Mind-Warp: Globalization via Civics Gamification; the formatting of Marxist Minds in the palms of hands.

Mind-Warp: Globalization via Civics Gamification;

the formatting of Marxist Minds in the palms of hands.

What happens to men and women who play video games as children? 

They never grow up…they just keep playing them, with living people. Fantasy becomes reality.

The evidence is overwhelming as to the neurochemical addictions inherent with digital media’s “screen time.”

No, not just gaming, but all modes such as digital, on-line, hand held, electronic communication, and social media devices. Nearly all of these modes are social-emotional limbic and right brain driven.

The gray and white matter of the brains is shrinking by over 20%, particularly in the frontal lobe and left hemisphere. The infrastructure is anorexic. The pediatric associations warn NO more than 2 hours per day for those 6 years to 18 years (none for infants, and minutes for toddlers). The DSM-V (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition) now lists a new disorder: IAD, Internet Addiction Disorder.

The average adult is on screen time over 11 hours per day….the average child is on screen time over 7 hours per day. Many K-12 institutions are now e-learning, ipad, laptop technology driven, paperless, and parent-less “schools.”

Amidst this drastic disfigurement of minds there is a push for community based civics education funded by globalists. Very interesting.

Why would global technocrat philanthropists be funding civics education? Particularly using digital media programs like former U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Conner’s iCivics Gamification?

Yes, now you can learn in the Commons, how to be a community organizing civic citizen to bring about change. Pragmatic change, no doubt, as O’Conner herself advocated. Look out for number one, it’s all subject to change. And you’re the agent of change. Practicing, rehearsing, collaborating, conflicting, debating, persuading, stampeding and organizing via social media and digital gaming to change the Constitution, the laws, the culture, the environment, the nation.

(Community organizers grow up to be communists…. Czars, Fuhrers, Presidents and heads of despotic Statist governments.)

We the People” has taken on new meaning. As has “the Citizen, the Constitution,” and the Amendment process. * (U.S. Dept of Education funded, U.S. Congress approved civics curriculum via the American taxpayer, despite the 10th Amendment, GEPA, DOE Act, and ESEA prohibiting Federal control of curriculum.)

Quoting from a February 2015 Jobs for the Future publication entitled, “Civics Education and Deeper Learning”, funded by The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation:

“there is an emerging field of game-based and technology-assisted civics learning. Based on the concept of “Gamification” (the use of games to engage users/ students in solving problems and learning), these tools aim to support learning the key civics concepts integrated with the development of deeper learning skills such as collaboration, effective communication, and persistence in the face of complicated problems… CIRCLE’s evaluation of one iCivics game, Drafting Board, indicated that students who played it achieved the desired learning outcomes while reporting greater engagement with the class than did a control group who did not play the game.”

Considering the source of this quote and its highly liberal progressive technology philanthropic funding, one might ask:

Just whose interpretation of “key civics concepts” and whose “desired learning outcomes?”

Oh yes, “Deeper learning skills” translated means: attitudes, values, beliefs, and disposition.

Which begs another question….Whose?

This same article reports that this is a valid concern in that it states:

“Teaching about politics and civil engagement will always be somewhat controversial because it can influence students’ values and actions in ways that effect the long-term direction of the country.”

And you think civics is just a game? A game that can be done by youth, on-line, accessible to all the ethernet/ internet community, on social media via a method documented to contribute to neurochemical disorders and irrational impulsive behaviors, fantasy; while administered, promoted, and funded by liberal community game changers…. and this is responsible citizenship training?

For Bolshevik style communism or Rousseau’s French Revolution, perhaps…. but for a Constitutional Representative Republic conceived for personal liberty under God?

Obviously, these civics technocratic gaming folks have lost their frontal lobes….Or maybe not. You know, Steve Jobs did not allow his children on digital media. And most elite academies do not use technology to educate their heirs.

Oh no, technomedia and “educational” infotainment, is only for the STEM-ions, the laborforce technicians, cubicle mice, and mass men of social media herding. It is purely for formatting globalist minds and removing autonomous individual reasoning thought. This is about designing minds for jobs…Jobs for the Future.

