More Education “Research”? The Imprudence of Implied Submission to Research Data Czars

More Education “Research”? The Imprudence of Implied Submission to Research Data Czars

“If there is no God….free love is entirely defensible,

and politics based on force is inevitable.”

Bernard Iddings Bell in Crisis in Education, 1949

Again, we find ourselves caught in the cycle of folks advocating for more “Research” on education. A cycle, or shall we say cyclone, caused largely by folks dismissing God and their own responsibilities to transmit established Absolutes of Truth, knowledge, values and beliefs to their own heirs. The more distant the “accountability”…the more diffusely the blame is spread, the lower the “standards”, the more progressively liberal the behavioral outcomes, to the effect that no one is “responsible” and the masses are quick to blame, someone else. All the while, the taxpayers and the next generation continue to suffer the holocaust.

Thus, the request for more “research.” It’s easy to blame “The Research.”

So what’s the problem with the scapegoat of “Research”?

By merely putting forth the suggestion of funding more ‘research’, one implies that one will pay obeisance to the results of the “research.” Otherwise, why waste time and funding to do more ‘research’? Besides the fact that it keeps many credentialed experts, committee members, administrators and researchers busy keeping busy and employed keeping others running in circles and cycles.

This precipitates the obvious question:

Why would citizens place themselves, their families, funds and futures, under the consent of folks one does not even know?

  1. The design of any research project is subject to the worldview of those funding the research and the scientist- researchers defining the parameters to be researched, the variables to be monitored, and the interpretations of the research. Recall that since the “experts” also control credentials of “expertise”, the masses have been conditioned to depend on some “expert” to interpret what the researchers and analysts have discovered from digging through the data dung.

Considering the exponential decay of morality and ethics in American Education…how can anyone consider turning over any measure of trust to the majority of twentieth century educated “researchers”?

  1. Using human beings as research subjects delves into entire fields of Ethics. While social commentators have highlighted the ethical quandary of human cloning, stem cell research, abortive fetal tissue use, and a host of other pharmacologic drug development ethical challenges; many have failed to recognize the unethical demons and dangers of using human beings as subjects in “education research studies.”

The government and business push for Government linked, taxpayer funded Pre-kindergarten Education, Cradle-Career-Corpse programs, has unearthed more than the Ghosts of Scrooge’s Past.

  1. Whose Criteria?

Just whose criteria and whose parameters are to be assessed, evaluated, tracked, catalogued, imparted, quantified, scaled, ranked, analyzed, and defined by whom?

We are at an acute cultural crossroads; the parallel roads have divided with the chasm widening and deepening between both paths.

What gives anyone, any group, any collective, or any government the right to use human children as research subjects?

Does one design research to determine which students will be evaluated for their human characteristics of virtue, veneration for God, knowledge of the good, the beautiful, the true, life, liberty; possessing self-motivation, integrity, honesty, thrift, fidelity, joy, discernment and respect for one’s self, one’s family, one’s heritage, one’s nation? In essence, The Judeo-Christian Worldview and Biblical morality? One in which there are clear absolutes of: right and wrong, good and evil, mercy and justice? And a God, Who makes these clear, provides mentoring, judges fairly, and executes consequences. (Something these days, many would rather omit.)

Or will these research criteria on humans be for Wards of State…financial returns on monetary investment or both?

Will this research be designed to measure, track, upload, credential, condone, and reward (by its very design of research) the goals of the Government, Central Planners, and aligned Business and “Education” communities — an economic productive laborforce of mass scale?… The continuation of Hegel, Darwin, Marx, Lenin, Bentham, Bismarck, Dewey, Stalin, Weimer, Hitler, Turchenko and Tucker?

If so, these human toddlers will be measured by their obedience to superiors, compliance to dictates of The State curriculums, malleability, disposition, social-emotional collaboration, conformity and regurgitation of scripts in alignment with ideologies to further the goals of those funding, designing and administrating the Statist programs for utilitarian purposes. “Today your State-Regional school…tomorrow the World!”

  1. The Control Group. Man does not have the Authority to play God over the lives of other human beings; regardless of their age or socio-economic conditions. In fact, the current cycle of decay has been caused by a century of Progressive efforts to control the lives of others.
  2. History Repeats in American Education…. No more central planning!

It was already recognized, over sixty years ago, that the formation of the “mass man”, full of liberal errors, was the result of the widespread penetration of the American school system by the doctrine of progressive education. This was accredited to specifically the obsession with “scientific intelligence” personified by John Dewey and his crusade as America’s Education Reformer.

After a century of Dewey’s Marxist aligned methods, why would one continue to expand the age of subjugation, imprisonment and dependent dearth of Progressive central planning, taxpayer funded “education”? !!! Recall Dewey is the one who began his “Research” on real human pupils first by collegiate instruction of education (pedagogy) majors and continuing in his Dewey Laboratory School at the University of Chicago, which propagated an entire series of progressive elementary and secondary laboratory schools.

