Sheer Evil: The Big Goal of Making Minions and Administrators for The Administrative State.

Sheer Evil: The Big Goal of Making Minions and Administrators for The Administrative State. 

“Experience hath shewn that Mankind are more disposed to suffer,

While Evils are sufferable,

Than to right themselves by abolishing the Forms to which they are accustomed.”

The Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

“The theme for [Strive Together’ 2014 Cradle to Career Network Convening:] 2014 is Making Waves: Action that Moves Outcomes. The turning tide of educational reform is upon us. Communities are rigorously using data to transform the way they support the success of children, cradle to career. This move away from ‘business as usual’ towards action that has impact is improving educational outcomes across the country. Cradle to career partnerships are going against the status quo, acting as disruptors to the system to create sustainable change.”


“An Aggressor …had decided …they could take other peoples’ land; take away their liberty—govern their lives!

By what right, do they take other peoples property and take away their liberty?

No right at all!

Sheer Evil.

But there is more to the human spirit than the material computation.”

Baroness Margaret Thatcher, on The Moral Foundations of Society, 1995 

It would appear that “Evils are sufferable”, because many people have allowed themselves to become part of The Evil. The Evil of Socialism, that of appointing oneself, or many selves to become the rulers over cribs, classrooms, colleges, careers, cubicles, and the corpses of others—is alive and thriving throughout our local communities, cities, regions and nation. All this, while orchestrating the Collapse of Liberty under God.

Remember: if No God…then No God granted Liberties.

This Marxist model of systemic change has gained willing participants on many levels of society transforming former autonomous folks into the production of more minions of the administrative state. So clever in its proposed appeal to fallen human nature’s self-interest of “highest return on our investment” —all the while under the guise of social, humanitarian and even religious and “charitable” benevolence.

“Kindergarten readiness alone is not sufficient to prepare career and college ready 18-year-olds. It is simply the necessary foundation for all that follows and the place to invest for the highest return on our investment.”

Human Resource fellow with a Big Goal

Since the left masquerades itself with the right, (meaning that many business folks have now aligned to control education to create labor minions, by feeding at the federal, corporate, municipal, and “philanthropic” grant moneys trough– thereby usurping individual, taxpayer and parental liberty)– it is time to review the Academy for Systemic Change Map to illuminate the Plan.

The framework has clearly materialized. And just in case your meeple has passed “GO”, “Flee” or “Jump Ship” , this may help you to recognize your current position on the Map, in the stock and flow diagram…and where you are designated for the future planned by the big goal collaborative. Aka. those intent on creating sustainable change.

Recall the key catalysts and Accountability measures are: Peer Networks and Outcomes. Outcomes meaning whatever leverage of accountability, testing, reports, financial gains, productivity etc. to bring about the “highest return on our investment.” To create more effective minions and administrators of Progressive Statism aka Socialism, with Central Data Czars in large cubicles, lounging Pharaohs in the gardens; where the minions get to produce products, run in circles and keep the breezes blowing.

We’ll just highlight some quotes from the horse’s mouth so to speak.

Newborns grow Early Childhood Kids to Effective 4-12 Students to Higher Education Students to Entry Job Employees to Effective Responsible Happy Citizens

Reinforcing Feedback loops are key to scale up systemic change as various interventions catalyze circular self-reinforcing processes.”[they like processes and making processed citizens…part of the process]

“The goal is to invest in various high-leverage points to the extent where the system tips into self-sustaining change processes.”

[feeling tipsy yet?]

“Connecting Student Outcomes, Teacher Evaluations with Teacher Capacity Building” [this is a long paragraph about providing Teacher incentives based on student outcomes to control the teachers to upload the objective ideologies and the students to regurgitate them: both becoming “effectives” to perpetuate the “systemic change processes.”]

Of course in this Systemic Change Big Goal, All must head on to College, to continue being credentialed in the communist commerce creeds at the hands of state subsidized and other nonprofits also on the government-contracting payroll and linked with the Corporatist Chambers of Communism.

Higher Ed Alignment Loop: more Effective 4-12 Students lead to more Higher Education Students as less students dropout. This in turn generates more Higher Ed Revenue and creates a business case in addition to a moral case for further k-12 and Higher Ed Alignment with College and Career State Standards.”

