Common Man, Commonplace, Common Corps, Communism…How Vulgar.

Common Man, Commonplace, Common Corps, Communism…How Vulgar.

The English word ‘vulgar’ stems from the Latin word vulgus, or mob. The word ‘vulgar’ is used to describe something as: common, lacking in good taste or lacking in refinement.

Herbert Hoover knew that America’s foundations, her Faith, her Constitution, and her individuals possessed something more than the vulgar, commonality that he had witnessed across much of Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere. On the Road, in 1945 Hoover continued his crusade to awaken Americans to the enormous sweep of Communism and Socialism over Asia and Europe as the results of the war.

“The Western Hemisphere is fast becoming the last hope of free men. We do not question the right of these other nations to decide for themselves. But equally we have a right to make our own decisions.

And yet we shall be besieged by the missionaries, the propaganda, the Fifth Columns of these foreign ideologies. They are militant faiths that will seek to preserve themselves at home by expanding their ideas abroad, through poisoning our waters of free speech by their propaganda.

There are persons who talk of the middle of the road. The middle between what? Fascism? Communism? Socialism? Thinking American people are allergic to all of them. We should have none of them.

Indeed the time has come when America should again proclaim our faith.

We should proclaim our resolution to hold it. We should cease to apologize for it. Our first post-war purpose should be to restore it.

We should proclaim again and again that the road to free men and to progress and prosperity is not to be found in the spread of governmental powers and bureaucracy, but in striving to set bounds to it. For these are principles of life from which no American dare depart, whatever the exigencies or even fears of the moment.

Today fifteen million boys have joined the armed services. They have gone into battle…and with courage because they believed they were preserving America for free men….Those who survive look to return to the free America they have known….

Is it not a faith? Is it not a belief for which men die? Is freedom to be defeated by slogans, or foreign propaganda, or Fifth Columns? You and I must not be marked as the generation who surrendered the heritage of America.”

Hoover goes on to detail the specifics from which American individuals must be free from, including:

Government policies which jeopardize stability of currency and credit;

Taxes which destroy incentives of men by taking away the reward of efforts;

Bureaucracy which stymies productive forces by stupid meddling;

Starry-eyed Utopias which deny reward for efforts and thus frighten them from new adventure….

Hoover asserted that “men must be free in mind, spirit, and creative power so long as they do no injury to their neighbors. They must be confident in the future.”

On October 13, 1945 Hoover delivered a nationally broadcast address entitled, “Moral and Spiritual Recovery from War” at Wilson College at Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. In it Hoover addressed the degradation of moral, spiritual, and intellectual standards; the increase in brutality, the eclipse of truth, the necessary safeguards of freedom and the need for excellence in education to produce new leadership in the nation. Like C.S. Lewis, Hoover clearly recognized the propaganda of the “common man”; the proletariat puppet who paves the way for diabolical democracy.

Hoover continues:

“But an intangible corruption has come into our concepts of leadership during the past few years. It is dinned into us that this is the century of the “common man”; that he is going to do this and demand that—the idea seems to be that the common man has come into his own at last. Certainly he is a good vote-getting attachment.

Thus we have developed a cult of the common man. I have not been able to find any definition of who this common man is. Most American men and especially women will fight if called “common.” Likewise in humility we refer to ourselves as made from common clay but we get mad when anyone says our feet are made of clay.

However, whoever this political “common man” is, I want him to have all the unique benefits of the American way of life including full opportunity to rise in leadership. But if we are to have leadership in government, in science, in education, in the professions and in the home, we must find and train some Uncommon men and women.

The only seriously objectionable part of the deification of the common man is the implication that mediocrity is an ideal, that the uncommon man is to be discredited or discarded.”

[Just like under Mao, Lenin, Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Putin or the Promoters of America’s Common Core Social Emotional group think….aligned with workforce development councils producing common cogs in the common machine.]

“Let us remember that the great advances have not been brought about by mediocre men and women. Rather they were brought about by Uncommon men and women with vital sparks of leadership—men and women like St. Francis Assisi, and Florence Nightingale and Abraham Lincoln. Many of these great leaders were, it is true, of humble origin, but that was not their greatness.

The most gigantic experiment of the cult of all history was the dictatorship of the proletariat in Russia. It is from the fumes of this cauldron that we mostly get these ideas. But one of the humors of sociology—if there is humor in it—is that the most recent phase of the revolution in Russia is a frantic search for the Uncommon man.

There is no identity whatever between mediocrity and popular government—although that is what many of our bubble blowers are trying to put over on the American people.

The essence of our American system is that the best are to be selected for public responsibility and public service. It is also the essence of our economic life, our spiritual life, our educational institutions.

We have a recent and powerful example. In the command of our military forces and our scientific forces during the war we searched and found the Uncommon men and women…..

Our sure hope of recovery in the moral and spiritual world is the wealth of Uncommon men and women among our people. And it is our educational institutions that will promote and train them.

To sum up (all these questions), may I say that the [parents and private] colleges have a great obligation courageously to restore our moral and spiritual losses from the war[s], to renew our ideals of freedom, to regain our sensitiveness to wrong, and to provide the nation with a renewed supply of trained leadership. Unless we rebuild this new era on these foundations, it means the war has been lost. It means more.

It means that civilization is lost……”

Herbert Hoover, October 13, 1945


“….Well done, good and faithful servant !”

Uncommonly good.



Matthew 25:21

[bold emphasis, italics, bracketed parenthetical and commentary, mine] 

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