STEM-ware. The life cycle of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Drone or Worker Bee

STEM-ware. The life cycle of a Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics Drone or Worker Bee

Here is the bee-hive, but where are the bees?

Hidden away where nobody sees.

One, two, three, four, five.

Five little bees (used to) live in the bee hive.”

The Baby Boomers have been bombed out. The Xers are following suit and one must ask, “Why would parents of Generation “Y”, the Millennials, be pushing STEM education on anyone?”

Those that were trained for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professions have joined the ranks of bureaucratized education, economics, and healthcare workers. Third party payment means third party care, and layers of bogus administration. United States companies continue parading in the goosesteps of globalization; expanding the ranks of insect authority in the Gleichschaltung of the Imperialist socialist workers party.

The bee-haviorial sciences are at it again. In a twisted application of the beatitudes, worker bees are to voluntarily give their all to the purposes of the state organism: The hive. The digitized beehive.

The cubicles have shrunk to honeycombs. Books, tools, prototypes, parts, pictures, personal items have gone home or in the dumpster. There is no space for personal identifying articles let alone resource manuals, umbrella, coat, candies, tissues, or lunchbox. A “Day with Dad” at the office is inconceivable, since there’s barely enough space for Dad.

A honeycomb is the revisited design of office space for the groupthink, social emotional, minimalistic setting of statist driven, and environmentalist appeasing, centrally planned commerce. (Think open concept classrooms of the nineteen seventies, or a telemarketer call room in 21st century micro-apartment style.)

STEM worker bees are degreed individuals with at least a bachelor’s degree, often a master’s or doctorate degree and years of expertise in being STEM experts. Recently, this means supplying metrics, writing code, undergoing constant reeducation on programs, processes, policies, ethics, edicts, safety procedures; all the while running the IT gauntlet, and mining for bitcoins to ransom the Queen bee’s data.

Honeycomb design offers nothing to the techno worker bee but being assigned a slot in a large room with gray walls, halogen lighting, and hundreds of STEM workers each mated to a form fit plastic table on which to place a laptop computer, a four-foot high partition between the next honeycomb slot, a hook-up port and a chair out in the aisle.

Honeycomb slots have no back wall, no window, no desk space, no bookshelf, no filing cabinet and no privacy; no respect for human dignity, no personal space, no sneeze guard and certainly no cultivation of work ethic, personal responsibility, reasoning, concentration, intellectual application or human ingenuity.

Many Someones (parents, students, taxpayers, businesses, donors etc.) have been duped into paying thousands of hard earned dollars, or taxpayer plundered dollars in student loans, to earn educational degrees, stamps, stickers, certifications, and accolades. In essence, many have been fleeced to pay dues to the system to have the privilege of sitting in slots, staring at a digital monitor, while showered with a coworkers respirations, key pecking, indigestion, smart phone conversations, endless back traffic shuffle, lashes from superior ranking hivemasters, and the overall buzz of the hive.

It appears that, having become specialized; STEM workers lacked the knowledge that: once one mates with the Queen Bee…the drone dies. A fitting epithet for those designed to service the needs of a technocracy running on primal instincts, pheromones and hedging on the social bee-havior of worker bees. Thus all the “make work” moving pile to pile, file to file, code to code, digital treadmill keeping the workers frustrated, beaten, and busy creating and collecting metrics in the hive.

The modern concentration camp: Arbeit Macht Frei.(Work will set you free.)

The honeycomb slot is not designed for male bees. Honeycomb slots are designed for worker bees; the smallest bees who are sexually undeveloped females who don’t lay eggs. These are the workers who polish the cells, feed the brood, gather metrics, ventilate the hive and forage for food. The life span of a worker bee in the summer is about 6 weeks. A developed male bee cannot fit, nor Stand in such a slot.

In order to work in such close conditions as the hive, the worker bees must be conditioned to have a hive mindset. A hive mentality is accomplished by a steady diet of “ethics” training to indoctrinate, format, and embed unchallenged obedience. Obedience training breaks down all sense of individual dignity, personal accomplishment, personal responsibility, initiative, independent intellectual and moral thought.

A space is a space. A slot is a slot. Personal property is no longer a thought. In fact, thinking is not allowed in the hive. When the worker’s away, another bee can come and play in the space. After all, this is “Assimilation Training”; the process by which workers become similar, alike, equal in their degrees of passivity to the decrees of the Queen bees. Everything belongs to the group, the hive, and the hierarchy.

A 21st Century STEM worker bee must be willing to sacrifice their being human in exchange for being kept busy buzzing…until they have become completely subjugated, conformed, bowed, stooped and stunted. Their perspective has become so narrowly specialized and myopic that they cannot find their way out of the hive.

“Where are the bees?

Hidden away and no one sees.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five.

Millions dying in STEMocracy’s bee hive.

Deaf and blind, sick and shorn, the sheeple, the bee-ple,

Post-human in form.”

Once again man stands at the brink, so ready to jump and so few who will think.

The utilitarian STEM cycle continues to repeat with tragic loss of lives. Governments in control of education, and those benefitting from the worker bee bureaucracy, continue to sever mankind from truth. Truth, principles and transcendent faith set human beings apart from animals, insects, and laptop Louis’.

Slavery, serfdom, STEMdom, all see human beings as human resources to be used as human sacrifices for the whims of human despots lacking humility before God.

The pride of insect authority, the central planners, economic roundtables, and guild system compounds an insular ignorance that compels man confidently over the abyss, into the honeycomb or the 21st Century micro-apartment.

It takes parents, men and women of faith, conscience, humility and a fear of God to acknowledge that America’s renowned ‘success’ has not been based on a scheme of utilitarian central planning, a dumbed down education for worker bees, but on moral and religious foundations, solid work ethic and pursuit of moral, spiritual and intellectual truth. It was built on the Biblical ethic of transmitting these foundations and habits of Liberty under God to the next generation.

The future for America lies in the courage of the Silent, the Boomer and Generation X to confess that degreed paths of specialization mating with the Queen bee’s hierarchy is not one fit for human consumption, but only for the consumption, the elimination of human beings.

This is a hard confession for a parent in a honeycomb, staring at a digital screen mated to the system to make to their children. We must pray for these worker bees, provide avenues for their escape, taking them by the hand to lead them out. And for generation “Y” the Millenials, to stand clear of the STEM, the poison apples, and micro minds, but to be grafted into the tree of life.

“I will lead the blind by ways they have not known,

along unfamiliar paths I will guide them;

I will turn the darkness into light before them and make the rough places smooth. These are the things I will do. I will not forsake them.”

Isaiah 42:16



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