The Constitution’s 4th Branch Sprouts Fifth Column: Trunk divides and Tree dies.

The Constitution’s 4th Branch Sprouts Fifth Column:

Trunk divides and Tree dies.

A fifth column is defined as:

“A group of secret sympathizers or supporters of an enemy that engages in espionage or sabotage within defense lines or national borders.”

Before we get too far along, perhaps we’d best back up the tree trimming truck, pull out our handy dandy copies of The Constitution of The United States, and locate that 4th Branch of Government: aka Administrative Agencies.

These Administrative Despots sprout under a complex taxonomy producing a plethora of proliferating species, such as: Agencies, Commissions, Bureaus, Boards, Departments, offices, administrations, affairs, corporations, panels, groups, committees, programs, managements, affairs, diplomacies, services, councils, labs, centers, corps, outreaches, volunteerisms, researchers, teams etc etc.

These Regulatory Pharisees go by such helpful acronyms as:


In attempts to compute a reasonable number of Administrative Agencies and the fifth columnists included under the curve of such Administrative Regulatory Powers, I was struck with a revelation. Up until this time, solving improper calculus integrals of theoretical parameters seemed irrelevant to real life. I’d much rather stick to the inverse, a derivative of real and independent variables, Thank you!

Reviewing the insane proliferation of these bureaucratic agencies has provided incentive to devise a formula using an integral from 4 to infinity, although the Borg has likely already done so; Thus, the Health and Human Service’s (HHS) rationing committees and the Department of Education’s (DoED, USED) coercing nationalized dumbing down “Standards,” so that students will continue to populate Administration cubicles…. And those that know history and calculus will not be around to mentor them.

We’ve all heard of the Three Branches of Government outlined in our United States Constitution: The Legislative Branch, The Judicial Branch, and The Executive Branch. Thanks to the Constitutional Patriots, Tea Party groups, and Hillsdale College sectors of grassroots America are experiencing a Renaissance of Constitutional knowledge.

Unfortunately, most students and mainstream Americans have yet to grasp the reality of the Fourth Branch that has flourished unawares, unvoted, unconstitutional, unaccountable, and largely uncontrolled by The People, Legislative, Judicial or Executive Branches.

Yet, the very constructs of our Constitutions reveal that the Founders had a keen awareness of this nefarious Regulatory Branch, its origins in The Garden, its Absolutist nature, and its danger to the survival of The Liberties of virtuous citizens. Thus, by the intentional architecture of The Constitution, its:separation of powers, checks and balances, representational government, bicameral legislative houses, independent judiciary, federalism, timing of and duration of offices, The Founders clearly defined responsibilities and boundaries of all branches of government:

Power was to be distributed, checked, balanced and human nature kept under virtuous reason under God.

Professor Philip Hamburger of Columbia Law School presents a timely outline of the history of the Administrative Power and its current realities of Absolutism in America in his Imprimis Article September 2014.

Hillsdale College’s On-line courses continue to unveil the truth of the Founders’ Constitution and the realities of the Progressives’ detour from reality on the path to the Experts’ Utopia…. All the while, European immigrants keep reminding, “been there done that, and this is why we fled to America!!! Wake up folks.”

The case is clear that the Founders sought to vigilantly protect the trunk of the American sapling Tree so as to prevent this outlier growth that would certainly lead to a split in the nation, and subsequent death of Liberty for American citizens. The Founders sought to plant a solid stately enduring Redwood; not a Bradford Ornamental that splits down the middle when the ice and tempests roll.

This Administrative Power is precisely what Progressives have been fertilizing for the past 120 years, intentionally circumventing The Constitution and intentionally fomenting a fifth column in our midst. Wilson’s socialist dreams come true.

These Administrations and Independent Regulatory Agencies answer to no one but themselves.

They act as autonomous rule makers, rule enforcers, and judges of their own rules, in a collaborative fashion becoming Absolute monarchies over said jurisdictions, often duplicitously overlapping jurisdictions; for which they are neither elected nor accountable to The Citizens of The United States. Each carving out its chunks of tyranny over its domain and hanging citizens in circuitous, life draining nooses.

All the while, many politicians continue to deny or merely cater to these agency factions, failing to force the Constitutional truths of their illegitimacy, taxpayer harassment, thievery and hemorrhagic affects on the continuation of the Republic.

