Framework for Fascism USA: Continuing the “forcible coordination”

Framework for Fascism USA: Continuing the “forcible coordination”

“…if man chooses to treat himself as raw material,

raw material he will be:

not raw material to be manipulated,

as he fondly imagined, by himself,

but by mere appetite, mere Nature, in the person of his dehumanized Conditioners.”

C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man, 1944

Dehumanized Conditioners” will produce dehumanized mechanized animals. This is the essence of current technology driven e-learning, education linked laborforce development, and control of free associations via the globalized Fascist state.

Continuing our review of the Fascist Framework begun last blog (Framework for Fascism USA: An Altered State of Mind, Heart and…Soul)

It behooves us to consider the Three C’s:

Civil Liberty, Collectivism, and Capitalism.

Since it is impossible for civil liberty, collectivism and capitalism to coexist, one must go.

  1. The modern capitalist democracy retains civil liberty with capitalism while ousting collectivism. This form attempts to facilitate the principle of “the greatest good to the greatest number” for a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” by creating elaborate safeguards for the individual. It does this by converting the state into a corporation with the citizens as stockholders. The inspired genius of The Founders’ Constitution incorporates energy, stability, liberty and Republicanism in clearly enumerated powers defining what centralized government may and may not do.
  2. Marxist “socialist democracy”, the proletarian dictatorship known as Communism, dispenses with capitalism (and God) as Communism calls for matrimony of this proletariat civil liberty with the collectivist concept of the state, as supreme over the individuals, with representative government, majority rule, and respect for equality before the law and personal freedom compatible with the economic principle of universal employment by the state.
  3. Fascism, based on collectivism and capitalism, had to abolish civil liberty.” Using its pillars of hierarchy, authority, and discipline Fascism becomes a militarized, regimented, organized, highly metrics driven state. A state that even in peace folks assume a specific role as soldiers in a great army, marching toward a victory on their particular “front”, under the command of an invincible leader. Or State determined “common good.”

How do you get “the people” to go along with these schemes?

Gleichschaltung: bringing into line, making the same, forcible coordination. Gleichschaltung is the Nazi term for the process by which citizens were behaviorally conditioned to totalitarian control and coordination over all aspects of society. The goals of Gleichschaltung were to bring about adherence to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible.

Fascism does away with the old distinction between public and private life.

The individualist state, on the other hand, was an association of free men, formed for definite purposes: “that to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Under the individualist form of government the state should concern itself with the affairs of its citizens only insofar as the citizens themselves permitted it; only specifically enumerated items were permitted community influence or regulation as a matter “clothed in public interest”.

Everything else was a “private right,” removed from state action and reserved to the individual’s own judgment, will, and discretion.

Fascism, denying Man’s individuality, and demoting him to a mere part of the basic unit “Community” (the cog in the Machine), had to reverse this process. The individual could no longer influence the actions of the state, while the influence of the state was extended to the entire life of the citizen, without any reservation of the “individual rights” to interfere with this ubiquitous leviathan state.

Any doctrine based on this concept must require complete elimination of any kind of privacy, or any sphere in which the rights of the state should not prevail.

Thus the current Technocracy of E-learning, social media, cybersnooping and cybernation partnered with Federal funding, aid, grants, contracts, favors, protectionism affecting nearly toward dictating, every non-profit, community “common good” organizing activity, charity, education, healthcare, finance, religious organization, as well as chambers of commerce and business interests. 

The task of Fascism is plain and simple: to weld millions of separate human minds into one, infinitely complex, composite national mind. Thus, the Fascist symbol of the “fasces”, the bunch of thin, fragile rods bound together depicting strength and power.

In order to effectuate its organic, community character, the Fascist state, has to rule its members from the inside out. E-learning, Internet, group programming and dependency 

The citizens must be so conditioned that a mental process divergent from the proclaimed collective thought not only does not occur, but is psychologically impossible.

The individual who is not born into this “collective state of mind” is either brought up to it as a child, or later his whole life, in all its everyday aspects must be so tied with the group that he has no chance to develop an independent personality.

