i-Propaganda: Education, Media, “Science-” Impress, Inform, Intimidate

i-Propaganda: Education, Media, “Science-”

Impress, Inform, Intimidate

“Man never rushes forward so confidently…

as when he is on the very brink of the abyss.”

Irving Babbitt, On Being Creative, 1932 

The goal of any “I-sm” is to change minds. This is accomplished from without and from within. Due to the neuroplasticity of the brain, now visualized in real-time,* we observe that the neural system is modified by the external behavior, no less than the behavior is determined by the neural system. (That in itself flushes the whole field of IQ testing down the toity.)

We’ll let that soak in for those on i-pads, i-phones, i-tunes, i-learning, and I-nternet, being transformed via i-interrupt, i-imitate, i-infuse, i-impress, i-indoctrinate, i-condition…i-govern. Did we mention that is cybernetics? Machines governing men. 

In 1930 Lord Birkenhead (F.E. Smith), friend of Winston Churchill, wrote a satire entitled The World in 2030 A.D. The world as Birkenhead imagined it would have eliminated disease, war, poverty— and, essentially, human nature.

The world in 2030 A.D. would be a world ruled by the psychologist and the statistician, practicing ectogenesis, living on synthetic nutriment, emancipated from every vestige of mystery and the old web of individuality. It would be the utilitarian laborforce dream of keeping all busy “doing”; for others it would be the chasm of the covetous as in Dante’s Fourth Circle, where all the lost infernal creatures are stripped of personality, forever nameless, but numbered:

That ignoble life,

Which made them vile before, now makes them dark,

And to all knowledge indiscernible.”

Dante’s Divine Comedy (1308-1320)

This is a problem. Not being able to discern the difference between information and knowledge, between conditioned reflex and thoughtful response, between beast and human. Ahhh! To the spirit of the matter. Is man merely an organism of evolution or a human being created in the likeness of God?

What happens when God is denied and the spirit of a man is denied…does man become merely a petri dish for ectogenesis, cloning, designer organisms, and artificial insemination? Test tube beings for the whims of Machiavellian cronies, and bogus humanitarian amusement?

How do individual human beings forsake being human? What transforms a culture, a society, and a herd to confidently rush forward to the abyss?

Propaganda. Public Relations.

Propaganda becomes a state of normalcy, ubiquitous and ever present. The entire nation must be put into a state of trance, as with a shiny object, until the infrastructure is in place.

Propaganda’s education of public opinion, changing accepted habits of thought, is accomplished by:

Impression upon the sensory-emotional diet;

Information controlling the intellectual diet; and

Intimidation upon resistors, attacking the dissenters by contracting, coercing and conditioning them into cooperation. The Nazis used concentration camps for this. Today it is the social justice manipulation of mercy, churches and non-profits on the community services payroll.

  1. Impression. To impress means to literally leave one’s mark within the clay. This is the sensory–emotional group manipulation. The power of the herd. Nazi Goebbels hypnotized one of the most civilized, intellectual and efficient peoples of the world into a frenzy of blind, dumb and reckless obedience.

While Goebbels employed the circuses and bread of the Romans, with his parades, events, uniforms, songs, christenings, dedications, marches, poems, oratories, the drums and vibration of gargantuan machines and goose-stepping regiments, he simultaneously impressed upon individuals their helpless smallness in comparison to the masses of disciplined enthusiasts.

Today, similar sensory-emotional herd impressions are propagated via the scintillating surround sound, high definition visual shows and pulse quickening, chest vibrating, tear jerking, conscience shocking, extravaganzas systematically staged at nearly every concert, drama, movie, sporting event, or mega-size technology driven church service. Who cares what the message, the team, or the drama portrays…it will leave an impression. The human neurobiology, the visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, proprioceptive, vestibular and taste systems will flood the brain and body with the excitatory neurotransmitters dopamine, epinephrine, cortisol, and glutamate— minds and behaviors will be altered.

  1. Information.

The “Information” or quasi-information, the dregs, gossip, opinions, “informational texts”, photos, graphic art, bogus research, “science”, fabrications, fantasies, etc. will be feasted upon and will shape public opinion. The intention of media, social media, videos, education, e-learning in the hands of technocracy, primary, secondary, higher education, academia and the intelligentsia, on-line, internet, world wide web, the grid, etc. is a skillful management of the “intellectual” diet of the population. What they read, what they hear, what they see, what they feel. Will shape what they think and do. All this serves to wipe out any sense of an individual or individual, private convictions.