  1. Fake Statistics abound in cubicle experts.

As businessmen now appoint themselves as child development experts, the field is fertilized for seeds of weeds, buzz phrases and subjective self-serving opinions in the minds of these folks. Unfortunately, these business folks are easily impressed with business acumen, networks, processes and power, rather than possessing the principles to discern truth regarding human development, cognitive functions, nurture and secure attachment in developing precious, unique human lives…and on whose turf this belongs.

These folks like to parrot phrases about stages of child development, brain growth, language exposure, and executive function, when their statements reveal their research sources (which they fail to document) are erroneous, misinformed, biased, or outrageously wrong. Yet, they now place themselves as Crusaders to reform education.

One example this October, is an erroneous statement citing a fake statistic:

“At three years of age, children who grow up in language-rich environments have heard 30 million more words on average than children from language-poor, usually low-income homes.”*

Yikes !!! Do the math. We did. A Speech and Language Pathologist saw this excerpt and quickly did the calculations.

For a child of three years of age, to even hear 30 million words, it would require the child to hear 45 words per minute for 10 hours a day non-stop for their entire three years of life! Children birth to three years of age do not process 45 words per minute. To have ‘heard’ 30 million words would require multiple auditory media and multiple conversations going virtually non-stop. Yet, this erroneous statement says that children in “language rich environments” hear 30 million MORE words on AVERAGE…than language poor homes.

In truth, in order for children to process phonemes, which comprise words, conversation must be salient and meaningful in its presentation. Children with large vocabularies did not develop these vocabularies by being bombarded with millions of words.

To bombard a child with millions of words is to merely over stimulate and overwhelm, thereby impeding the abilities to self-regulate, concentrate, focus and perceive the significant phoneme, content or concept or to construct meaningful connections. In fact, to bombard with meaningless millions of words is to create attention deficit and hyperactivity behaviors, keeping children over stimulated and sensory driven….not in the cortical areas of the brain. It’s how you create herds and masses of mobs.

We could dissect more of these fake statistics, but suffice it to say, they are not accurate, but are filled with deceptions that a novice may embrace, but not a doctor, speech pathologist, neurobiologist, or a savvy parent or a prudent taxpayer. Throwing words at children does not increase brain development, intelligence or vocabulary. Nor does it create better human beings or virtuous citizens.

  1. What children need to in order learn:

In order for little brains to learn they need secure attachment to their parents. They need to be able to self-regulate, which is the hallmark of secure attachment.

The Middle Prefrontal Lobe of the brain is responsible for the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, attunement in communication, emotional balance, response flexibility, fear modulation, insight, empathy, morality, and intuition.

This is accomplished by focused attention; secure attachment to their parents…not some government funded business pushed preschool program.

There is no replacement for unwavering parental love, felt safety, time in focused attention, eye contact, soothing prosody in voice, and nurture in preparing a child for self-regulation and the abilities to succeed as a virtuous fruitful human being capable of knowing good from bad, discerning right from wrong, enjoying their life, liberty and pursuit of happiness with other unique loved human beings.

  1. Solution: Homegrown Preschool Readiness skills.

Reward the desired behaviors in parents rather than dependency culture.

Fifty years ago, in order for parents to be able to register their child for kindergarten, the child had to recognize and recite their Alphabet, count to one hundred, identify their primary colors, and know their name, address and phone number.

If a child did not demonstrate these skills…they were not accepted into public kindergarten. Simple. The parents, who wished their children to attend public school…made certain their children possessed these skills.

The children received the nurturing attention of their parents. That’s really what children want more than anything, to be loved and nurtured, deemed worthy of the time investment of their parents. This relationship is what develops the brain for self-regulation, the development of cognitive functions foundational to learning.

Stop rewarding parents for outsourcing parenting to the State….

making their children wards of the state and aligned industries,

…..unless of course that is the goal.

  1. Recall previous Business’ funding of Research and Education for societal “benefit” and production purposes.

“Researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples…

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went on to Auschwitz” and his famous twin studies.

The Rockefeller Foundation, Eugenics Record Office (ERO) funded by the Carnegie Institute; Harriman Railroad fortune, IBM Corporation, Vernon Kellogg, Indiana University, Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Stanford University, Alexander Graham Bell, The Weimer Republic and The Nazis all worked a holocaust of eugenics, forced sterilization, and euthanasia that even now, Progressively influenced education and government healthcare attempts to sterilize from history books and public knowledge.

It is one type of Marketplace in which to offer jobs–

And an entirely opposite market

That designs people for jobs. 

The former is what built America…the latter is Huxley’s Brave New World, Orwell’s 1984,or Animal Farm. A misinformed, misguided, manipulated and morally mutated Marketplace of Administrative Central Planners controlling business, education, research, media and the masses.


The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 by George H. Nash




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