This is carried out via:

  1. a) collectivization of youth via education, media and after school activities and b) collectivization of adult life. Gleichschaltung: bringing into line, making the same, forcible coordination and conditioning — rewards for positive behavior, punishment for undesirable behavior.

Gleichschaltung works so well in group settings, as Behaviorists know, because of the concept of disequilibrium. Where there is a difference of opinion folks will strive toward consensus, agreement, and the submission to peer pressure, to remove the disequilibrium. The herd with a strong state cow will follow the leader, the Fuhrer, the Caesar.

“Suffer the little children to come unto me.” In the past only the Church recognized the potentialities of that message; now the Fascist states have fully realized them. Group settings work so well to indoctrinate children because play, enjoyment, fun and games combine with naïve gullibility, peer mentoring and the easy childlike trust that abounds in such engaging activities. Social settings which are the catalysts of learning and learned behaviors. Games, competitions, camps, outings, music, movement, rhymes, chants, uniforms, badges, matching shirts, creeds, oaths, group discovery, handshakes, etc. and now on-line learning, on-line journaling, social media, internet relationships, unified e-learning featuring “gaming” simulations etc. all contribute imperceptibly to the extermination of the individualities, therefore arousing a deep, inbred, collective feeling.

Slowing, imperceptibly, the ties between child and family are severed, to be replaced by unquestioning allegiance to the superior organism of the state, the Fascist community, and its leaders.

The inscription over the Hitler Youth headquarters read: “We were born to die for Germany.”

Mussolini stated: “Fascism takes Man from his family at six, and gives him back to it at sixty.”

The citizens’ working activities (the economic materialism) are administered by Fascists in the Fascist spirit. The citizens’ leisure activities, spiritual life, sports and special interests, the non-profits are also under Fascist control. The Fascist state will be obliged to take all those over, to transform them into Fascist institutions, and to see that every man or child, while spending his leisure time, does so not individually but in constant connection with the community. (Facebook, Twitter, instant messaging, smart phones, e-learning, Internet, crowd sourcing etc.)

Since the “organic conception of the state” is that no grouping of individuals within the state can be run on principles other than those of the “higher organism”, the social associations, and non-profits have to be brought in line with the reigning spirit.

As a result, Gleichschaltung, reaches into every field previously considered “private”—society, sports, arts, professions, religion and places strongly Fascist aligned members in these bodies. This is how Fascism affects so many purely economic bodies, such the associations of civil servants, educators, administrators, lawyers, physicians, actors, financiers, salesmen, etc.) in that these act upon their “social” and “private” lives. Which is just what the state needs to provide ubiquitous, change from within, enforcement of the communal interest and production of the collective unity of spirit.

Gleichschaltung is not for Fun, but a dire necessity.

Fascism never organizes just for the sake of organizing. It creates “infrastructure” for purpose. It organizes only because and insofar as it is necessary for arousing and preserving the Fascist spirit in the populace. To formulate a general rule:

Fascism must coordinate every field of human activities, which might breed opposing, or even only deviating ideas—either individualism or collectivism of a differing mold than that of the Fascist formula.

For Fascism to flourish, the soil must be prepared. The character of the people must be conditioned so as to expect and welcome the system itself.

How’s your soil?

Who’s cultivating favors in your child’s mind and play, your church, your non-profit, your home, work and play? 

There is a reason The Lord directs that the left hand is not to know what the right hand is doing. The church, religion, acts of mercy, education, healthcare or free associations were never to come under the control, regulation, contract or favored status of the state as they have done with non-profit, tax exemption status and contracting reimbursements.

From a purely stewardship principle, this is bad economics as the spending of other peoples’ money on other people is the worst stewardship possible. From a religious liberty stance it is…. Indiana and the Fascist enforced FRFA makeover. Coming to a community, a state and a mind near you… unless you stand against an altered state of mind, heart and soul.



The Fascist: His State and His Mind, E.B. Ashton


Europe and the German Question, F. W. Foerster


C.S. Lewis, The Abolition of Man, 1944


The Road to Serfdom, Friedrich Hayak

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