Propagandist, Walter Lippmann, author of Public Opinion (1921) writes:

“There can be no liberty for a community which lacks the means by which to detect lies.”

Information may or may not be true. Information is not knowledge and certainly not wisdom. A parrot can chirp information, tweet, post a photo, “like” a whatever or propagate propaganda.

Science has long been guilty of bogus research, because science is funded largely by The State and bogus philanthropists. The Nazi’s used this extensively, and scientists today admit this as true. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0005738

If science does not produce what those funding the research desire, they lose their grant funding. No funding, no research, no scientists, no college ivory towers of self-credentialed “experts.”

“Enlightened” Science absent of God, was the offspring of Immanuel Kant, the philosophes, Voltaire, Rousseau and the Age of Reason…which produced Prussian Nietzsche, nihilism and the blonde beast, the Nazi. Science itself has moved steadily toward the negation of absolute truth because for the Fascist or Ism, science is free only “within the state” and the single scientist is free to search for the truth as the state sees it.

  1. Intimidation.

Shut down the dissent. Argument, no matter the outcome, will give food for independent thought— which is the very thing any Ism strives to extinguish. Thus, the shutdown of discussion, debate, difference of opinion from that of the State organism.

Our Constitutional Republic was founded on the very idea of individual liberty, independent thought and discourse, thoughtful debate to arrive at protection of person and conscience for the individual, the minority or the majority.

Indiana’s recent Religious Freedom Restoration Act debacle serves as a case in point regarding the use of mass media, social emotional manipulation, and the dangers of techno education and social media in the palms of those who are too ignorant to detect the lies, the conditioning and the consequences to their own liberty as well as those of others.

Indiana legislators, business owners, and individual citizens were threatened, harassed, lost employment, lost incomes, lost faith, were slandered, physically and verbally assaulted and the debate quickly extinguished via Corporate gangsterism wielding its control of the purposes over the “state that works.” 

This is what transpires when “the people” fulfill what Prussian philosopher Hegel, defined them to be: “The people is that part of the nation which does not know what it wants.” Thus, the German worship of the “expert” and the current conditioning of post humans by information access: Propaganda defining public opinion. 

Can there be any doubt that the world of 2015 A.D. looks eerily similar to Lord Birkenhead’s “ruled by the psychologist and the statistician, practicing ectogenesis, living on synthetic nutriment, emancipated from every vestige of mystery and the old web of individuality”?

Psychology has long ruled via education degrees, counselors in every mega church, in every public school, in academia, public relations propaganda and at the heart of shaping public opinion and social utopias. Recall Philosopher John Dewey, America’s Education Reformer, transformation to Education (pedagogy) to transmit his philosophies via American Education. Recall Wilhelm Wundt, G. Stanley Hall, and William Lowe Bryan implanting this new German “science” of psychology in America. https://dawnkazmierzak.net/2014/04/03/hoosiers-harvested-when-research-reigns-over-the-lives-of-men/

Statisticians have been civil servants since the Chinese introduced standardized testing, simultaneous with the Roman Empire conquering, consolidating and controlling via Imperialism and their use of bean counting statisticians called “Quaestors”.

Today statisticians go by the name of systems analysts and metrics mongers with every cubicle critter laboring in the corporate honeycomb feeding data, metrics, for central planners building smarter planets and dumber people.

Ectogenesis is defined as “the growth process of embryonic tissue placed in an artificial environment, such as a test tube.” In 1978 the first so called “test tube baby” was born via In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). In the world of 2015 statist science attempts to develop fertilized embryos in artificial wombs on synthetic nutrients. 

One must ponder whether these beings will be stripped of every vestige of human individuality as propaganda conditioned man rushes confidently forward lacking humility to know he is not God. 

“Yet these men speak abusively against whatever they do not understand;

and what things they do understand by instinct,

like unreasoning animals—these are the very things that destroy them.”

Jude 10


* Visualized via noninvasive methods such as MRI, functioning MRI, CAT, PET, TMS, etc.

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How Many Scientists Fabricate and Falsify Research? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Survey Data 2009



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