It is also interesting that these same philanthropic technocratic cronies, are also globalists. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, (UNCRC) (which the United States has also signed and not yet ratified) states that: parents may NOT disrupt their child’s access to digital media, communications or technology.

How convenient is that? Note the report “Civics Education and Deeper Learning”, also comments under the heading: Civic Life is moving on-line:

[In the past]… “social movements relied on print media and face-to-face communication.

Perhaps citizens should still be able to read a newspaper article and give a speech, but now they must also be able to search the Internet for reliable political information and enlist support via social media.”

This highlights some well-recognized concerns regarding: social media, Internet regulation, cybersnooping, crowd shaping and hacking. A UK Guardian article last year addressed this directly:

Dr Tim Stevens of Kings College London, who studies cyberwar and strategy, said there was increased state interest in the role of emergent technologies such as social media and the development of powerful psychological techniques to wield influence.

“The current furor over inter-state cyberwar is probably not where the game’s at. What is far more likely is that states will seek to influence their own populations and others through so-called ‘cyber’ methods, which basically means the Internet and the device du jour, currently smartphones and tablets,” he said.

“With the advent of sophisticated data-processing capabilities (including big data), the big number-crunchers can detect, model and counter all manner of online activities just by detecting the behavioral patterns they see in the data and adjusting their tactics accordingly.

Cyberwarfare of the future may be less about hacking electrical power grids and more about hacking minds by shaping the environment in which political debate takes place,” he added.


It also appears less than coincidental that while globalists, bogus philanthropists, technocrats and Rousseau’s band of social organizers take to the digital social media to teach “experiential” civics education, the Federal Communications Commission is proposing Internet Regulation.

Gee. how convenient to control the medium by which political debate is to take place. Propaganda 101 shaping public opinion. How convenient your opinion agrees with the Reich.

It’s also interesting to note that the architect of Common Core State Standards, now renamed College and Career Standards, remarked to a room of data analysts regarding the power they held to “pick the low hanging fruit.” (supposedly the Administration’s nomenclature for certain citizens)

How do you pick low hanging fruit? You cut off the tops of the trees…and make all fruit low hanging. (ongoing affirmative action, bogus crony philanthropy yoked with common Fed Led education “standards”….)

By the way….

You do recognize that nothing that is done on electronic media, and particularly on-line is safe from hacking, viewing, corrupting and dissemination. If someone is telling you your data, your child’s data, your accounts are “safe” from hacking; they are either sorely misled or lying.

The only way to protect your data is not to share it. Period. And particularly NOT on a hand held media device, smart phone, tablet, computer, laptop etc. If your child is public educated, recognize your family’s life is open for all to see, dissect, analyze, pick, shape and corrupt.

Yes, gamers grow up to be Information Technology (IT) folks and continue the gaming. Only now, it may not be so fun. Fantasy has turned to nightmare. Many days IT experts live as ciphers, on neurochemical roller coasters. They curse the technology that holds them captives in the mines searching for bitcoins to pay off hackers. Hackers who are likely younger than they are and living off of virtual currency. (aren’t we all these days?)

The IT minions never leave their work. They exist shackled to their devices and chained to their wallets and mining pools. Like laboring slaves they apply their computing skills, their STEM knowledge, to earn rewards, enter interstellar regions, and dark labyrinths to solve the assignment to harvest those bitcoins…. to pay the ransom for hacked files. And hope the raging Czar, will not send them to Siberia for having unbreachable firewalls and yet, more mining for bits.

One gets cold and dirty in the mines aiding, abetting and appeasing criminals.

Yet, this is the Forum for the new civics education? Digital gaming? One might consider that the Roman gladiator games were more civilized. At least a man could defend himself as a man before a beast.

Perhaps it’s time to pull the plug and cut down Marx’s tree, at the STEM and at its bogus philanthropic source.


STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.



* http://www.eagleforum.org/educate/2002/mar02/focus.shtml

On “We the People, the Citizen and the Constitution” (U.S. Dept. of Education funded, U.S. Congress approved civics curriculum via the American taxpayer, despite the 10th Amendment, GEPA, DOE Act, and ESEA prohibiting Federal control of curriculum.)





[emphasis mine]

























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