Government Going Viral? Ebola and EGR (Episodic Grasp of Reality)

Government Going Viral? Ebola and EGR (Episodic Grasp of Reality)

Beware of those who make presumptuous promises they have not the power to uphold. 

Observering the patterns of behavior of this Administration has led the majority of thinking citizens to assign it a Vote of: “No Confidence.”

Episodic Grasp of Reality (EGR) can be defined as: the inability to recognize how cause and effect shape reality.

Therefore they disregard history, live only in the immediate tense, and take no responsibility for the future.

A century of Progressive ideologies has indoctrinated and conditioned citizens to wait on the central planners to tell them what to do….

  1. No Concern for Conservation of Human Life.

Evidence suggests that Government Agencies (HHS, CDC, FDA, USED, DOE, IRS ….etc.) have no intent to protect citizens when they continue to promote the transmission of viruses, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. via funding of sexual licentiousness to children in government education, Planned Abortionhood, mandating abortifacients as part of health insurance, over the counter access to birth control for children of all ages.

Obviously this is a huge push for rampant spread of sexually transmitted diseases and all other viruses. Yet, these forays are Government mandated and taxpayer funded hedonism… going viral.

Evidence would suggest that such a Government does not care for the health of its citizens or value life, since it promotes and funds the abortion of citizens….a number approaching 60 million, although likely higher, since it can not be accurately tracked due to abortifacients and IUD coatings that result in death stealthily.

  1. No Plan to deal with reality of Ebola dissemination and paradox of open borders welcoming, harboring, and catalyzing spread.

No quarantine Protocol

No clear definition of “signs and symptoms”

No grasp of realities of microbiology, immunities, and vector dissemination of viral contagions.

No Concern for elderly and those that are immune suppressed and undergoing immune challenging therapies, such as immunizations, etc.

With rampant increase of euthanasia worldwide, and HHS “Affordable Healthcare Act” rationing committees, —recall the outcome for the rhesus monkeys in the Reston Virginia research lab, used to study Ebola virus after the 1989 outbreak :

‘Those monkeys were dying in a pattern that was certainly suggestive of coughing and sneezing — some sort of aerosol movement,‘ Bailey said. ‘They were dying and spreading it so quickly from cage to cage. We finally came to the conclusion that the best action was to euthanize them all.'”*

  1. Of course, where truth is absent, trust is also absent. Thus, public distrust of this Administration feeds others observations.

Observers find it interesting that Administrative “leaders” and some experts continue in their nonchalant propaganda stance as if they were perhaps somehow immune to the possible effects of Ebola. Perhaps they are? Or delusional as Nebuchadnezzar and the Alchemists wandering in the Babylonian Gardens?

  1. Election Time:

Timing is everything in creating the perfect storm or capitalizing on crises and chaos.

The stated modus operandi continues to be “let no crisis go to waste.” Cause a crisis directly or by lack of virtuous leadership, then reap more control. Which precipitates the timing of official crisis declaration: Before, During or After the Elections November 4,2014? Hmmm… likely depends on what is deemed most beneficial for those who wish to usurp more unauthorized control.

  1. Source and Vector spread:

Conflicting methods of attempting to track the cows after the fence is broken.

Every doctor or farmer knows that it is far more effective to keep the cell membranes stabilized, intact, or the fences in good repair, to prevent the cows from breaking loose; rather than chasing them all over the countryside.

If you know the source of a virus, then why not stop the dissemination at the source? Quarantine the source rather than multiply the sources of infested satellite colonies and then have to quarantine exponential numbers of rapidly multiplying sources?

Of course, trained aid workers, who choose to place their lives at risk, could be allowed entry. It is irresponsible to promote a continual flood of exposed and infected folks from infected regions to expose and infect more Americans.

  1. Shepherding 101

A good shepherd would pay the price; shut the gate to protect the sheep from pestilence and plague and protect them from the penalty due as a result of his own presumptuous pride.

Recall King David’s pride and the resultant pestilence that was brought upon the Jewish nation because of this leader’s lapse of trust in God. The nation had gotten haughty and proud, David as well. He took to counting their power in numbers of trained warriors.

Huge offense– this thing of pride in human prowess.

David repented, yet there was still a consequence. Recall “cause and effect.”

David personally paid for the prescribed method in which to halt the plague. Yet 70,000 people died, before the plague was halted at the threshing floor of Araunah…the Temple Mount. 2 Samuel 24

David had a shepherd’s conscience;

it appears today, many administrators do not. 

  1. Take personal responsibility for your flock.

Don’t wait on the Progressive, Central Planners or this Government Administration to repent and come up with a plan.

Since the Government and Government Experts seems intent on letting this latest crisis going viral, for potential purposes of perceived control, it behooves citizens, families, churches, businesses, healthcare professionals and all sectors of the populace to implement their own precautionary measures. Now.

“A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge,

but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

Proverbs 22:3

It takes vigilance to fight an Unseen Enemy. The history of mankind testifies to this reality. The unseen enemy always works through vulnerable vectors.

