The Law–Driving under the Influence of Greed and Bogus Philanthropy

The Law–Driving under the Influence of Greed and Bogus Philanthropy

“Man can live and enjoy life only by assimilation and personal appropriation,

that is to say, by a constant application of his faculties to things or by work.

Hence property. 

However, in practice, he can live and enjoy life by assimilating or appropriating to himself the product of the faculties of his fellow men.

Hence plundering.”

Frederic Bastiat, The Law, 1850

Which came first: the watchdog or the wolf?

What happens when the watchdog tastes blood and goes after the hens, the herd or the humans?

Our eyewitness to revolutions and republics, reformed and transformed ‘laws’, French Economist Statesman, Frederic Bastiat, lucidly challenges free citizens to their vigilant responsibilities to establish and maintain personal Liberty in any nation.

Excerpts from The Law:

The law corrupt? The law and in its train all the collective forces of the nation—the law, I repeat, not only turned aside from its purpose but used to pursue a purpose diametrically opposed to it!

The law turned into an instrument of all forms of cupidity instead of being a brake on them! The law itself accomplishing the iniquity it was intended to punish! This is certainly a serious occurrence if it is true, and one to which I must be allowed to draw the attention of my fellow citizens.

We hold from God the gift that encompasses them all: life; physical, intellectual, and moral life.

However, life is not self-supporting. He who has given it to us has left us the job of looking after it, developing it, and improving it.

To do this, He has provided us with a set of exceptional faculties and immersed us in a milieu of diverse elements. It is through the application of our faculties to these elements that the phenomena of assimilation and appropriation take place, through which life proceeds along the circle allocated to it.

It is not because men have enacted laws that personality, freedom, and property exist.

On the contrary, it is because personality, freedom, and property are already in existence that men enact laws.

What is the law then? As I have said elsewhere, it is the collective organization of the individual right of legitimate defense.

Each of us certainly holds from nature and God the right to defend our person, our freedom, and our property, since these are the three elements that constitute or preserve life, elements that are mutually complementary and that cannot be understood independently of one another. For what are our faculties if not an extension of our personality, and what is property if not an extension of our faculties?

Collective right therefore roots its principle, its raison d’etre, and its legitimacy in individual right, and common force cannot rationally have any other aim or mission than those of the individual forces for which it is a substitute.

Thus, since force on the individual level cannot legitimately be aimed at the person, freedom, or property of another individual, by the same argument force cannot legitimately be used collectively to destroy the person, freedom, or property of either individuals or classes.

….if there were a people constituted on this basis, I consider that order would prevail in fact and in theory…..For, under such a regime, each person would fully understand that he had full enjoyment as well as full responsibility for his existence.

…We can also state that, thanks to the noninterference of the state in private affairs, needs and satisfaction would develop naturally. We would not see towns growing in population at the expense of the countryside or the countryside at the expense of the towns.

We would not see those large-scale migrations of capital, labor, or populations triggered by legislative measures, migrations that render the very sources of existence so uncertain and precarious and which increase the responsibility of the governments to such a great extent.”

[Can we say: Central Planners, aligned laborforce education, Corporate Welfare, tax abatements, protectionism favors wreaking havoc on families, communities and forming ghost parents, ghost towns and ghost brains?]

“Unfortunately, the law is far from being limited to its proper role.

It is far from deviating from it only according to neutral and questionable opinions.

It has done worse: it has acted against its own purposes;

it has destroyed its own aim;

it has concentrated on abolishing the justice which it should have put in command effacing the boundaries between various rights that its mission was to uphold.

It has placed collective power at the disposal of those who wish to exploit persons, freedom, or the property of others without risk or scruple;

it has converted plunder into right in order to protect it and legitimate defense into crime in order to punish it.

How has this corruption of the law come about?

What have its consequences been?

The law has become corrupt under the influence of two very different causes: unintelligent selfishness and bogus philanthropy.

Let us take the first of these.

