The Common Man Cantering to Collectivism

The Common Man Cantering to Collectivism

Spurred by Fear, Chaos, Coercion, Moral, and Intellectual bankruptcy the Common Man, lacking The Spiritual Cornerstone to make him Uncommon, is dissolved into the metrics of The Planned Economy.

In 1938, while in Germany, Herbert Hoover met with the German Reich Minister of Education, Bernard Rust, who gave Hoover:

“…a full and enthusiastic description of the Government disciplines that began at seven years of age and extended in various stages for about fifteen years thereafter, including their separation of children “gifted in mind” [the alphas] from those “gifted in hand” [the betas] and the special training of each. He believed they had the formula for developing genius for government and the professions.

I did not ask where character came in

or the basic freedom of men to choose their own jobs in life.”

Hoover also records in his memoirs that during this same time in Germany his greatest illumination on the German economic life came from a German business owner, a paper manufacturer, who was married to a fine American lady.

“Without a word of criticism he [German business owner] described exactly how National Socialism worked in his business, employing 2,000 men. It had denuded him of real control; it had reduced his income to the extent that he had given up his seashore cottage and his Berlin house and was living in a three-room apartment.

That did not seem to bother him so much as the fact that he had no free will or free judgment left in the conduct of his business and, above all, that Nazi controls had reduced both he and his workmen to a sort of peonage. Wages and promotions were fixed by the government; men could not leave their jobs or be discharged without government approval and every youth was compelled to follow the calling chosen for him.”

Hoover also met with then Field Marshall Herman Goering. Goering inquired as to the progress of simplification in American industrial processes, which Germany was also implementing.

Hoover mentioned that the adoption of such technical standards in America “was necessarily slow because it must be voluntary among manufacturers and others.”

Goering replied that,” national socialism” has no bothers like that. “If I give a rationalization (the German term for our word simplification) in the morning, it is in effect by noon.”

(Regimented regulated goosetepping in education, business, commerce, lifestyle, manufacturing, governance; manufacturing peons and pigeons to produce in cages)

Continuing the cantering comparison and contrasts of Fascism, Communism, Socialism, Multiculturalism, Planned Economy-ism, Totalitarianism…the many faces of and degrees of Statism, it’s time for a view of the home of “Red Imperialism” (no not the GOP…yet), but the one that they all like to say died with every war- cold, warm or hot; Marxism-Communism, that spreading, boring, materialistic, intelligentsia evil that rears its head via democracy (the diabolical kind of democracy as C. S. Lewis would say.)

Hoover’s consolidated summary on Russia, gleaned from his own time spent there prior to World War I, during Armistice, his periods as secretary of commerce, during his Presidency, his discussion with multitudes of statesmen, officials, leaders, mechanics, engineers and private contractors (going in and out), thoughtful citizens in countries near Russia, and his most recent interviews, spanned a time period of over thirty years.

These folks were emphatic that Russia was not turning to “capitalism” (in the original free-market American sense).

“Although workmen were now paid differential and incentive wages, they could not leave their jobs, their wages were fixed by the state, they had no right to strike and if they left their jobs, they left their ration cards behind. The farmers were compelled to work on collective farms and had never more than two free acres (usually less) for truck gardens; they could not leave the farms; they had no voice in prices and they, too, could obtain no food if they left their jobs.

There was no right to property or inheritance and, therefore any savings from wages could be invested only in government bonds and thus reabsorbed by the state.

What was really going on was something very different from a turn to capitalism. Russian society was being restratified onto traditional Russian lines.

[In the military, this would be a time the instructor would say, “THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT POINT”, meaning Americans today- 2015 should be paying attention.]

The members of the Communism Party enjoyed special privileges, larger incomes, opportunity to secure clothing, food and luxuries not available to the great mass. They comprised a new middle class.

The more important officials were a higher stratum, already taking on all the pomp and perquisites of the Old Russian nobility.

The great mass of people were simply serfs to these upper strata under any definition. By any western standards, the country lived in mass poverty. Freedom of religion, speech and of press were non-existent. The people kept in complete ignorance of the rest of the world. No one but trusted agents were allowed abroad lest they realize their state of misery.

Purported restoration of freedom of worship was an illusion because the churches were being steadily destroyed; or put to other uses. …as places of worship their number had decreased from 46,000 to under 5,000. The people were constantly terrorized by the secret police. “Liquidation” of individuals, groups, classes was commonplace.

There were millions of people in concentration work-camps, condemned with no semblance of trial. The number of political convicts under the Czars probably never exceeded more than 200,000; Stalin had raised the numbers to over 10,000,000. …

But above all was the fanatical determination to communize the world. Every statement of Lenin and Stalin breathed it. The world was [and still is] faced with an aggressive “Red Imperialism.”

Herbert Hoover 1938

History continues to emphasize, that it does no good to pass laws or sign treaties, conventions, or non-aggression pacts with Marxists or those of ideologies other than the Judeo-Christian creed. The Communist ideology or that of other totalitarian, socialist, despotic, Crony Capitalist, or fascist mystical regimes asserts that no agreements are binding except on the other fellow. 

Experience has shown that in Communism control is more important than ownership.

As we recognize American civil government’s legal plunder, cantering collectivism and control over:

Non-profit entities; Freedom of Speech and Religious Expression; Privacy;Education (pre-K, primary, secondary, and collegiate) linked with Cronycrat Labor development councils;

Nationalized Healthcare and Senior “Care” (complete with end of life counseling councils and inflationary price controls corrupting many an adult child into placing senior parents and special needs citizens on Medicaid);

Commerce, Conscience, and Private Initiative shackled by regulatory insanity; Agriculture import/export controls, price fixing, and subsidy for scarcity; Energy production and regulatory controls; Direct and indirect Taxation on Income, Investment and Private Property and inheritance;

Environmental Agencies and Assessments hijacking private property via re-zoning for plunder or rewilding for pagan nature worship….the distinctions between Western Civilization and Despotic regimes are becoming extinct.

History has shown that Creeping Collectivism accelerates to cantering chaos as it incites fomenting fear, connected coercion, crony capitalism, crippling free enterprise, eliminating personal initiative, resulting in the Planned Economy, Stratified Communism and the death of individual liberty under God….

As the darkness increases and you hear the approaching hooves, remember:

“…the men of Judah were victorious because they relied on The LORD the God of their fathers. 2 Chronicles 13:18

…And my reins also instruct me in the night seasons.” Psalm 16:7


and Herbert Hoover’s example and motivation:

“The world has survived error in ideas and confusion before.

And men have grown in soul and safety because

some groups of them have stood solid.


They stood fast not because they knew the solutions to all the confusions,

Not even because they had the power to find the solution.


They stood firm and they held up the light until the furies passed

because they held certain sacred principles of life, of morals, and of spiritual values.

I could at least do that.”

~Herbert Hoover, April 1950

The Crusade Years 1933-1955, Herbert Hoover’s Lost Memoirs of the New Deal Era and Its Aftermath. Edited with an Introduction by George H. Nash

[bold and bracketed comments mine] Gary Bauer’s Campaign for Working Families Hillsdale on-line courses













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