A simple outline includes:

  1. Don’t Panic.

Pray first, Repent, Prepare, take Precautions, be wise and keep praying. Don’t follow the herd and don’t wait on the Government, the societal planners or its administrators to “protect” you or your flock.

This is your responsibility. Taking steps to Prevent a crisis is the desired means of health for most of us.

  1. Common Sense on Viral spread…multiply it by some large number with Ebola, since it is highly virulent and possible to mutate, without our consent or our convenient wishes.

Viruses can spread by airborne droplets, like a sneeze or a cough. Which means any surface upon which this droplet lands can serve as a potential vector for spread of the virus. Think hands, faces, handles, knobs, pens, stair rails, utensils, flat surfaces, etc. How long it stays virulent? Good question.

  1. Socialism and socializing and Sanitizers.

People spread viruses…so anyplace in which people have been or are present is a potential source for dissemination of viruses; and the more people the greater potential for sources of viruses, meaning waiting rooms, restroom, schools, cubicles, offices, stores, airplanes and vehicles recirculating the same air…Social settings provide rich vectors to transmit bugs.

Recall all the precautions for the Avian influenza a few years ago. Many churches, offices, and social settings did a total ban on hand shaking. Thus, the advent of the Hand Sanitizer on every counter, wall and pocket size and pocket book versions; and disinfectant wipes at conscionable retail locales. Folks in retail are pulling out their masks again….

  1. Support your own Immune System.

One of the most effective means to fight off any enemy is to have a strong defense system. The immune system of the human body possesses an amazing array of barriers and weapons. Yet, under times of heightened assault, common in any conflict, extra fortifications are beneficial, if not life saving.

People have found that added supplements such as: Vitamin C, B complex, Echinacea, Garlic, Magnesium, Taurine and particularly Salt (gargling with) can help fortify immune systems to fight off viral, bacterial and other forms of attack on our human biology.

  1. Support your Adrenal Glands, because this is stressful for all of us. Think twice before adding more immune system challenge or suppressors. (Check with whomever you rely on for your healthcare advice)
  1. Don’t wait for the Government Experts to get around to a plan….their goals may not be in alignment with your goals.
  1. Pray, Prepare, and share The Plan to Protect.

If you are in a position of leadership, family, church, business, healthcare, school, retail, social club, non-profit, etc. recognize that folks are looking to you for The Plan.

  1. Nigerians advise: pray. Correction: PRAY like Nigerians PRAY.

When asking our Nigerian friends what they are doing about Ebola Virus spread, the first counsel they advise is to PRAY. This is also how they fight the other unseen enemy attacking their homes, schools, villages and young girls.

“He who dwells in the shelter of The Most High,

will rest in the shadow of The Almighty.

I will say of The LORD,

“He is my refuge and my fortress,

my God in Whom I trust.”

Surely He will save you from the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence….”

Psalm 91:1-3 

Do your research, do your duty, and take personal responsibility for your platoon.

Don’t wait for someone else to make presumptuous promises they cannot uphold.

Do your best to take precautionary measures to minimize the spread of the unseen enemies….and pray without ceasing to The One Expert who grasps the Reality of past, present and Eternity.


Thank you to Gary Bauer’s willingness to provide updates on this topic and many other via his daily reports.

The comments posted below are from his report.

“Dr. C.J. Peters, who battled a 1989 outbreak of the virus among research monkeys housed in Virginia and who later led the CDC’s most far-reaching study of Ebola’s transmissibility in humans, said he would not rule out the possibility that it spreads through the air in tight quarters. ‘We just don’t have the data to exclude it,’ said Peters.”

“Dr. Philip K. Russell, a virologist who oversaw Ebola research while heading the U.S. Army’s Medical Research and Development Command . . . also said much was still to be learned. ‘Being dogmatic is, I think, ill-advised, because there are too many unknowns here.’ . . .

”‘I see the reasons to dampen down public fears,’ Russell said. ‘But scientifically, we’re in the middle of the first experiment of multiple, serial passages of Ebola virus in man. . . . God knows what this virus is going to look like. I don’t.'”

“Moreover, said some public health specialists, there is no proof that a person infected — but who lacks symptoms — could not spread the virus to others. ‘It’s really unclear,’ said Michael Osterholm, a public health scientist at the University of Minnesota who recently served on the U.S. government’s National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity. ‘None of us know.'”

*”Finally, some also question the official assertion that Ebola cannot be transmitted through the air. In late 1989, virus researcher Charles L. Bailey supervised the government’s response to an outbreak of Ebola among several dozen rhesus monkeys housed for research in Reston, Va., a suburb of Washington. . . .

”‘Those monkeys were dying in a pattern that was certainly suggestive of coughing and sneezing — some sort of aerosol movement,’ Bailey said. ‘They were dying and spreading it so quickly from cage to cage. We finally came to the conclusion that the best action was to euthanize them all.'”

Gary Bauer’s End of Day Report 10-08-2014, Campaign for Working Families





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