2,1934. And obedience to that conflict ridden, misplaced group oath.

The American Education system is based on the Prussian model, which Horace Mann, viewed in the 1830’s. Recall that Progressive John Dewey, “America’s Education Reformer”, designated Horace Mann as the “father of progressive education.”

Legislator and lawyer, Horace Mann was appointed as Secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education (1837-1848) and paved the process for State financed, State directed, State controlled, compulsory attendance, and standardization of curriculums, teacher certification, and testing on a national level.

In America today, we have the tiered Prussian Education system implementing group discipline, group punishment, and group think, social emotional herding culminating in unquestioned obedience to The State, The Fatherland, The Globe. “Nationalization” in Education has now been equated with universal multi-cultural tolerance of consensual consent to and dependence on: The Global Group.

Religions also use a form of group discipline. Such as the one we are clearly witnessing with a militaristic bent crusading from East to West; one, which has gone on since its inception in 622 AD. Jihad is said to have at least three forms of group discipline: civilization jihad, accelerating multiplication of the group; the internal struggle to purify and unite its own religious adherents; the use of force to convert or eliminate non-adherents.

George Orwell’s 1945 novel Animal Farm reveals the dystopia of using group discipline techniques to advocate for social equality. All are familiar with the methods of animal discipline. Whether it is a litter of dogs or pigs, a herd of horses or sheep, or a flock of geese or grackles– the weak are destroyed, eaten, abandoned, or subjugated, for animals know that,

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Animal Farm by George Orwell

When Darwin comes to dine…there will be bones to pick.

Gangs, community organizers, social justice advocacy groups, even political bosses can purposely recruit weak members, because they are “expendable” and easily succumb to group discipline.

Conditioning children to group discipline prepares them to be manipulated pawns, vulnerable to this type of recruitment, embellishment and indoctrination to be used as functionaries for those who are more equal than the others…and for the totalitarian Animal Farms, and subsequent slaughter that results after the propaganda, the behavioral science, the redistribution of other peoples’ resources, and the wells of virtue run dry.

Men are ruled by righteousness or by force.”

Either by internal God conscience or by external control.

Why are Educational systems prepping students for Napoleon, Stalin, Hitler, Castro and the current Czars– if children are to be self-governing, responsible citizens of a Constitutional Republic?

Best consider these realities and responsibilities as there is no other Farmyard for Americans to flee to as refugees, exiles or entrepreneurs….and pork is increasingly offensive on menus.

Back to the time consuming, purposeful investing in individual lives, one life at a time; and reaping the old-fashioned chivalrous character, discernment based on Absolute Truth, and traditional values upon which life, liberty and Virtue has flourished in families for millennia.



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1 Response to Group Discipline: Marx in the Classroom en Route to Animal Farm

  1. This is timely, as all three of our children have been subject to punishment for the misbehavior of others. Yesterday, though, a teacher made every child lie prostrate on the floor, on elbows and toes in a plank position — she was NOT teaching yoga, but angry at disruptive students. Our son was reading a book, but, nonetheless, had to hold the pose, face-to-the-ground.

    I cannot grant the connection to political leanings, however, as the teacher involved is a staunch Republican with rather authoritarian values.

    As a Green, I find myself in agreement with Libertarians at times, Progressives at others — Democrats less often than one would imagine… I join Republicans in opposing such things as the Common Core, and especially Rural School Consolidation. Our blog posts pieces from the Maine Heritage Policy Center, the Maine Republican Party alongside “Yes” Magazine, and John Dewey quotes!

    When it comes to mistreating children, there are no political parties.


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