( or whatever name your region, state and community have chosen to promote)

Recall the other orchestrator listed networks include:

Effective Building Leaders

Effective Union Leaders

Effective District Leaders

Effective State Leader Evaluation Loop based on State Leader Evaluation based on Student Outcomes and Effective State Policy & Funding aligned for Effective College and Career State Standards Implementation

Effective Education Resources/ Service Providers developing ideologically mated materials that enhance Effective CCSS implementation

Student Outcomes and Career Competitiveness leads to Higher Perceived Benefits of College and Career Ready (nationalized curriculum standards) [they recognize that this is a public relations propaganda issue…)

Business and Community Leader Advocacy Loop: “building Effective Business and Community Leaders is critical for advocating for College and Career State Standards (nationalized curriculum) with wider stakeholders.”

And of course:

Foundation & NGO (Non-Governmental Organizations—which is getting harder and harder to distinguish between since so many are in the redistribution of taxpayer funds collusion loops…)

Building Effective Foundation and NGO Leaders is critical for coordinating higher leverage investments.”


Again, we all have been guilty of participating in this at some level. Many states took on Multi-Cultural Service Programs (MSP) and a plethora of P-16 initiatives and P-20 Longitudinal Database Systems , plus the Race to the Top/ NCLB Waiver edicts reliant on corrupt enslaving grant moneys. One can’t help recognizing the orchestration of these entrapments. Low test scores? Foment a perceived crisis….publish a report…a book…recruit cheerleaders… Propagate a Program…align grants with demanded infrastructure, databases, administrators, implementers, instructor training programs, curriculums, and accountability to ensure continuation of enslavement to keep the Tower of Babel progressing, proccessing and new minions propagating dependence.

Six Sigma and human beings being processed.

We keep seeing a systematic business model, such as Six Sigma, employed for processes used to manufacture goods, being applied to the development of little children, youth and adults.

People are unique human beings– cognitive, emotional, spiritual beings, held for a time in a changing organic body. By their very nature, people and communities and nations change. Yet, some attributes, characteristics and qualities must remain constant, in order for humans to remain human sentient individuals created in the image of God.

To apply a process, such as Six Sigma, used by Motorola, GE, IBM, Verizon and a plethora of manufacturing and design corporations, seems in itself, to echo Lady Thatcher,

“Sheer Evil!” 

It is said that Six Sigma doctrine asserts:

“1. Continuous efforts to achieve stable and predictable process results (i.e., reduce process variation) are of vital importance to business success.

  1. Manufacturing and business processes have characteristics that can be measured, analyzed, controlled and improved.
  2. Achieving sustained quality improvement requires commitment from the entire organization, particularly from top-level management.

Features that set Six Sigma apart from previous quality improvement initiatives include:

  1. A clear focus on achieving measurable and quantifiable financial returns from any Six Sigma project.
  2. An increased emphasis on strong and passionate management leadership and support.
  3. A clear commitment to making decisions on the basis of verifiable data and statistical methods, rather than assumptions and guesswork.”

Obviously, implementing Manufacturing Processes doctrines to education is having disastrous effects, as children, parents, taxpayers, and educators rebel against treating human beings as widgets to produce more widgets…or semiconductors.

In recognition of twenty-eight plus years of Six Sigma application in industry, and business, one might suggest that it has not contributed to success in business or the economy as the statistical data reports may wish to be interpreted.

Therein lies the problem of goals, purposes, intentions of any said process or program, standard or criteria.

Whose is it? Whose goals? Whose priorities? Whose Standard?

If a man’s role is to lead, protect, and provide for his family; he fulfills that first in his home by loving his wife and his children. Many a child of a six sigma father or mother has been cheated from their parental investment in the nurture of their family by the demands that Six Sigma places on these parents in the work environment.

Many an employee, of a six sigma-embracing employer, is working overtime, under great stress from all levels of management (more belt colors than the visual spectrum), from stressed peers, and equally stressed customers, often traveling across the nation and now the globe, all as part of The Process…which is doing a process on The Family.

The Family is the single most effective solution to developing human beings capable of intellectual and spiritual capacity for fruitful labor, self-governance and virtuous citizenry for the present and in the future.

I’d suggest these gentlemen and ladies, on their crusade of Big Goals, stay home, unplug from their digital media devices, teach their own children to read, do the math, help tutor those who need help, and model parenting rather than playing human resource gods harnessing more minions to administer processes on a nation nauseating at the Sheer Evil of it all.

Please stop trying to manage other peoples’ lives using other peoples’ money. Manage your own household, love your family, be a neighbor, care for your aging parents. Please stop trying to make a smarter planet and a dumber people.

Stop trying to play God.

The position is already filled.

Check with The Creator, Developer, and Sustainer of Human Resources and the planet.

Thank you to special friends who provide many dots and much wisdom in connecting these complexities we must deconstruct as we rebuild.






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