Protecting and developing oneself is an aspiration common to all men to the extent that if each person enjoyed the free exercise of his faculties and the free disposition of his attendant products, social progress would be constant, uninterrupted, and unerring.

However, there is another disposition that is just as common to them. That is to live and grow, when they can, at the expense of others.

[Think Assyrians, Babylonians, Medes, Persians, Greeks, Romans…. who built their cultures, republics, empires off of conquering and plundering and enslaving others.]

This is not a fortuitous allegation from someone with a bitter and pessimistic turn of mind. History gives examples of such a disposition through constant wars, migrations of populations, oppression by religious leaders, universal slavery, industrial fraud, and monopolies with which its annals are filled.

This disastrous disposition arises from the very constitution of man, in the primitive universal, and invincible sentiment that propels him toward well-being and makes him flee suffering.

Man can live and enjoy life only by assimilation and personal appropriation, that is to say, by a constant application of his faculties to things or by work. Hence property.

However, in practice, he can live and enjoy life by assimilating or appropriating to himself the product of the faculties of his fellow men. Hence plundering. 

[It’s not just governments that do this…nonprofits, tax exempt entities, grant recipients aligned with the social justice, humanitarian aid and social gospel mantras are equally guilty of plundering a populace manipulated by pity, false guilt, crippling toxic charity and their own job security.

Oh! How the Humanists, Statists and Globalists are gloating over the misdirected religious do-gooders these days. Doesn’t anyone recognize that this was precisely Mussolini and Hitler’s methods…get the church to be under government-favored status i.e. Controlled, compromised, neutralized and on the Fuhrers’ payroll.]

“Well, since work is in itself a burden and since man by his nature is drawn to escape burdens, it follows, and history is there to prove it, that wherever plunder is less burdensome than work, it triumphs over work. This happens without religion or morality being able to stop it. [Especially not religions that are on the government payroll, like the League of “faith based initiatives”, led by the social justice pastors sojourning along fleecing the flocks on multiple sensory emotional manipulative levels.]

When, then, will the plunder cease?

When it becomes more of a burden or more dangerous than work. [getting closer…]

It is very clear that the aim of the law has to be to oppose the powerful obstacle of collective power to this disastrous tendency and that it has to be on the side of property against plunder.

But the law is, in the majority of cases, established by one man or a class of men. And since the law has no existence without the sanction or support of an overwhelming force, the very probable result is that this force is finally placed in the hands of those who make the laws.

This inevitable phenomenon, combined with the disastrous tendency we have noted in men’s hearts, explains the almost universal corruption of the law. It can be seen how, instead of being a brake on injustice, the law becomes an instrument and the most invincible instrument of injustice.

It can be seen, that depending on the power of the legislator, to his profit and to varying degrees, the law destroys personality by slavery, freedom by oppression, and property by plunder among the bulk of mankind.”

Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) The Law, June 1850

This is precisely what the local, state and federal governments of the United States are doing today by forcing statist globalist policies, regulations, “standards”, indoctrination, proliferating fiat “laws”, in government, education, healthcare, media, monetary and banking policy, labor, business, commerce, religion, worship, conscience and plundering individuals, children, classes, ethnicities, faiths, businesses, taxpayers of their property, their lives and their Liberty under God.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless.

Not to speak is to speak.

Not to act is to act.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

To do nothing in the face of evil, is evil itself. To be a middleman, a social worker of evil is…consensus morality…pragmatism…hedonism…tyrannical totalitarianism…? Ask the Jews of the Holocaust, the 60 million aborted American children or the living American children enslaved by those who are silent in the face of evil today.

Better yet, ask Him Who is Legislator, Judge and King.

French Economist and Statesman, Frederic Bastiat (1801-1850) was a privileged witness to France’s unsettled history, particularly: after the Revolution of 1789, the Napoleonic Empire, the return of the monarchy in 1815, another revolution in 1830, and another revolution in 1848 at which time the Second Republic was founded and universal suffrage was adopted for the first time in French history.

[emphasis and bracket comments, mine]









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