The Mouse Trap, the Maze, Mice-Men and the Administrative State

The Mouse Trap, the Maze, Mice-Men and the Administrative State

The invention of the mouse-trap does not date from our days;

as soon as societies, in organizing themselves, invented any kind of police,

that police, in its turn, invented mouse-traps.”*

Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, 1844

Who cut the cheese?

In today’s post we’ll review how men are caught in traps and transformed to mice.

We’ll also review some strategies that can be applied at any stage of the mutational process to transform these creatures back to men again.

The Bait. With most traps, there must be bait; the enticement to venture into the maze, the matrix, or the Managed Economy. For example, in the Alexandre Dumas quote above, the bait of the mouse- trap is influence and subsequent “guilt” by association. The herd one hangs with transforms to look and act alike. Inbreeding often produces mutants.

European despots, absolute monarchs, socialist, communist, fascist, administrative states and variations of statist/ totalitarian regimes have long been endowed with hedge mazes, labyrinths, indoor, outdoor, single path, multi-path varieties comprised of vegetation, tile, ice, air, cellophane, technology, philosophy, and a host of other substances, adjectives and ideas. Mazes can be identified with nearly every locale, concrete or abstract, in the world.

Most traps, mazes, matrices, and managed economies start with baiting the mind, the senses, and the soul.

“You’ll be so smart, so sensually satiated, and oh, so spiritual….step into my parlor” said the spider to the fly.

Or baiting for sheer “amusement”…. “non-thinking,” entertainment….the most subtly lethal bait of all.

Education is often used as the bait for mazing, laning, forming, sorting and plundering. Combining “entertainment” with “education” in deluded hands is certain to sculpt a deluded herd and hierarchy.

The revised hedge maze, the Labyrinth of Versailles was promoted to Louis XIV as being beneficial for the “education of the dauphin,” Louis’ six-year old son.

The author of Mother Goose, Charles Perrault, senior administrator in the Superintendence of the King’s Buildings talked Louis into revamping the labyrinth to serve his son’s education. (Perhaps there is a connection between publishing a fairy tale and getting appointed as building and education expert?)

The labyrinth was designed by the master gardener, artist, and topiary genius birthed from a family of royal gardeners, Andre’ Le Notre’ (1613-1700), who designed, superintended and controlled much of Versailles’ architecture.

So, after five years of construction involving acres of land, thousands of plants, numerous sculptors, inventors, mechanics, gardeners, architects, laborers and the said equivalent of 8 million pounds, the educational maze entailed thirty-nine fountains, fourteen water-wheels driving 253 pumps, 333 painted metal animal sculptures, designed around a theme of Aesop’s fables complete with talking animals. Babbling would be more accurate as the water spouted from the mouths of the animals.

The layout of the maze was unusual, as there was no central goal.

Despite five metre high hedges, it allowed glimpses ahead and was described as “a network of allees bordered with palisades where it is easy to get lost.”

Piganiol de la Force Nouvelle description du chateau et arc de Versailles et de Marly (1702)

Imagine being a monarch, musketeer, administrator, or paid vendor, watching from the palace balconies above, as mice men got lost in the maze.

Perhaps the privileged elite and their connected lackeys would entertain themselves, placing wagers on certain scurrying critters; chuckling as they would entice, coerce, and direct the flow of mice-men in the matrix maze. Mice-men or children might run into each other, purposely startle each other or merely wander around, dazed in the sun, intoxicated and lost in amusement.

Then of course there are the CATS.

Life at the top can be so droll. So to spice up the maze activity, those in the ivory towers, balconies, and administrative cubicles position cats throughout the maze at various locations to stampede, intimidate, frighten and weary the mice by toying with them. Attrition is an amazingly effective tool to wear down, weary the prey or the hardest stone. Just ask the Fabian socialists, now occupying most of towered academia and administrative posts.

Ah yes…think of the cat and mouse game: The cat stealthily stalking, chasing, pouncing, playing, tormenting the mouse, working up an appetite prior to consumption. Think of the poor mice-men, persevering and finally finding a way out of the maze, only to run into the mouth of a large feline at the exit.

That’s why these palaces always have such nice floral gardens below the balconies…since, after the cats eat the heads of their mice, they deposit the bodies at the feet of their masters, supplying fertilizer.

(Unfortunately not all castles have a Cinderella to protect the mice….but most have a cat or two named Lucifer.)

It’s a tough time to be a mouse-man or any human being caught in the mouse-trap, the maze, the metrics matrix of the Managed economy, Administrative state.

The matrix has multiple mazes, which run parallel, intersect, and connect systematically, chaotically, nearly overwhelming the masses of mice-men. The tunnels are filled not only with cats, rats, mice and men, but a grotesque mutation of men transforming to their lower base nature, shedding all sense of right, truth, honor and justice.

Mazes today include: Healthcare, Insurance, Education, Religious syncretism, College and Career mumbo jumbo, Laborforce design, Business and Commerce’s systemization with Borg-like matrices; lack of Investment confidence; Currency devaluation, Digital media cybersnooping, Communication monopolies, direct and indirect taxation plunder; while the metric mongers, the cubicle ciphers continue to multiply ….like mice. No longer possessing the attributes to be defined as men.

It’s time for a Muppet moment.

It’s time for some Moxie; like the courageous rats in Muppets From Space who applied “Moxie”, outwitted their captors, escaped the Maze, freed their friends, trapped their predators, and shut the diabolical research facility down.

Moxie: nerve, courage, initiative, strength, determination, know-how, energy, viv, pep, guts, skill, competence, active wisdom….

  1. Don’t fall for the bait (the cheese, the certificate, the sticker, the degrees of operant conditioning, the favors, the status, the stuff, the trap.)

This is the fountain named Pride…spouted from another beast in The First Garden.

Proven transformational baits include: Pride, Power, Prestige, Position, Applause and Amusement.

  1. Don’t play the game. Don’t let the Monarchs, the Administrators, the Central Planners or the Metrics Musketeeers play with your mind, senses, soul or your property…and bite off your head. Think for yourself.

Know the truth to detect the lies and the maze.

  1. Don’t let someone tell you that you can have personal liberty in a managed economy. You cannot. The two concepts are mutually exclusive of one another.
  1. Don’t let someone else define your values, criteria, and beliefs or passively allow someone to control your knowledge and access to truth. 
  1. Get some Moxie !!! Join with the growing number of men, women and families who have formed platoons and are breaking down the walls of the maze, digging tunnels under the administrative balconies, defunding the edifices and programs of public plunder.                                                                                                                                 These platoons are building intergenerational bridges, relational integrity and setting the captives free from cubicles, the matrices, and the diabolical metrics mongers of the Administrative state. These platoons are restoring foundational trust, stability, Truth and the hope that has anchored mankind since the cat in The Garden.

**The Labyrinth of Versailles is now referred to as the Lost Labyrinth of Versailles as it was destroyed in 1775- 1776 and replaced with the current Queen’s Grove. 

* Completing Dumas instruction on mouse-traps ….“As perhaps our readers are not familiar with the slang of the Rue de Jerusalem, and as it is fifteen years since we applied this word, for the first time, to this thing, allow us to explain to them what a mouse-trap is.

            When in a house, of whatever kind it may be, an individual suspected of any crime is arrested, the arrest is held secret; four or five men are placed in ambuscade I the first apartment, the door is opened to all that knock, and closed after them, and they are arrested. So that at the end of two or three days the police have in their power almost all the familiars of the establishment. That is a mouse-trap.” Alexandre Dumas, The Three Musketeers, 1844


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