These cubicle committees, experts upon experts, credentials upon credentials, civil worker upon civil worker, file, fill and foment the Administrative despotism, intimidation, censorship, dependency, control and colossal power via rule upon rule, regulation upon regulation, fine upon fine, judgment upon judgment as they build the Potomac Puzzle Palace Kremlin perpetuating national destruction from swamp city.

But it’s not just in the DC beltway.

The Administrative Bureaucracy has sprouted a huge Fifth Column of twigs. Many folks from rural America, in city and town, and from shore to dimming shore are now under the curve and on the payroll of the 4th Branch. From Education to Healthcare, Commerce to Transportation, Non-profits to Finance, Farmers, Industry to Energy, to state and local governments– it is increasingly difficult to find someone whose livelihood and profession is not tied to, on the payroll of, pension linked to, contracted to and under the intimidation of the Administrative Bureaucracy.

And so, in a mutation of Martin Niemoller’s poem, they remain silent.

“They came for the Communists, and I didn’t object—

For I wasn’t a Communist;

They came for the Socialists, and I didn’t object

For I wasn’t a Socialist;

They came for the labor leaders, and I didn’t object—

For I wasn’t a labor leader;

They came for the Jews, and I didn’t object—

For I wasn’t a Jew;

Then they came for me—

And there was no one left to object.”

Martin Niemoller, German Protestant Pastor, 


They don’t object, because — they don’t recognize that they have already become Socialists.

This is Socialism. The Administrative Powers, The Regulatory Agencies, the citizens, nonprofits, the churches, schools, healthcare, finances, businesses, and attempted entrepreneurship working for, contracted to, and under the scrutiny, manipulation, control and dependency on the Societal planning Agencies of The Administrative Bureaucratic Despots.

Here’s the problem and here’s the solution.

The Tree can no longer exist with a divided trunk. There can be no “co-exist” in this parallel system, in which the Progressive side, the Socialist side, redistributes the resources, and the life blood from the Conservative foundational side with all the leaves, fruits, seeds, and roots.

The people, the economy, the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness cannot endure with one side attempting to systematically control the nation, eliminate the liberties, the virtues, the knowledge, ignore human nature, undermine families, faith, personal property, rewrite the moral code and remove veneration for God.

The Government shall rest upon His Shoulders; the Peace is with Him and the Blessings derive from Him.

He points clearly to 5 basic spheres of government: self-government, family government, church government, commerce governance and civil government. When a Civil Government usurps the role of the other spheres of government, that Civil Govenment will surely collapse. The past, the present and the future all testify to this fact.

Americans today face a choice:

1. Return to the Founders’ construct and interpretation of The Constitution, and the promotion of the Values and Virtues upon which this nation and its families have been blessed.


2. Face a certain collapse under the yoke of the tyrannical Administrative Powers–The illegitimate powers of societal planners, advancing a Marxist creed in their attempts to dethrone God, destroy Capitalism and extinguish The Flame of Liberty in America.

The Constitution and most state Constitutions clearly do not permit this usurpation of power by Administrative Agency fiat.

So, why does it continue to multiply like a deadly virus?

Savvy politicians confide:

Because most politicians lack the nerve, the backbone to Stand and push back against the ubiquitous 4th Branch because they recognize that many of their electorate are part and parcel of these Administrative Agencies—the Fifth Column.

Politicians know that The Constitution and State Constitutions clearly wield the power to chop off the 4th Branch…but what is to become of the fifth Column?

Where will they work?

Do they know how to work as the men and women of this nation did originally? (Or the few remaining taxpayers and entrepreneurs who are not part of the Fifth Column?)

Where will former fifth column administrators find such cushy administrative jobs shuffling papers, forms, and files, while wielding such power over the peasants?

(Immigrate to Russian cubicles or collectivist farms in Europe or other Socialist nations?)

Or will they, exemplifying true American Values, rise from the desks, ethernet, and boardrooms, and join the platoons of productive citizens of The Republic, The United States of America?

Will they be willing to return to a free market economy– unpropped and unprostituted by Government regulations, redistributions, and leveling servitude, strangling Liberty under God?

Will they labor to leave a fortune of values, virtues and flourishing opportunities for the future of their heirs? 

Will we?

It really is Time to Choose.

…now to get back to the math.   The Presidency and The Constitution Dr. Larry Arnn The History and Danger of Administrative Law by Philip Hamburger

Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families

Values Voter Summit 2014 Video Archive

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