Redeeming the Children from the Progressive Pharaohs’ Pyramids

Redeeming the Children from the Progressive Pharaohs’ Pyramids

“So they put slave masters over them with forced labor, and they built Pithom and Rameses as store cities for Pharaoh.

But the more they were oppressed, the more they multiplied and spread;

So the Egyptians came to dread the Israelites and worked them ruthlessly.

They made their lives bitter and hard with labor in brick and mortar and with all kinds of work in the fields; in all their labor the Egyptians used them ruthlessly.”

Exodus 1:11-14

Egyptian Pharaohs, like current self acclaimed Governing demigods, spent inordinate amounts of time, resources and human labor to lavish themselves with extravagant luxury during their lifetimes. They did this while simultaneously expending national resources, a host of alchemists, and human lives in preparations for a cushy afterlife. Because, after all…the peasants were “expendable.”

In fact, several Pharaohs had some of their living slaves killed upon their own death, buried other slaves alive to serve them in their tombs, and went to extreme measures to ensure that their living slaves would continue to feed and care for them after their mummification.

The pyramids were filled with such treasures– that robbing them became a lucrative profession. This led to future tombs being hidden from public circumspection, and google tomb robbing maps.

(You can guess where this archaeological expedition is heading…. )

Today, moms are livid, and dads are out of the cubicles, joined by virtuous patriots and parents, all utilizing technology, common sense, and intent on robbing some graves to redeem their children from the Administrative Bureaucratic Pharaohs.

These Government, Committee, Agency, Education, Industry aligned “Pharaohs” are an odd hocus pocus of idol worshippers, nepotists, and out and out kidnappers of children from their parents, from God, and from their future as knowledgeable free citizens.

Today, Government bureaucrats, socialist programs, the Administrative Despots, Education Pharaohs and Data Czars etc. are burying the children alive in temples of doom.

The bondage debt load deepens well past 130 trillion dollars in debt and liabilities; the state and municipal governments continue to sell themselves and the populace as temple prostitutes to the gods of workforce development; absent any concern for individuals, their lives, their liberties and their own pursuit of happiness and their own development of personal, intellectual, spiritual, and tangible property.

The children, that the Hebrew midwives kept alive, are now being buried alive via government aligned preschool programs, reimagining of “education”, Data mongers conforming children to make bricks.

Who knows if they’ll give them any mud or straw?

It likely depends on what the crowd sourcing data programs show, as to whether the aligned industry wants soft brick, glazed brick, adobe, dry pressed, kiln fired, concrete, or chemically compatible bricks like those used for concentration camps, schools, factories, palaces, prisons, and other government buildings.

We used to blame the Marxists, Liberals and Progressive Alchemists for this debt, dependency, and indoctrination of Keynes, Darwin, Dewey etc., dethroning of God, destruction of morality, displacement of Free Market Capitalism, and individual responsibility. Now, it appears the headiness and ambition of political power, administrative power, and concentrated power has transformed the drinkers of the potion to concentrated corruption…Absolutely.

The Hebrews having undergone Egyptian slavery knew about Redemption.

Redeem means to deliver, ransom, avenge, and act as a kinsman. When Redeem is used of God, it emphasizes His complete, sovereign freedom to liberate human beings.

Baroness Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013), in her 1995 presentation entitled “Moral Foundations of Society,” provides a vivid example of a national leader who grasps the significance of the value of liberty, the responsibility of Godly leaders to set captives free, and the danger of relying on computer data analysts to make decisions regarding the lives, liberties and futures of human beings.

When Baroness Thatcher was asked, regarding her decision in 1982 as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, whether or not to fight to liberate the citizens of the Falkland Islands, and a Government’s moral obligations to its citizens, Baroness Thatcher dynamically responded:

“An Aggressor …had decided …they could take other peoples’ land; take away their liberty—govern their lives!

By what right, do they take other peoples property and take away their liberty?

No right at all!

Sheer Evil.

The Baroness goes on to detail what worried her about having to make the decision and take it to parliament, was whether it was practically possible to do.

“You don’t put your soldiers and seamen and airmen into battle easily…

It’s a very great decision. Just look at the question.”

The Baroness described the tremendous number of variables that had to be weighed…what were the odds? …. Going into the Antarctic winter, having to send a fleet 8,000 miles, put soldiers on ships traveling 8,000 miles, for 4 weeks, with the only air coverage from air craft carriers bouncing around on bitter cold waters and having to land in such conditions…giving an enemy 4 weeks notice as they traveled to get there.

Had I fed that into any computer made by any one of your great computer producers,

had I fed all of those things in—

The answer would have been, “Don’t go. You’re crazy!

But there is more to the human spirit than the material computation.

I knew if it was humanly possible, our men would take those islands and the risk was worth taking.”

 The British Parliament voted 644 to 6, in favor of backing Lady Thatcher’s commitment to liberty for their British citizens in the Falkland Islands. This valiant Lady, and the British people won back the Liberty of the island’s citizens.

This was the first time in the post war period that any leader had turned back an aggressor and said, “Don’t you try it again!” 

Lady Thatcher was first and foremost a woman of God, a virtuous wife and a devoted mother.

Her middle name is not “Hilda” for naught. (If you know a “Hilda” you know what I mean.)*

Were Lady Thatcher living today, I believe she would be leading in this charge to set the children free from the Administrative Data Despots, the unified entitlement programs of education and chambers of communism that are burying children alive in tombs of doomed collectivist cubicles.

Regardless, it is time for Parents and Patriots to rise to their duties, dismantling the sorcery, trickery, lies, and sheer evil that shackles children and the citizens laboring in these tombs.

Tis the season to rob the graves of both the living and the spiritually dead. Voting the vultures out and shutting down the Pyramids of Power built upon the lives of citizens and the hope of children.

While simultaneously rebuilding families, communities, churches, schools and businesses that will develop minds, souls, senses, and entrepreneurs capable of maintaining liberty via self-government under God.

“The midwives, however, feared God and did not do what the king of Egypt had told them to do; they let the boys live….

So God was kind to the midwives and the people increased and became even more numerous. And because the midwives feared God,

He gave them families of their own.”

Exodus 1:17-21

Families will be restored and blessed as they denounce the enslaving Administrative Pharaohs and return to acknowledging God on the Throne.

If not….there are plenty of plagues yet to experience. A Time to Speak. Now. Hillsdale College’s Champions of Liberty Series, Baroness Margaret Thatcher “Moral Foundations of Society” March 1995

* “Hilda” means: Battle maiden or strength from within. My mother is named: Hilda.

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